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Roast beef. Bananas. The Medusa Cascade. BANG! Rose Tyler Martha Jones Donna Noble TARDIS! Shamble-bobble-dibble-dooble. Oh, Doctor, you're so handsome. Yes, I am, thank you.
  ~The Doctor and Sky Silvestry (in unison), Doctor Who - Midnight


Just a quick warning: If you're not one of the people listed on this page, it probably will be of no interest to you and it will make a kind of sense that's not. This is basically just like a senior will (and if you got my actual senior will, some of the stuff is the same, though updated) because if I try to write this any other way, you'll figure out how corny I really am (unless you already know that secret).

Susan. Getting to be your graphics gal, stories from the PBP, thinking Marc is awesome, late night chats on IM, discussing Buffy and Angel, quizzes on the Constitution, majoring in History, using two initial names, staying up all night to work on a Buffy paper, those totally hot gymnasts (especially Blaine Wilson), Slut Bug watchers, rude Chinese waiters, cable cars with broken brakes, the SF trip, seeing Nick at Paramount, Buffy Trivial Pursuit, the Tobey Maguire look-alike in Napa, fainting goats, Shasta's extreme licking habit, the dream apartment in Monterey, Daredevil, EKT, Eric Stoltz on a cellphone, pee queens, PBP bathroom celebs, Frickin' Chicken Brigade, Sean Astin at Wizard World, Ummm... NO, the Vegas, Lucas and his crabs, "Call me Severus," insane LA freeways, Maybe Tomorrow, Luxor, "I signaled her with my eyes," TOMB, and the Crowmaster

Rae. Long and lovely chats on IM, being B/A and W/T 'shippers, the extreme addictiveness of creating cliques, collecting Barbies, musicals (you lucky NY girl!), loving season 5 of Buffy, obsessing over spoilers, SNL presidential impressions (Darrell Hammond is AMAZING!), Brad Whitford's impression of his dog on Conan, Alyson Hannigan's glorious acting skills, Joss is an evil genius, BEEP BEEP, Olivia dolls, the difference between Jon Stewart and Craig Kilborn, macaroni at Chat 'N' Chew, Puppetry of the Penis, Les Mis, disappearing show programs, insane lines at the airport, The Boobie Blog, my Spike-like yellow goggles, amazing NYC trips, Frickin' Chicken Brigade, road trip to Chicago, Weird Sisters, Bernadette in Gypsy, the Beanie Baby hunt, "Is Wayne Brady gonna hafta choke a bitch?!", and the best blackout birthday ever

Jeffy. Disney movie premieres, borrowing X-Files and Buffy episodes on tape, Marc is so hot (but his body is like a Ken doll), Farscape, Backstreet Boys concert (thank goodness for the binoculars!!!), Rep Theatre freshman through senior year, long confessions and advice in our forgotten book, Paris and Torres must stay together, Nana-Moo, trips to Ashland and melted Ben & Jerry's ice cream from outside the window, typing up computer class programs, pillows that are way too puffy, and your dad's tapes of Sports Night

Karen Keiko. "What, what?", HELP! (Ho! Ho! Ho ho! Ho! Ho ho ho!), phone messages for Mr. Hicks, a frog named Jay waiting for his kiss, STOMP (so awesome, especially the kitchen sinks!!), attempting to make pork chops with sauce but using too much flour, really sticky apple bettys, ginger cookies and Jason showing up randomly, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Run away! Run away!), six hours of "Pride and Prejudice" in one night, trips to Ashland, and afterschool pretzels and energy blends

Laura. Baseball games at River Glen park, a stolen bike, X-Men cards, "His name will be Ryan, spelled B-r-y-a-n, but the 'B' will be silent," "Are you two sisters?", Adam Shorsher, the boredom of drivers' ed, "Hamlet," rooming in Ashland, retrieving ice cream from outside a window, Josh from across the street, Mary Poppins down the slide, "The house next door is haunted," trying to watch "The Blob," the gorgeous jerk Michael, Eric's Rhyme Time, Gilmore Girls, the never ending horror of Feist, your insane cat Luna, recommending good books, Tuesday night coffee and TV

Little Willow. Long car rides to L.A., your awesome taste is music, an upcoming "touched" TV show, "I'm very seldom naughty," Daddy Iglesias!, Danny, Amber, love of Buffy and Angel, Cary Grant adoration, wood nymph would have been a better way to go, TheStevieNicksperience, Cheesecake Factory, Wrinkle in Time chattage, the lack of maps & directions at LACMA, the King Tut exhibit, DUNCAN times 2 (+ rain), and our mutual love of cats

Tarina. Farscape lurve, Star Wars, your scary millipede, Bucky Katt, Get Fuzzy needing to stay away from politics, Love Anna Yoda does, joke website layouts (man boobs!), the non-existent appeal of QaF, the guilty pleasure of Stargate, and LotR quote fun in Rae's blog

Freddi. Chatting for long periods of time on IM, weird guests who can be very rude at times, talking about the you-know-who bitch, Charmed and Buffy, the Haliwell sisters say "I love you" and "Honey" way too much, constantly changing (but always awesome) layouts, and always speaking the truth

Leanna. Giants win! Dodgers lose!, AP Chem stress, movies at the Mercado (with pretzels from Jamba Juice), New Year's at Marriott's, SAM, fun in p-h-y-s-i-c-s, Fantasia 2000 (twice!) at the Tech Museum, chats on IM, tutoring Andrea, very conversational bus rides, phone calls, weird Shakespeare stuff on your fridge, AMC updates, Van Gogh at the LACMA, Camera theatres that can't figure out which theatre you're supposed to be in, energy blends from Hobee's, and Princess Bride with lightsabers (SO wrong)

Tu Lan. SAM board meetings, too many hard AP Chem questions, A Town Like Alice, Bryan Brown, a really surprising birthday party, planning one awesome "Jeopardy" contest, visiting old teachers at Lincoln, awesome Vietnamese festivals, going out to lunch/breakfast, "The Matchmaker" at the Rep, Davis (I miss you so much), watching Tae Kwon Do, a fun filled trip to Napa, no more alcohol for you!, and "Paging Dr. Nguyen!"

Kristina. Flights, Firefly rocks!, the hotness of Sean Maher & Nathan Fillion, BtVS love, need for X-Wings, scruffy Wesley (yum!), and "But if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty flowered bonnet, I will end you."

Thomas. BtVS, Alias, Moulin Rouge, sharing good music, Harry/Neville smut (your idea, not mine!), and Boo from Monsters Inc.

Rebecca. Making a friend in L.A., our first PBP, Adam's VERY hairy chest, the evil trio of Build-a-Bears, the silver bug at Paramount, Common Ro, you ARE strong, support via the phone and IM, fun with LiveJournal icons, worship of the Whedon-verse, Colin Farrell (yummmm), and "my" motto: "Life's not a song / Life isn't bliss / Life is just this / It's living"

Diane. Concerts at Shoreline, Dave Matthews, shared birthday party at the beach, Comedy Sports, "Where did we park the car?", getting kicked out of "Jackie Brown" while waiting to see "Titanic", fainting on the Grizzly, Ruling Babes in Mandell's class, Mao, the incredible length and boredom of "Meet Joe Black", laser shows at De Anza, champagne on New Year's, and movies at the Camera Theatres

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