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Mr. Giles. I'd like your opinion. While the last thing I want to do is muddle bad behavior in front of impressionable youth, I wonder if asking Miss Chase to dance would...
For God's sake, man, she's eighteen. And you have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone. Just have at it, would you, and stop fluttering about.
Right, then. Thanks for that.
  ~Wesley and Giles, The Prom


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Much Ado About BtVS
Much Ado is an expansive site about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". It is my first site and the site to which I am most devoted. I opened it sometime in mid 1999, and it was hosted at Tripod and Simplenet before I purchased the domain Much Ado is my largest and most popular site and it continues to grow constantly.

Flights of Angel
Flights stemmed out of my devotion to all things Joss-created. When the Angel spin-off began in the Fall of 1999, I was running Much Ado, and there was a lot of Angel related content, but I didn't have a good place to store it. Thus, Flights was born. I'm not quite as devoted to it as I am to Much Ado, but I love it nonetheless. And thankfully I've now got Kristina co-running the site with me (though she's been doing the majority recently)!

Going Through the Motions
A fansite and fanlisting in tribute to the BtVS episode, "Once More, With Feeling". This site is co-run with Little Willow, and Paris Angel. The site opened on November 6, 2001 - the same day the episode aired.

Orbiting Lights
A small fansite devoted to "Firefly", Joss Whedon's short lived (but soon to be a movie!) TV series. I wasn't originally planning to do a site, but I just felt the desire. I'm trying to keep it fairly small, but informative. The site opened on September 20, 2002 - the day the show began airing.

One of Many
I can't stop! Yes, I'm addicted. A fansite and listing devoted to the Buffy series finale, "Chosen." I'm co-running this site with the lovely Susan. The site opened on June 8, 2003.

Just a small site to house my LiveJournal/Magic Mood icons. The page I had at Cellophane Flowers for them was getting too big so this site was born. Opened in October 2003.

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