Hiya Anna..man I love this layout! I too watched Spiderman today (3 times, and last night 1 time) - my son is 5 and 1/2..'nuff said..enjoyed it though :D

Posted by Jenah at November 3, 2002 01:22 AM

And DAPH! smile You and Dawn and Daph.

Posted by Kacie at November 3, 2002 01:43 AM

Hehehe. Yes, Kacie, Daph too! She's curled up in her basket outside though... I tried to get her in, but she just looked at me as if to say "Can't you tell I'm trying to sleep?"

Posted by Anna at November 3, 2002 01:58 AM

Quizzes are addicting.


Posted by Little Willow at November 4, 2002 06:18 PM

My alter ego is apparently the Buffybot. That's just scary.

Posted by Emily at November 4, 2002 10:21 PM

Hi Anna =D I've been visiting Much Ado About Buffy & Cellophane Flowers for a long time now. I never say anything though =P I LOVE this singing in the rain layout! Totally wicked =D And don't worry my life if boring too =P I spend most of it chatting on IM's, reading blogs & doing silly quizzes =P

Posted by Astrantia at November 6, 2002 07:08 AM

Thanks for standing up for me in my comments section! You rock!

Posted by Kristina at November 6, 2002 08:04 PM

Hi there! I happened on your site...and wow! Love your layout! It's way cool! I love that movie!

Posted by deb at November 7, 2002 12:23 PM

Hey! Nice layout - it's great... And your last post really matches.

Posted by Sanne at November 11, 2002 09:42 AM

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