and the dreams have come back again / but this time i'm not just watching them

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     Projected Endlessly - the Jenny Lewis fanlisting   Pushing Forward - the Maroon 5 fanlisting   Sorest Throats - the Bright Eyes fanlisting   Spark - the Feist fanlisting  

    Jenny Lewis - Singer, songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist.
    Blake Sennett - Guitarist, songwriter, singer.
    Pierre de Reeder - Bassist, keyboardist, guitarist.
    Jason Boesel - Drummer, keyboardist.

    The Initial Friend EP The Initial Friend EP
    Frug / papillon / Always / 85 / Sword / asshole / Gravity / troubadours

    Take Offs and Landings

    Take Offs and Landings
    go ahead / science vs. romance / wires and waves / pictures of success / august / bulletproof / place crash in c / variations on a theme (science vs. romance) / small figures in a vast expanse / don't deconstruct / always / we'll never sleep (god knows we'll try) / rest of my life / variations on a theme (plane crash in c)

    The Execution of All Things

    The Execution of All Things
    The Good That Won't Come Out / Paint's Peeling / The Execution of All Things / So Long / Capturing Moods / A Better Son/Daughter / Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You / My Slumbering Heart / Three Hopeful Thoughts / With Arms Outstretched / Spectacular Views

    More Adventurous

    More Adventurous
    it's a hit / does he love you? / portions for foxes / ripchord / i never / the absence of god / accidntel deth / more adventurous / love and war (11/11/46) / a man/me/then jim / it just is

    Under the Blacklight

    Under the Blacklight
    Silver Lining / Close Call / The Moneymaker / Breakin' Up / Under the Blacklight / Dreamworld / Dejalo / 15 / Smoke Detector / The Angels Hung Around / Give A Little Love


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