I think it was something like "Fuck fuck fuck what's on this tape? Ugh, motherfucker! No wait, WAIT, old guy! Go away you fucking old guy! Bono! There's Bono!"

I could be wrong there... but I think that's closer...

Yay for quilt patch-y! It's so cute!

Posted by Rae at May 24, 2002 11:39 PM

Wow! Both your patch and your cat are adorable wink)

Posted by Indra at May 25, 2002 04:46 AM

A Digital Screen?! You know I hate you right? *g*

Posted by Tarina at May 25, 2002 10:27 AM

That quilt patch is so adorable (and as a "Restless" lover I like that quote, too). Oooh...I keep forgetting to join Girlfriends, Actually. Maybe I'll do that.

Cute kittie. =)

Posted by Emily at May 25, 2002 02:24 PM

So you're having troubles staying connected to Infinet too eh? Glad it's not just me! *whew*

The new layout at Girlfriends Actually looks great! The ooh so talented Rae!

And since I didn't have a chance to comment on your last blog, thanks for the lovin Anna!

Posted by Stef at May 25, 2002 03:49 PM

Guess who's going to be joining some patch clique....

Posted by Susan at May 25, 2002 07:03 PM

For the third and definitely not final time, love the layout at Girlfriends, Actually. It's amazing!

Congrats to both of you.

Posted by Thomas at May 26, 2002 12:36 AM

Absolutely love the quilting square Anna. It rocks, as do you. And I love your "yellow crayon" quote.....dare I try updating Flights?

Posted by Kristina at May 26, 2002 03:51 PM

The quilt patch rocks. Kitty trying to be petted rocks. Restless rocks. GA rocks so hard, it's purple and it's going to make me cry.

Posted by Little Willow at May 26, 2002 06:12 PM

Oh, Little Willow, don't cry! If you cry, then everyone will cry and then we'll be at the Ozzfest of Tears instead of the Lollapalooza of Love!

Glad you liked the name Anna. wink And your kitty looks too huggable to be real. smile

Posted by Sepra at May 27, 2002 01:46 AM

Aw I'm gonna cry. Dawn looks just like Storm, my cat that just passed away recently from a brain tumor ::sniff:: It's so wierd, she's IDENTICAL. Except, Storm had a little white patch on her chest. Okie, I'm done now lol :D

Posted by Shannon at May 27, 2002 12:10 PM

Wah. I want my photoshop back so I can create my patch and join that thingie ma jigger.

Posted by Kacie at May 27, 2002 10:39 PM

Anna, your cat looks hauntingly like mine, which died two years ago. It's very creepy...almost right down to the facial structure...

Posted by Destany at May 29, 2002 11:36 PM

I keep trying to make a patch, and keep failing miserably... someday, we'll trade, yes? smile And your cat is gorgeous!!

Posted by Addie at May 30, 2002 09:08 PM

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