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between order & randomness

So no U2 tickets for me. They sold out immediately on Ticketmaster and I really had no chance. EVILNESS. Rae says a third leg will be added after they return from Europe, so I'll just hold out hope that I can get a ticket then. Grr argh!

Anyways... last week seemed to zoom by for me. Craziness. Full of work & birthdays for friends. Last Monday was Tarina's birthday, as well as my friend Lucy's birthday. So Lucy and I headed out to the movies to see "In Good Company"... quite enjoyable. I love Topher Grace. So adorable! I also saw "The Aviator" yesterday with Rachel. It was very well made, but definitely wouldn't be my pick for Best Picture. Though I thought Cate Blanchett was excellent as Kate Hepburn. Still not a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. He was decent enough, but he definitely didn't blow me away. Anyways... it was a good movie and I do recommend it.

I'm so glad Gilmore Girls is back from hiatus. I missed it so! Laura and I have decided to get together every Tuesday to watch the show at her apartment. Very fun. My friendship with Laura is an interesting one... I've known her since 1st grade and up until high school, we were best friends. Once we got to high school though, we drifted to different groups, though we still remained good friends. But once college came around, Laura went to Oregon and we lost touch. However, a few months ago, I saw her mom at the library & she told me Laura was back in town, now teaching 8th grade English. So we got together and it was truly like no time at all had passed since we last saw each other. So wonderful. I had really missed her friendship and I'm SO happy to be in touch with her again. Reconnecting with old friends is just wonderful.

Ummmm... so what else? LOVED Alias this week. Drew Goddard is just the coolest. Just a really fun episode and I was so pleased to have Vaughn's story in there as the throwback to "The Telling." Sigh. Just beautiful.

I've also been watching Point Pleasant, and while I don't love it like I hoped I would, I am at least enjoying it somewhat and am interested to see what comes of it. I'm loving Grant Show on there though. Yummy! Anyways... I'm just happy to have a Marti show on TV and I hope it sticks around for a bit.

Okay... I have to be up early tomorrow morning, so I should crash. Night all!

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the special level

So. I went to see "Phantom of the Opera" on Monday with Lucy. And I enjoyed it. Not nearly as much as I adored seeing the musical on stage in SF way back when, but it was well done and the music is always beautiful. I enjoyed most of the performances, especially Gerard Butler. His voice isn't at smooth as Michael Crawford's, but he brought a lot of passion to the role onscreen. Unlike Emmy Rossum, who has a fairly decent voice, but was rather bland onscreen. Ah well. Still liked it (though I wish they hadn't changed some of the lines that are sung in the musical to speaking in the movie 'cause when you know the musical by heart, it just bugs you). The only annoying part was the four old people (think 50+) sitting behind us who WOULD NOT SHUT THE FRELL UP! Lucy turned around at one point and asked them to "please be quiet so the rest of us can enjoy the movie" and they STILL continued to "whisper" (probably sounded like whispering to them, but it was way too loud) throughout the rest of the movie. Oy. I so wanted to smack them. So obnoxious. I loathe people who chatter during movies at the theater. It's just completely rude.

Moving on... time for enigmatic (aka mostly non-spoilery) TV reviews: Lost was excellent tonight. I really enjoyed it - especially learning about Walt & Michael's backgrounds. (Poor Michael! Walt's mom was so mean to him!) And the ending... I knew that's what it would be, but I was glad it happened. Can't WAIT for a new episode. And how cute was Charlie while trying to resist reading the diary? Dom is adorable!

Alias was good as well, though not quite as good as last week. Tonight was Jeff Bell's first episode, so yay him! But an even bigger YAY for next week's writer: DREW GODDARD! Whee! Quote of the night:

Sloane: "That's because Mr. Keene claims to have gone legitimate."
Sydney: "Seems to be all the rage among evil geniuses."

I haven't yet watched Point Pleasant (taped while watching Alias), and I've heard tonight's episode was rather disappointing, but tomorrow night's is supposed to be the episode that made Fox decide to air the show, so I'm hoping for more in that episode rather than tonight's. *Fingers and toes crossed* I need Marti-run TV goodness!

Okay... I am tired and can't think of much else, so I'm off to watch my tape of Point Pleasant. Later gators!

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my slumbering heart

I just finished converting my fanlistings to Enthusiast, so now I'm thoroughly exhausted (though very happy it's done), but despite that, I still feel the need to blog, because it has been far too long.

I had lovely holidays; Christmas was quiet but very pleasant. We opened gifts, had a yummy breakfast, and spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching new DVDs before our delicious ham dinner in the evening. So nothing exciting, but very nice and enjoyable. New Year's was a lot of fun... a group of friends and I had a potluck dinner & then went to the special Comedy Sportz midnight show for that night. The show was quite funny & we had a blast.

So... ummm... that's about it. Other than that, it's just been work. Though I did head up to Tina's with Mom this past weekend because the twins were being baptized (they're 6, but Tina kind of procrastinated on getting them baptized) & I'm their new godmother! So yay for that. big grin

What else... ALIAS! I enjoyed the premiere. I didn't think it was spectacular, but it definitely showed loads of improvement from last season's horrid finale. I'm so happy to have the show back on. I truly missed it these past few months. And now Wednesdays are my new Tuesdays 'cause it's a double J.J. night. Lost + Alias? Makes a fangirl very happy.

Watch Point Pleasant!
Point Pleasant premieres on the 19th! I'm very excited to see this one because I adore Marti Noxon, and I was so disappointed when the show wasn't picked up for the fall schedule. I just really really really hope Fox gives it a chance, though realistically, the outlook is not too good (*cough*WONDERFALLS*cough*FIREFLY*cough*). We shall see!

Okay... this was possibly quite boring, but I'm exhausted and all the Enthusiast stuff has made me sleepy. So off I go. Night all!

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