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Alias - Eric Weiss  Alias - Jack Bristow aka SpyDaddy!  Alias - Marshall Flinkman  Alias - Michael Vaughn  Alias - Sark  Alias - Sydney Bristow  Alias - Will Tippin  Arrested Development - GOB  Arrested Development - Michael Bluth  Battlestar Galactica - Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace  Battlestar Galactica - Karl 'Helo' Agathon  Battlestar Galactica - Lee 'Apollo' Adama  Battlestar Galactica - Number Six  Battlestar Galactica - Samuel Anders  Battlestar Galactica - Sharon 'Athena' Agathon  Charmed - Chris  CSI - Catherine Willows  CSI - Gil Grissom  CSI - Greg Sanders  Doctor Who - Amy Pond  Doctor Who - Captain Jack Harkness  Doctor Who - Donna Noble  Doctor Who - Rose Tyler  Doctor Who - The Doctor  Farscape - Aeryn Sun  Farscape - Chiana  Farscape - John Crichton  Farscape - Rygel  Gilmore Girls - Lane Kim  Gilmore Girls - Logan Huntzberger  Gilmore Girls - Lorelai Gilmore  Gilmore Girls - Luke Danes  Gilmore Girls - Rory Gilmore  Heroes - Hiro Nakamura  Lost - Desmond  Lost - Hurley  Lost - Jack Shephard  Lost - John Locke  Lost - Juliet  Lost - Kate Austen  Lost - Sayid  Muppets - Kermit the Frog  Muppets - Miss Piggy  Muppets - Pepe the King Prawn  Sesame Street - Cookie Monster  Sesame Street - Grover  Sports Night - Dan Rydell  Stargate: Atlantis - Colonel John Sheppard  Supernatural - Ash  Supernatural - Bobby Singer  Supernatural - Dean Winchester  Supernatural - John Winchester  Supernatural - Sam Winchester  True Blood - Bill Compton  True Blood - Eric Northman  True Blood - Sam Merlotte  True Blood - Sookie Stackhouse  Veronica Mars - Keith Mars  Veronica Mars - Logan Echolls  Veronica Mars - Mac  Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars  Veronica Mars - Wallace Fennel  Wonderfalls - Jaye Tyler  X-Files, The - Dana Scully  X-Files, The - Fox Mulder  X-Files, The - Walter Skinner  


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