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come fly with me

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in less than a day!!!!!!!!!!! I just checked Amazon and it's already in the city! EEEE! How I wish UPS would let me pick it up tonight! Let's just hope they deliver it early tomorrow. wink And Battlestar Galactica's Season 2 premiere is on right now (I'm typing this during the commercials)! How is a fangirl to contain her glee, I ask you? bouncy

Ummmm... let's see... what's been going on? Work was crazy today. I would go into detail, but it's kind of gross, so I don't really want to sicken everyone... let's just say unpleasant things were left in our bookdrop and on our carpet today.

I've seen Batman Begins twice now. I LOVE it! Completely excellent... well acted, well written, well directed. Just awesome! I also saw War of the Worlds (gorgeous cinematography and special effects, but I hated the changes they made from the book and Tom Cruise bugs me to no end), Fantastic Four (Chris Evans was adorable as Johnny Storm, but umm... that's about all the good I have to say... the rest was just incredibly cheesy and rather lame), and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (lovely and well done... I enjoyed it thoroughly). Batman Begins is definitely my favorite movie of the year so far. Also, Christian Bale is so very yummy. wink

So... what else? My grandma is flying out to visit on the 26th and will be staying till August 20th. My aunt Jackie and her daughter Ena are also coming, but only staying till August 7th. Then my uncle John arrives on August 9th and will fly back with Grandma on the 20th. Phew. August is going to be a crazy (but very fun) month. I'm taking a week off from work around my birthday to spend more time with everyone, so it'll be nice to have a break from the library.

Okay, I think that's it from me. I'm sure there's more I could say, but I'll leave it for next time. Back to enjoying the excellence of BSG!

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