Oh, I love "Ella Enchanted!" I've read it at least 7 times just for the lovely feeling at the end.... Just had to say that. And Lord of the Rings, you can count that as three as well, I think.... Nice new layout, as well.

Posted by Nel at April 7, 2002 04:38 PM

Hey hey Anna - here's a tidbit of news on David Nutter (you were asking right?) from ZENtertainment:

David Nutter (X-Files) will direct ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN

Posted by Kiba at April 8, 2002 07:04 AM

Hehehe. Actually, it was Darin Morgan, Kiba, but gracias nonetheless. I do like David Nutter... he directed some excellent X-Files episodes, including Darin's episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" which is one of my favorites.

Posted by Anna at April 8, 2002 10:30 AM

Breathe in...
Breathe out...
In life, sometimes you have to narrow things down to focus on what is most important. The same applies for sites. Do the ones that YOU want, that your heart is in.

Posted by Little Willow at April 8, 2002 03:35 PM

One of the main reasons why I find Swordfish entertaining is Hugh Jackman. Now, if Hugh Jackman and Ewan MacGregor did a movie, even if the plot was crap, it would be amazing, cuz of those two guys.

Take it easy Anna, and do what you think you have to about your sites.

Posted by Kristina at April 8, 2002 06:32 PM

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