1. Did A Verse End?
2. Rockstar
3. What We Have Now
4. Payback
5. Burgandy
6. The First Time
7. Oklahoma
8. The Crowd and I
9. Dancer (live)
1. Indie Rockin'
2. Post Modern
3. Don't Let's Start
4. All My Time
5. Sit Down
6. Savior
7. Prime Time
8. Answering Machine
9. Offstage Lines
10. Fortunate
11. Princess of Venice

1. Clear Channel
2. True Hollywood Romance
3. Everything Under the Sun
4. Indie Rockin'
5. Party People
6. Heaven Help Me
7. Oklahoma
8. Clear Channel (live)
9. God Will (live)
1. Auctioneer
2. How to Lose
3. All Smiles
4. With My Trumpet in My Hand
5. Color Guard
6. True Hollywood Romance
7. It's Always More Than Once Before it Takes
8. Given Signs
9. Gone Dyin'
10. Normal Sea
11. Plan Ahead
12. Smile and the Whole World Leaves with You
13. Union Dues
14. Put My Little Shoes Away
15. Wasted Words
Live & Solo albums:
Eric Kufs - Dust Bowl o' Cherries
Live at the Hotel Cafe, Volume 1
Live at the Bitter End, Volume 1
Live at the Hotel Cafe, Volume 2

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