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momentary thing

New layout! Yay Veronica Mars! It only took Susan one guess to figure out what I was using as the theme for my next layout... apparently she knows me too well. wink

Sooo... other than that... not a whole lot going on. I went to a Giants game on Wednesday night. SBC (remember the ballpark is called SBC Park) invited a bunch of SJSU employees from the networking group to watch the game from one of their suites, and since Dad was invited and they had extra tickets, I got to go along, and OMG, what a view. We were directly behind home plate, and the suite was SO nice. Just gorgeous... if I could watch every game in that style, I would be a very happy Giants fan. Of course, I would have been even happier if we had won, but c'est la vie. At least it was an exciting game. (Though I really missed JT Snow! Sadness! Bonds, Schmonds. Just give me JT!) Oooh... and Steve Young (former 49ers quarterback, for those that are unaware) was at the game, just a few suites down from us! Damn, I would have liked to have met him. Still a hottie, I must say! Makes me miss the good old days of the 49ers... when Steve was QB and Jerry Rice was still on the team. Sigh. Last year we SUCKED. Let's hope this year is better.

Big exciting news alert! SERENITY TRAILER ON TUESDAY! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Oooh... and Tuesday is Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars night with Laura, so I can show her the trailer as well since she's now done watching Firefly (*HUGS* my DVDs... I missed them so!) and loved it. Woot woot!

Speaking of Tuesday night TV shows (skip down two paragraphs to avoid TV show spoilers), that was possibly the worst Gilmore Girls episode I've seen... at least that I can remember. Usually I enjoy the show and even if an episode is weak, I don't dislike it. This one I disliked. It had some funny moments, but SO much of it seemed out of character for everyone. Luke felt way off, Lorelai felt off (especially in those creepy scenes with her playing mom to Kirk... I know he's a weirdo, but come on!), Dean needs his ass kicked from here to next Tuesday (so maybe he wasn't out of character... just an idiot), and even the Rory stuff felt off. Granted the last scene was heartbreaking with her, but it just didn't feel natural. I love Rory/Logan, and I figured it would happen eventually to her, but I just didn't feel it coming. Ah well. Let's just hope next week is better. 'Cause after that long hiatus, we deserve a well written episode!

I loved Veronica Mars, however. (Gee, can anyone tell from the layout that I'm adoring this show?) 'Cause EEEE! Veronica/Logan kissage! So very yummy. We'll see where it goes, but I'm sure loads and loads of angst will be present in the near future. But for now, I will enjoy the deliciousness of this pair. I can't wait for all the mysteries to be revealed... I could guess at who Lilly's killer is or who raped Veronica, but honestly? I have no idea. Only guesses and I hate guessing. But I can tell you that I'm THRILLED this show will be back for a second season!!! Thank you, UPN! bouncy

Okies... getting sleepy so I should crash. I don't have time to talk about Alias, but I will say that I really enjoyed this week's episode and I hope it's a sign of the way the show will be progressing for the rest of the season instead of what it's been like since January. big grin Night all!

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just a ride

Jeez... it's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that... I just haven't been motivated to write here lately. Just not a lot to say, I guess. frown

Anyways... last night Tarina IMed me this little gem of a fanfic description... she always sends me the bad ones so I can laugh at them (and I think she's also trying to further my dislike of fanfic in general): "When the Jedi council find out that Obi-wan is pregnant they send Qui-Gon to prison for seducing a minor while Obi-Wan is sent to live with his real family." Seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK. is that all about? If they had at least changed Obi-Wan to a female, I could tolerate it, though it would still sound extremely lame, but this is just ridiculous. At least use SOME logic! sarcastic

OH! In super exciting news, I GOT U2 TICKETS! YAY! bouncy They're coming back to the Bay Area in November and I was able to get tickets on Sunday. EEEEE! The seats aren't the greatest, but I didn't want to pay $160 for better ones and I didn't want the $65 GA tickets because I couldn't take that much waiting and standing. But fun will be had no matter where I'm sitting! Woot!

What else... what else... TV shows! Lost was EXCELLENT this week... definitely one of the best of the season. My love of Jack has grown even more, if possible ('cause he's been my favorite since the beginning of the show), and Sun rocked all in this episode. Even Sawyer was decent and helpful (pardon me as I die of shock)! And I was still a bit surprised that Boone was the one to die because he was the obvious choice. Kind of funny, right? Boone wasn't one of my favorites, but I was still crying throughout the end of the episode... when Claire gave birth, Boone telling Jack to let him go, Jack having to tell Shannon about Boone. Just beautifully done. And the score music at the end? That piano piece? GORGEOUS. I want a soundtrack for this show!! So yeah. GREAT episode. I thought Alias was decent this week, but not great. Just kind of weird. But last week's episode, "Tuesday" was great. Probably my favorite of the season so far.

I'm already missing Battlestar Galactica and July can't get here soon enough. Damn... that was a whammy of a finale, wasn't it? The last few minutes? Crazy. CRAZY! I was definitely not expecting that. Such an awesome show! I must get Tarina to watch it eventually 'cause I definitely think she'd enjoy it.

I'm definitely suffering from Gilmore Girls withdrawal... bring on the new episodes, WB! Laura and I have still been getting together on Tuesdays, despite the hiatus, but at least we've had Veronica Mars to enjoy. I'm really loving that show... Kristen Bell is constantly impressing me, as is the rest of the cast. And the writing is just superb. I love my witty shows!

And in really belated news, Fox has canceled Point Pleasant. And they're using its timeslot to air the remaining episode of Tru Calling. So I guess that means that whatever genre show they decide to kill next year, we'll get to see the remaining Point Pleasant episodes when they cancel that upcoming show? 'Cause that's how it works with Fox, sadly (Firefly, Wonderfalls, Keen Eddie... just to name a few). Stupid crappy network! I'm not saying Point Pleasant was the greatest show ever. But I was enjoying it and the show was progressively getting better. And I just hate the fact that they won't at least finish off the run of episodes. ARGH. So yeah, color me annoyed. I hope Marti finds another show to work on soon because I do enjoy her work.

Anyways... need to get some scanning done, so off I go. Hope everyone is well! Also, a big grouphug for all my BtVS buds who miss the show as much as me. It was lovely reading all your comments about how the show had affected you as well.

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