Good night, Anna. Get some rest! smile

Posted by Little Willow at May 21, 2003 12:55 AM

I agree, Buffy the Vampire Slayer went out the way I would of wanted and i'm glad for it smile.. I'm also glad you enjoyed it.. i'm not really digging the bad comments people have been saying about season 7 and the finale

Posted by Rob at May 21, 2003 01:07 AM

I totally agree with everything you've said.

Beautiful ending for a beautiful show.

BtVS will truly be missed.

Now comes the sobbing...then the crying...then the denial...then the acceptance...(the latter in about several years time...)

Posted by Thomas at May 21, 2003 04:51 AM

*sniff* I'm with you, Anna! Loved the ending, loved the ep, hate that it's over even though I see it as a perfect place to end. hug

Posted by Kelly at May 21, 2003 07:48 AM

Totally agree with you Anna! I am so glad Buffy ended the way it did and I was so tired of hearing such negative things. The finale was amazing!

Posted by Sarah at May 21, 2003 05:50 PM

I'm glad I stumbled across Much Ado, and then you.

You've become such a wonderful friend, and it's because of Much Ado that I got back into this wonderful show and world. So to you I can say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Kacie at May 21, 2003 11:03 PM

I wanted to say thank you for no spoilers.

A lot of people forget others haven't seen it and spoil it for people who don't want to know what happens. So thanks for no spoilers smile

Posted by Katie at May 22, 2003 11:51 AM

Thanks for no spoilers!! I just wanted to let you know that Space Channel is holding it's first awards this year and buffy and or characters as well as angel are up for a bunch check out and click on "The Spaceys" to vote!!! bouncy

Posted by Stephanie at May 22, 2003 05:23 PM

I haven't seen the finale yet, I hope it will air soon in The Netherlands, however I did want to say that I'm so sad that it ended, because without it I would never have gone online and made the friends that I have made. I'm grateful to the show for that, and it was great television, excellent television. I will miss it dearly.

Posted by Kath at May 23, 2003 06:06 AM

I'm glad you enjoyed Chosen. What a way to end the show! smile

Posted by Emily at May 23, 2003 02:37 PM

The finale was wonderful indeed. I will miss that show. sigh
Btw... Daphne is beautiful! Is she a model? kitty

Posted by Natasha at May 24, 2003 08:13 AM

LOVE the new pic of Daphne!

Posted by Little Willow at May 25, 2003 12:04 PM

I love you too, Anna!! hug

Posted by Susan at May 25, 2003 05:06 PM

I loved the ending to. It was perfect. *swoons* blush

Posted by Mira at May 28, 2003 02:17 PM

Oh... pretty site! Yeah... everybody loves SMG! :-) See ya! bouncy

Posted by ana at May 31, 2003 03:27 PM

You know, I had a dream the other night. In had blogged wink

*hint, hint* Ahem. Yes.


Don't look at me like that. wink

Posted by Thomas at May 31, 2003 09:17 PM

LOVE the new RI look. Nostalgic... aah...

BTW - I walk and talk regularly. I rarely shop. I sneeze when I have to.

Posted by Little Willow at June 1, 2003 04:46 PM

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