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I just can't seem to work up the motivation to blog these days. With my blog I feel like I always need to write long and informative entries (not that I usually achieve the informative part) and lately I don't seem to have the energy for that. Meh. I'm starting to seriously consider switching to LiveJournal since most of my friends have moved in that direction and I feel like I'm missing out on their stuff since I don't post there and don't visit LJ often enough. Decisions, decisions.

So, what have I been up to lately? I drove down to L.A. on Saturday, the 17th to visit Little Willow, which was a whirlwind trip, but very fun. We saw the King Tut exhibit at the LACMA on Sunday, which was amazing and we both loved it. The size of the crowd inside the exhibit was a bit intense, but we were able to see everything there and enjoy all the beauty of the artifacts. Little Willow and I also wandered around a few areas of the other collections at the LACMA; we loved with the Ruisdael landscapes on display in the Hammer Building, but we could have used more signs telling us what was display where and more informative guards. C'est la vie! That evening we ordered yummy take out and watched the Emmys, which were mostly disappointing, other than The Daily Show wins, Felicity Huffman, Arrested Development for writing, and Lost's win.

Little Willow had to work early on Monday, so I hung out with Spooky and Hollywood (Little Willow's awesome cats), and finished reading The Historian (loved the writing style & the intriguing premise, but the ending was such a letdown). Once Little Willow was off work we headed to the Ford Amphitheatre to see Duncan Sheik in concert. The weather was gorgeous when we arrived - totally clear blue sky... it was a lovely venue sitting right against the hills near Hollywood. David Poe was the opener for Duncan and he was a blast to listen to. Lovely music and a very funny and entertaining guy. Duncan played on three songs with him (apparently they are starting a band together) and after David's set there was a small break before Duncan & Co. came onstage. The setlist (compiled by the lovely Little Willow) was as follows:

Fantastic Toys & Corduroys
Good Morning
For You
I Don't Believe in Ghosts
Rubbed Out
End of Outside
Start Again
Wishful Thinking
Nothing Fades
White Limo

Midway through White Limo, we noticed that it had started sprinkling, but Duncan and the band went right ahead into the next song, Memento, since it wasn't raining very hard. Sadly, about a verse into that song, the rain started pouring down on us, and the band was rushed off the stage as the equipment had to be covered and moved. We raced up to find cover and hung out for a little while before heading down to where the merchandise table was set up. Since we were told Duncan would be showing up there in a few minutes, we decided to stay to see him. He came out and patiently signed autographs and took pictures with fans. We waited at the back of the crowd, just observing people and chatting, till the crowd cleared away and Duncan was free. I then nudged Little Willow forward to chat with him before he left to visit friends. So despite the rain cutting the show off, we had a wonderful time. Duncan was funny and self-deprecating and the music was GORGEOUS (of course).

Tuesday morning I drove home, and then worked the rest of the week. Work was a bit busy because we were planning Sue's retirement party, which was a huge success on Friday; I think we had 40-50 people stop by for it. Thankfully we had enough food even though a lot of people neglected to RSVP with us.

So that's my past week in a nutshell. It's funny how I always feel like I have nothing to write here, and then I ramble like crazy. Weirdness!

In other news, I'm so happy to have my TV shows returning. Lost's season premiere was muy excellente and had me excited to see where the show is going this season. Gilmore Girls has been good, though I'm hoping the Lorelai/Rory rift doesn't last too long. Luke has been great this season (though he usually is); however, the new hair? SO WRONG. Supernatural's pilot was wonderful, and though the second episode was rather blah in the monster area, I love the brothers' relationship. I've also been enjoying Prison Break despite the ridiculous concept (Wentworth Miller also helps with the enjoyment wink). Reunion is another a new favorite - I love the concept and just hope it follows through well enough. Grey's Anatomy was excellent last night... lots of fun. I'm very sad about Battlestar Galactica being done until January though... it's definitely one of my favorites on TV right now. But I'm most excited that Veronica Mars is returning this week - YAY! I cannot wait!

Anyways... that's about all I've got for right now. Hopefully I'll be blogging again soon or at least deciding about whether or not to try LJ full time. Any suggestions or feedback about it would be most helpful! Later gators! alligator

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