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Angel - Allen Francis Doyle  Angel - Angel  Angel - Cordelia Chase  Angel - Fred Burkle  Angel - Illyria  Angel - Lindsey McDonald  Angel - Lorne  Angel - Wesley Wyndham-Pryce  BtVS - Andrew Wells  BtVS - Anya Jenkins  BtVS - Buffy Summers  BtVS - D'Hoffryn  BtVS - Faith  BtVS - Glory  BtVS - Jenny Calendar  BtVS - Jonathan Levinson  BtVS - Oz  BtVS - Robin Wood  BtVS - Rupert Giles  BtVS - Tara Maclay  BtVS - Vi  BtVS - Willow Rosenberg  BtVS - Xander Harris  Firefly - Inara Serra  Firefly - Jayne Cobb  Firefly - Kaylee Frye  Firefly - Malcolm Reynolds  Firefly - River Tam  Firefly - Shepherd Book  Firefly - Simon Tam  Firefly - Wash  Firefly - Zoe Alleyne  


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