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Eight years ago today, Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on TV. Two years ago it ended its seven year run on TV. And I still miss it. I had been planning to have a mini-marathon today of various episodes, but things have been so hectic lately that I completely forgot. Tonight, while watching CSI, Sara Sidle reminded me of the show's anniversary when she said, "That was then. This is now." - the exact line Buffy spoke to the Judge in my favorite episode, "Innocence." BtVS is still my favorite show of all time. And I don't forsee that changing. It means so much to me, in so many ways. I don't think I'll ever enjoy or obsess over a show as much as I do BtVS. Nor do I think any other show will change my life as much as this one did. Through BtVS, I've met so many wonderful people, including some of my very best friends. I am so grateful for what this show has given me. Thank you, Joss Whedon, for giving me so much just through the act of creating an amazing TV show.

That was just something I needed to share... so... moving on... I went to the One Tree Hill Tour show in San Francisco on Tuesday. I haven't been watching the show regularly in the past few weeks, but I love Gavin DeGraw, and really wanted to see The Wreckers and Bethany Joy Lenz, so I dragged Lucy along with me. We had a great time... all the performers were excellent and Gavin ROCKED. He played for an hour and a half - almost a whole show of its own. So much fun... he is just an amazing performer and I'm so glad I decided to go (it was totally worth all the teasing I got from Laura! wink). I wrote up a long review of the show for the OTH music site Susan is working on, so I'll try to remember to post the link when that's up, for anyone that's interested.

What else... still loving Battlestar Galactica. It's such a great show and the cast is just excellent. Gilmore Girls has been excellent recently - especially last week's episode. Of course I loved the end with that spectacular kiss. Yay Luke/Lorelai! I'm very bitter that we have to wait weeks for a new Lost, especially after the superb Hurley episode last week. I cannot wait for the DVD set of that show - September 6th! Also missing Veronica Mars... can't wait for the next new episode... which is March 29th, according to TV Tome.

Tarina and I have been obsessing over Wonderfalls for the past week or so. She loved Firefly so much that she decided to buy the Wonderfalls set as well, since I was raving about that one. And now she's in love with yet another excellent show. Mom and I finished the show the other week and I adore it. So well written and so well acted. Fox is EVIL for killing it. I really wish there was more of the show to look forward to. Instead, I shall have to satisfy myself by obsessing over it with Tarina. big grin

Alrighty... I should head on out... becoming rather tired and I want to watch more BtVS before I head to bed. Night all!

P.S. I love you all and am so glad to be able to call you my friends. grouphug

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