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the puppet show

Very tired and I really should be sleeping since I have to be up early in the morning, but I've been busy watching Triumph: The Insult Comic Dog bits on and they are SO freaking funny. Triumph: Poop Valhalla is the HILARIOUS. Everyone should watch it.

Anyways... I saw "The Grudge" over the weekend. Crap. I only went for Sarah Michelle Gellar and she was fine in it, but the movie was completely stupid and pointless. I just hope SMG starts finding roles that better fit her talents. Sigh sigh. Though she's supposed to be in Richard Kelly's (writer & director of "Donnie Darko") next movie, so that's promising. We shall see.

My poor kitty Dawn had an abscess near one of her back legs so Dad & I took her to the vet on Friday to get it looked at. They shaved around the wound and cleaned it out, gave her a penicillin shot and sent her home with us with some medication for the week. She seems to be doing much better now. The wound is no longer draining and is healing over nicely. Poor Dawn hates having to take the medicine (it's not fun having someone stick a syringe thing in your mouth and squirt liquid down your throat), but I keep telling her I'm only doing it to help her. We go back to the vet on Friday to make sure everything is okay. The vet really freaked me out on Friday though when he told us that there was a possibility of FIV (think of it as HIV for cats) because the abscess was from a bite (he said it looked like Dawn was running away and the other cat decided to be evil and bite her anyways). So he starts listing what will happen if Dawn has FIV and gets me completely freaked out. Thankfully he ran the test right then and it was quick with the results: negative. So yay. But jeez, did he have to scare me like that? I can't deal with thinking about that. Honestly. This is my cat we're talking about. Dawn. Who has been with me for 11.5 years.

Moving on to happier things... I have a pile of 14 mix CDs to send to Susan. Crazy, huh? You should see the list of song requests she sent me! Though I did add some recommendations of my own. So she'll be getting that fun package soon. I told her she should just drive out to CA just so she could have time to listen to all of the CDs. She just laughed. wink

Okay, I should really get to bed. Starting to feel drift off, so away I go! wave

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infinite possibilities

I've managed to catch another cold. Joy! Of course it was inevitable because everyone at work has been sick lately and the kids were still a bit sick last weekend. Sigh sigh. I hate being sick. I'll probably spend all of winter suffering thanks to the lack of flu shots this year. grumpy

Anyways... didn't do much this weekend because I wasn't feeling well. Lucy and I did go to the movies yesterday, but we didn't get to hang out as much as we had wanted afterwards because I started feeling really icky and she had a headache. We're just regular buckets of fun, aren't we? wink We went to see "Raise Your Voice" because there is, literally, NOTHING good playing in theatres that I haven't seen. The movie wasn't too bad. It was just silly fluff, but still cute. Lucy loved it, so that was good.

Oh my god. Has everyone seen Jon Stewart on "Crossfire" yet? 'Cause if not, please go watch right now. I adore him so, so much. (Yes, Susan, I know I say it everyday, but it's worth repeating! wink) If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here. It's a must!

I'm extremely excited because tonight is Part One of "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars." YAY! Only about 15 minutes till it starts. Woot woot! bouncy

Oh, in other exciting news, apparently that thing really does work because someone on LJ received hers already, so I'm going to try for it since I'm too cheap to buy my own. So people, if you haven't yet signed up to try it, please use this link to help me get my free iPod!

'Cause free stuff is fun, right?

Alrighty... I'm going to go veg and watch the rest of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition before Farscape starts. Yayness! Later gators. alligator

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out of the blue

So very tired tonight. I spent the weekend at my aunt's house with the kids. Lots of fun, but also extremely tiring. Yesterday we went to the movies - Layla and I saw "Shaun of the Dead" (SO funny) and Eric took the twins to see "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (since Layla and I had already seen it and "Shaun of the Dead" was DEFINITELY not appropriate for the Ryan & Kimmie). Then it was off to Fairfield's Candy Festival, though we had to leave Eric at home since he ate too much popcorn at the theater and had a stomach ache. Boys are so silly sometimes. The Candy Festival was nice... mostly candy, crafts & jewelry stands, etc. The kids enjoyed it, so that was good. Today was shopping before I headed home in the afternoon. I'm just hoping I don't catch Kimmie's cold (it was mostly gone, but she still had a lingering cough). But, all in all, a very fun weekend. And tomorrow is Columbus Day, so I have the day off from work. Woot! Not sure what I'll be doing yet... possibly seeing a movie. We shall see.

So since I haven't blogged in a while I've missed out on commenting on TV shows. However, since I'm exhausted tonight, I can't offer anything substantial. Skip the next three paragraphs if you don't want random spoilers on TV shows.

Gilmore Girls - Squee! Luke & Lorelai! The cuteness in last week's episode was KILLING me. Those two were just WAY too adorable. Sigh sigh. And Rory, Rory, Rory. What are you thinking, girl? Stay away from Dean! The new boy at Yale, while snarky, is very cute. And I still like Marty too. So what the heck is Rory thinking? Blech to Dean. I hope he goes away soon.

Lost - Love love loving this show! Still my favorite of the new shows this season. I love Jack and despite what was said at the end of the episode, I do still hope we find out what Kate is accused of doing. Just an awesome show. However, is it just me or is ABC really packing in the commercials? It feels like there are WAY too many during the show.

Joey sucks. It's just not funny. So no more for me. Desperate Housewives is very intriguing and funny. Definitely enjoying that one. Jack & Bobby hasn't been as good as the pilot. It's not bad, but it's not that great either. I'll keep watching and see how it progresses though. CSI: NY has been okay. I still love Gary, but the original CSI is definitely still my favorite.

Ummm... trying to remember if there was anything else important I wanted to blog about... I don't think there is, so time for me to get ready for bed. Soooo sleepy. Night all!

Edited later to say:

Christopher Reeve passed away. crying I feel so bad for his family. Truly shocking and sad. crying

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