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movin' out

Well, folks. The time has come. I'm officially closing Cellophane Flowers. This page will remain here along with all the archives from my blog, but there will be no new posts. This is simply an archive of my old blog entries because I can't bear to get rid of them. I've moved over to LiveJournal, so you can find new posts by me at harshlightning. I hope to see all of you over there (Though I think most of you had made the move even before me) because I don't want to lose touch with anyone. But this was just something that felt necessary to me, because with my LJ and Restless Innocence as my personal site, this site just felt to repetitive to keep. While I will miss it, I'm happy with my move.

I hope to keep in touch with everyone who was kind enough to read and comment here. I truly appreciate all the lovely people I've had the privilege of getting to know via this blog. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving today! See you at LJ! wave

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