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let the past be gone

Blaaaaaaah. I think I'm getting sick. Bryan must have given his cold to me. Ickies! I took a two hour nap after work today and I'm still exhausted. Le sigh.

But in happier news, Veronica Mars ROCKED MY SOCKS last night. Such an excellent finale to a spectacular first season. I'm way too tired to go into a lot of detail on the episode, but here are some quick thoughts: It's Wallace at the door. I really have no doubts about this, though I know a lot of people have been speculating about whether it's Logan or Duncan. But I think the only person that Veronica would be hoping to see would be Wallace, her best friend. The fact that she had just dreamed about her best friend Lilly solidifies this for me (and wasn't that dream sequence so beautiful and bittersweet... wonderfully done). So Aaron was the killer, eh? I was not surprised, as I had read speculations that really made this make sense to me. But damn, Harry Hamlin was FREAKY during the big showdown. I still don't know why Duncan and Veronica didn't make sure Aaron was at the party before Veronica left, but whatever... the whole thing was just greatly played out and so tense, that I can forgive them for not thinking a little. Keith is Veronica's dad! YAY! I figured this would be the case, and I'm very happy it was. 'Cause Keith rocks and also no incest, whoo on that count! Loved the scene when Keith told Veronica... just lovely. As well as near the end after Keith saved her. They are wonderful together. However, Lianne is a bitca! I mean, I knew that anyways, but taking the $50,000? Jeez. Someone needs to kick her ass. And lastly ('cause this is turning out to be WAY longer than I anticipated. wink), poor Logan! My poor, sad, screwed-up Logan. I felt so bad for him with everything that happened with Veronica, but I don't blame Veronica. She did what she thought was right, given the facts that she had. Oh, the angst! Sigh sigh. Let me tell you, the next few months are going to crawl on by without new episodes to look forward to. I can't wait for Season 2!

Oh, and I also watched Gilmore Girls, which was okay, but nothing spectacular. Rory has gone insane and I feel the need to kick her ass (and Logan's dad is a complete jerk). Kirk was driving me nuts last night... usually he's annoyingly funny, but he was just annoying last night. And I really could have lived happily without seeing shirtless Kirk. But still... Veronica Mars rocked, so I'll just dwell on that instead. big grin

Ummmm... I feel like I have lots more to say because it's been so long since I last posted here, but my brain is all fuzzy. Waah. Oh! I want an Xbox just so I can play Lego Star Wars whenever I want... I'm not usually a fan of video games, but I played this with Laura on Saturday and it was so much fun! I wonder if it's available for PS2... 'cause then I could just steal Bryan's and play on there. Oooh... it is! Yay!

Okay... sleep is calling, so I should crash... but before I do, thanks to the following folks for all the lovely comments you left me on the layout... I really appreciated them all! :) So, to Susan, Jaina, Des, Sepra, Kelly, Thomas, Kristina, Jamie, Little Willow, Chelle, Tonya, Emily, Shauna, and Deb, a great big grouphug and kiss. Thank you all! smile

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