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Summary . from the official website . original airdate: 1/19/2005

Michael scans the jungle, looking for Walt. He runs into Hurley and Jack, who haven't seen him. Michael sighs, frustrated, but continues on. Hurley says that Michael seems to hate being a father. But in the FLASHBACK, Michael is clearly thrilled about becoming a father and wants the best for his soon to be born son. As he and his girlfriend Susan shop for cribs, Michael tells Susan that he plans on doing some construction for extra money while she finishes law school. Susan is concerned about Michael giving up his art, but Michael insists that he can go back to that later. Right now, they have to prepare for baby "Walt" - named for Michael's father. Susan agrees, but wants to give Walt her last name - they aren't married yet, after all. And off their playful banter we...


Written by - David Fury
Directed by - Greg Yaitanes

Sayid - Naveen Andrews
Claire - Emilie de Ravin
Jack - Matthew Fox
Hurley - Jorge Garcia
Shannon - Maggie Grace
Sawyer - Josh Holloway
Walt - Malcolm David Kelley
Jin - Daniel Dae Kim
Sun - Yunjin Kim
Kate - Evangeline Lilly
Charlie - Dominic Monaghan
Locke - Terry O'Quinn
Michael - Harold Perrineau Jr.
Boone - Ian Somerhalder

Guest Starring:
Susan - Tamara Taylor
Brian - David Starzyk
Nurse - Monica Garcia

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