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happy holidays!

I've been meaning to blog since Sunday, but just haven't had a chance yet... figured I better do it tonight since I doubt I'll have time tomorrow or Saturday. I've had an excellent week, so I'm in a very festive mood and definitely looking forward to Christmas. Woot! So, a summary of my week so far? Last Saturday I saw "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" with Lucy & we both loved it. They did change a bit from the books, but it was still funny & well made. I loved all three of the kids, and thought Jim Carrey made a great Count Olaf. And the art direction and cinematography were GORGEOUS. The movie looked beautiful. So so pretty!

Yesterday Tina & the kids came down to visit since we won't be able to see them on Christmas day. Mom & I took Tina and the girls out to tea at Lisa's Tea Treasures. We had never been before, but had been wanting to go there for ages because we always pass by the shop when we're at the Pruneyard. We had a wonderful time and it was much fun. The little tea sandwiches & mini desserts were so cute! And the scone was TO DIE FOR. So good. Layla & Kimmie had really cute stuff as well, though I think Layla got a bit bored after a while since she's a bit more of a tomboy & tea isn't exactly her idea of fun. wink In the evening, we went to Christmas in the Park and saw all the pretty trees; the kids got their kicks on the carnival rides there. All in all, a very fun day. Today I went out to breakfast with Tu Lan, who is in town for a couple weeks (her ONLY break from med school each year) & the rest of the day was spent baking (Snickerdoodles, Thumbprints, Apriot Roll, & Butterballs), wrapping presents, and watching "Miracle on 34th Street." Tomorrow we'll probably play games here and possibly see a movie with Rachel's family. Not sure what we're making for dinner yet. Maybe manicotti? The ham is for Christmas day.

Anyways... I saw "Casablanca" at the newly renovated California Theatre here in San Jose on Sunday. Which as you should all know, is my favorite movie of all-time, so of course it was a thrill to see it again on the big screen (I've seen it before at the Stanford Theatre). And the theatre was SO beautiful and wonderfully restored. Hopefully they'll continue to show old movies there because while I love the Stanford, it's a distance to drive on a regular basis and parking is a major pain there. But the California is so close and I would be on cloud nine with old movies playing that close to me. "Casablanca" was just a one time thing for the theatre (Opera San Jose & the Symphony Silicon Valley have been playing there since it re-opened a few months ago), but I did hear that if the "Casablanca" showings went well, they might have more movies there. And judging by the packed house & line around the block on Sunday, it did pretty well. wink

Anyways... I've babbled enough. I want to go watch "The Office Special" so I'm off. Hope everyone has a wonderful & safe holiday season! ornament

And many, many thanks to everyone who left comments on the new layout:
Thomas, Sarah, Jaina, Susan, Kristina, Little Willow, Chelle, Kimberly, Connie, Kim, Jenni Lou, Jenah, Jillian, and Zinna. Thank you all muchly! I truly appreciate it. grouphug

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faded like the stars

New layout... still not sure I love it, but I really needed a change and I'm SO excited for the Season 4 premiere of Alias. January 5th! Whee! bouncy I plan to have a Season 3 marathon sometime this month... probably closer to the holidays. Should be fun!

Speaking of exciting TV premieres, I was SO happy to see a trailer for Marti Noxon's show Point Pleasant during last night's episode of The O.C.. I can't wait for that. I just hope it does better than Wonderfalls. (And by that, I mean GIVE IT A CHANCE, FOX!)

Ummm... what else... I'm sure everyone has heard about the Washington Post article (you have to register to read - but it's free!) regarding abstinence only sexual education programs, right? Pretty scary stuff. I have no problem with abstinence - I think it's a good idea, but you can't ONLY teach abstinence, and you especially can't give out completely false & ridiculous information like "touching a person's genitals can result in pregnancy," "a 43-day-old fetus is a thinking person," "condoms fail to prevent HIV transmission as often as 31 percent of the time in heterosexual intercourse," "women who have an abortion are more prone to suicide and as many as 10 percent of them become sterile," "HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be spread via sweat and tears," and everyone's favorite, "half the gay male teenagers in the United States have tested positive for the AIDS virus." (Not only is that last one completely wrong factually, it's just disgusting that they're trying to say "Don't be gay or you'll get AIDS!" UGH.) Once again, it sounds like the Bush administration is trying to accomplish things by instilling fear in people. Big shocker, right? umm... no

Anyways... moving on to non-political topics (sorry, Jenah wink), I sent my holiday cards off earlier this week... I still have a few extra cards, so if anyone would like one from me, it's not too late. :) Most of my shopping is done; I have to pick up a small part of Susan's gift tomorrow, but other than that, I'm DONE. Yayness. And we put the merry christmas up last week, so it looks lovely in the living room. Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? big grin

Okies... this has probably been the most boring post ever, and I confess I didn't have much to say in the beginning, I mainly just wanted to get the layout up. Sorry! (Also, apologies for the over-usage of the smilies in this entry... blame it on me being tired.) I'm off to watch the last episode of Hex and then sleep. Night all!

ETA: Thomas pointed out I should probably mention that the lyrics used on the layout come from the song "Little by Little" by Oasis. For those who are curious. wink

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