Can't wait to see The Two Towers! Should be fun.

Sorry to hear about the pain, Anna. Hope you get better soon smile

Posted by Thomas at December 19, 2002 12:53 AM

I hope the headache has gone away by the time that you read this!

My choices:
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. The Dick Van Dyke Show
3. The X-Files
4. The Twilight Zone (original series, not any of the remakes)
5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
6. State of Grace
7. CSI

Runners up:
The Dead Zone (only one season so far)
Will & Grace (the first two or three seasons only)
Angel (the first two seasons only)
Law & Order
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Forever Knight
Sliders (only the first three seasons)
The Others (was only one season)
Freaks & Geeks (was only one season)

Posted by Little Willow at December 19, 2002 08:31 AM

So, glad to see you blogging again. So, sad to hear about your disappointment with LoR TT.
Remember what I said about Aleve.wink

Posted by Zinna at December 19, 2002 10:05 AM

I hate how the LOTR movies are unlike the books in a lot of aspects. Argh! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. I'll probably watch it next week. Lots of love. I'm sure we'll catch
each other on AIM during
the break. wink

Posted by Freddi at December 19, 2002 12:22 PM

Memo to Anna's head and back: Stop it! Let her feel better!

I still need to see the first LotR. ;-)

Posted by Emily at December 19, 2002 12:47 PM

Anna doesn't blog enough.

Bad Anna.

Blip blip beep beep.

I don't know why I did that.

Posted by Rae Rae at December 23, 2002 01:21 PM

I too was rather upset by what they did to Faramir, but I read something where Phillipa Boyens said that translating that to screen was really difficult since in the book Faramir is a rather static character, and they didn't want him to just be so incorruptable by the ring when every other human that has come into contact with it, even Galadriel, has had to fight against it's affects. So when you take that into account, it makes more sense as to what they did. Unfortunately Tolkien is hard to translate to screen and changes had to be made. They could have done it some other way and it probably would have worked. But the movie was fantastic regardless, and it looks like they're trying to take faramir on a journey of his own, and expand him as a character, just think of the changes he'll go through in the next movie.

Posted by Tarina at December 24, 2002 10:40 AM

I'm a little late reading this, this is my first time posting here. But I love all your sites smile, I saw The Two Towers and am currently reading Fellowship. But my friend sent me a huge list that they had at The One Ring site why a lot of things where changed and left out. So you can check the site out there or if I still have it feel free to email me and I'll see if I have it and I'll send it, but they should they are saying have all the cut scene's and everything in the Extended DVD version of The Two Towers.

Posted by Melissa at December 31, 2002 07:27 PM

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