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Ai www Philippines Fox Mulder Both
Alexandra www Canada
Amanda-Jayna www Canada Krycek
Anais www United States
Anna www United States Mulder, Scully
Ariel www United States Mulder, Scully, Skinner
Brandi www United States Dana Scully
Chrissy www New Zealand Scully
Corinne www United States Mulder, Scully
Courtney www United States
Decemberlady www United States Mulder
DesertRose www Poland
Devin www United States Mulder, Scully
Dominika www Poland
Emilie www France
Gilli (Espi) www Germany Scully
Ichi www Italy Mulder
Jasna www Bulgaria Mulder, Scully
Karah www United States Mulder, Scully, Reyes
Kate www Australia
Kellen www United States
Kristine www United States Mulder
Lee Min Kyo www Spain Scully
LeeMinKyo www Spain Scully
Leo www England
Little Willow www United States Scully
Loni www United States Both
Marvi www Poland Scully, Mulder
Melissa D www England Mulder
Milennic www Indonesia
Missy www United States All of them
Natz www Wales Mulder
Rachel www United States Scully, Mulder, Lone Gunmen
Robin www United States Scully
Rose www United States Mulder
Samantha www Argentina
Stacey www Australia
Suz www Hungary Dana Scully
TN1 www Germany Marita Covarrubias
Young www Philippines Fox Mulder

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