This is the approved Freeze Frame site for Episode 18 from the 1st season of Supernatural, "Something Wicked." The images housed here are all for your usage in fanart and site layouts. Please be sure to check out the usage rules before using any of the caps, though.

Freeze Frame sites are the brainchild of the wonderful Tlace. Their purpose is to provide website owners and designers with high quality screencaptures from various TV shows, in this case from the WB's Supernatural. This site houses 450 screencaps for the episode. The gallery is powered by the PHP script Captivate.

All graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop 7. Screencaps were taken using CyberLink's PowerDVD. This site was coded in EditPad Lite.

This site is copyright © to Anna. The content, layout and graphics are all are exclusive to this site and should not be used elsewhere. This listing runs on Enthusiast. The gallery is powered by Captivate. Supernatural is copyright © Warner Bros. Television and Wonderland Sound & Vision. No infringement is intended.