I totally agree with you about the skating thing. Michelle was under so much pressure. She'll be back. Sarah was perfect and that's what counts. She was the best last night and that's what they should judge on, not reputation. Michelle did get bronze, which is an amazing accomplishment itself. Heck i'd be happy with any medal...heck I'd be happy to GO to the Olympics. ;o)

Posted by Susan at February 22, 2002 02:29 PM

I'm sorry Anna dear! I'm sitting at my computer, completely lethargic. I have so much I need to do yet- no energy. Will sleep long tonight, and defend tomorrow.

And where have you been chica? The latest buzz is that it's APRIL 30, and not MARCH. Sob. I can't wait that long. The next show they have out there (not the March 1) I'm going out there. I think.

Posted by Rebecca at February 22, 2002 04:19 PM

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