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more adventurous

Uuuhhhh... not really sure why I'm blogging because I'm EXHAUSTED, but I just felt the need anyways. Had a very long (but fun) day... one of my old high school friends, Leanna, got married today, so Karen and I went to the wedding and had a very nice time. I had never been to Jewish wedding before (everyone in my family is Catholic), so it was really fun to see all the traditions of the ceremony. And on the plus side, the ceremony was MUCH shorter than a typical Catholic ceremony where you have mass and readings... blah blah blah... this was much nicer and more interesting. Leanna looked BEAUTIFUL and was very happy. The reception was fun too, though we didn't stay for the whole thing as we were tired & Karen was meeting with another friend later that evening.

I made it home in time to see most of the Oscars but was less than thrilled with the majority of it. Honestly, I really didn't care about much this year. I think the only win that got a big "YAY!" out of me was "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" winning Original Screenplay. So yeah. I didn't see "Million Dollar Baby" and while I liked "The Aviator" it wasn't my favorite film of the year. "Finding Neverland" was my favorite for the year, but that really didn't have a chance of winning. So yeah. Last year was much more fun.

In other exciting news, thanks to Jenah (have I mentioned that you ROCK, chica?), I'm now HOOKED on Battlestar Galactica. She provided me with the miniseries to watch and I had the rest of the episodes on tape thanks to the recent marathon on Sci Fi Channel. It's soooooo good and I'm in love. Apollo and Starbuck are my favorite characters, but I'm also loving Helo and Tyrol, and pretty much everyone else on the show. Definitely an addictive show. Yay new obsessions!

And of course, I've been enjoying my usual TV shows as well. Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are rocking as usual. I love Rory/Logan on GG, but I also felt SO bad for Marty on this past episode. He's such a sweetie. Sigh sigh. And the Luke/Lorelai stuff was so heartbreaking. I love them so and it pains me to see them apart! Emily is weevil. Grrr. Moving on to VM... didn't think too much of Aly on the show. I like Aly, but I just didn't feel much from her in her first scene. The second scene was better, but still not mind blowing. However, everything else about the episode rocked. LOGAN! I love Logan. So much. I can't decide if I ship Logan/Veronica or if I just like them as friends. Hmmm. The outfits at the dance were too much fun & Deputy Leo is a cutie, but so not going to last. wink Oooh... and the ending. Yowza. Can't wait to see more!

Lost and Alias were both excellent as well. Lost was not the best episode of the season, but even so, it was still great. Such a great show. I'm really looking forward to this week though 'cause HURLEY! Yayness. Alias was muy excellente... LOVED it. Yay Sark! Yay Ana! Yay Sark again! (Also, big yay for no dead squirrel on his lip like he had on Charmed this past week... SO wrong.) Glad they've finally mentioned Rambaldi again. It's been such a huge part of the show for so long, that it really did need to be brought into this season. Looking forward to more this week. bouncy Ooooh... and YAY to Sepra for becoming an Alias fan! Woot!

Speaking of people being hooked on shows, Tarina is now in love with Firefly thanks to my insistence to her that she would like it. She went out and bought the DVD set and watched all the episodes in a marathon of two days or so. I am so proud! I also loaned my Firefly DVD set to Laura, so hopefully she's enjoying it too... I'll find out on Tuesday!

Okay... I know there's probably more I wanted to say, but again with the tired, so I should crash. Later gators!

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five is right out

Oh my goodness I want to see this so badly! Sadly, even if I was able to get to NYC, I'm sure Rae would refuse to come with me since she hates Monty Python. (weirdo! tongue) Sigh sigh. I wish I was closer to Broadway.

Ummmm... so tonight was Lost and Alias night (aka JJ night)... and I loved both of the episodes. I'm still not a Sawyer fan, but I did feel incredibly bad for him with what happened to him when he was young. However, the choices he made in his life were his own and no one forced him into them, so I don't feel that sorry for him as an adult. The twist of him meeting Jack's dad was intriguing... and Charlie and Claire are still super cute. Loved the dialogue in tonight's episode... I love Drew!

Alias was excellent as well... loved the interactions between Sydney and Nadia, as well as Syd and Sloane. Also, Marshall is the cutest thing ever. Have I mentioned how much I love Marshall? Hmmm... who wrote tonight's episode... must go look... according to TV Tome it was Monica Breen & Alison Schapker. Coolbeans. Oh hey, Susan! Breen (your Breen) is writing the March 2 episode, "A Man of His Word." wink Ooh... and Sark next week. YAY!

So in non-TV news, Mom and I met with my aunt Tina in Concord last Friday... she and her husband Mike were there to go to the Mini dealership so Mike could buy a Mini Cooper for Tina as a Valentine's Day gift. Crazy, huh? And they really did buy it! Tina got to drive it off the lot. VERY cute car. And loads of fun to ride in. So so pretty... I can't wait to visit her again soon so I can ride in it. (I would love to drive it, but I still need to learn to drive a stick shift... I'm so lazy!) This is the model she got:

So that was fun. Ummmm... can't think of much else that's been going on, other than the usual. So I suppose I should crash. Since I have to be up early tomorrow, it's probably wise that I go now. Toodles all!

Almost forgot though... ekt replies to comments:

Jenah - I didn't think "Lord of the Bling" was one of the best VM episodes either, but I liked last night's "Mars vs. Mars" quite a bit. And Aly next week! Whee! Netflix finally got the BSG miniseries, so I have it at the top of my queue, but it's a "very long wait." Sadness! But at least I have something new and fun to look forward to.

Little Willow - I've only seen 3 of the unaired episodes so far... "Crime Dog" was EXCELLENT and probably the best episode of the series so far. Stupid Fox! Re: SVU, I heard that they filmed many episodes of SVU two at a time this season, so that's why they keep having odd excuses to have Benson or Stabler gone and just one of them working a case. I don't like that. Thankfully they were together this week. And next week - Alex! Yay!

Jaina - Having a job is very nice - it's a pain sometimes, but as long as you're doing something you love and working with great people (both of which I am), you'll be fine. I just like to whine a lot. wink And definitely try to catch Veronica Mars if you can. I think you'll like it.

Chris - Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the site and I hope to see more of you here. smile And yes, it would be great if most shows went all out on their DVD sets like the Wonderfalls crew did, but sadly some don't bother to make any effort. Evilness!

Tonya - Glad to meet a fellow Veronica Mars fan! wave

Stef - Hey hun! Steal away! I made it to promote the show, so I have no problem with you using it. wink Yay Adam!

Des - Wonderfalls is definitely great! So far we're about halfway through the series (it's so hard to find time to watch it with all my regular shows new for the month). I can't wait to see all of it, but at the same time, I too dread seeing the show end. Siiiigh. I am liking Point Pleasant more. It's still not anything truly special, but it's enjoyable and I liked last week's episode quite a bit.

Okay, now I really do need to sleep. Night!

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fundamental things apply

100th episode of Gilmore Girls tonight! YAY! I can't wait. bouncy Hopefully things will turn out okay for Luke/Lorelai in the end. I know they have to have some kind of conflict, and I can deal with that, as long as they're together in the end (not necessarily of this episode, but just in general). I'm also excited to see more Rory/Logan. They are too cute together. Plus Logan is snarky and oh so yummy.

Also, new Veronica Mars tonight! That's right, I'm caught up on the show and am now a fan. I watched the pilot when the show premiered, but wasn't blown away by it & since I was already watch One Tree Hill, I didn't bother with it. But I recently decided to give it a try again since OTH is not thrilling me anymore and am now loving Veronica Mars. So gracias to all my friends (Tlace & Little Willow - I'm looking at you!) who wouldn't stop talking about it, thus making me want to give it another shot. smile

So I'll be heading over to Laura's place in a couple hours to watch both shows plus Law and Order: SVU. Should be a fun filled evening!

Work has been okay lately... just really busy. I think business is really picking because another branch is closing soon for remodeling and since we're close by, we're getting some of their patrons. There's also been talk that we're going to be starting a new scheduling format soon - all part of admin's attempt to centralize the library branches. Basically, there will be no one scheduled to be on desk at any time unless it's for check-in. Anyone not doing check-in should be wandering around the library helping anyone who needs help & shelving or merchandising when not helping customers - and they're calling us "floor agents" now. Sounds more like a bookstore than a library. I really worry about how that's going to work with the accounts desk and people needing to pay fines, etc. But whatever. That's my crazy library system! Apparently the mayor also wants us to open 4 branches on Sundays again - we tried it last year and it just wasn't worth the costs, so it was stopped after 6 months, but now he's insisting we start it up again. Even though we're in a budget crisis and may have to close another day of the week and there's talk of layoffs. WTF? Just insane.

Anyways... enough work talk, because I'm sure no one is that interested in hearing about it. wink My Wonderfalls DVDs arrived last week (thank you, Susan!) so Mom and I have been watching episodes whenever we get a chance. We've seen four so far (so only the ones that aired on Fox last year) and will probably watch more on Thursday or Friday. I also got "Eloise at Christmastime" as a belated Christmas gift from Tarina (thank you!) and watched it last night. TOO CUTE. I adore Eloise!

Alrighty... I should run and get some dinner & do some reading before I head over to Laura's in a bit. Hope everyone is doing well!

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