A list of the music featured in each episode, along with info on when the song played in the episode. Click on the album title to purchase the full album from Amazon or click on the song title to purchase it via iTunes.

1x01 - The Starting Line
The Crystal Method Community Service II The Crystal Method vs. The Doors: Roadhouse Blues (Remix)
Plays as the racers leave the hotel to begin the race
Rene Brizuela Unknown Dame Esa Cosa
The Salazar brothers team up
X Beyond and Back: The X Anthology Hungry Wolf
During the night race between the Salazars and Tully & Wiles

1x02 - Partners
Nine Pound Hammer Mulebite Deluxe Radar Love
John & Emma race the Salazar brothers
Bloc Party A Weekend in the City Kreuzberg
Plays at the end of the episode

1x03 - Let the Games Begin
Lunatic Calm Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Leave You Far Behind
At the end of the episode as Alex passes the other drivers in his new car

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