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tap on my window

*Sniff sniff* No Olympics to watch tonight. My world is so empty! Okay, kidding, of course, but still. I was very sad to see them go. Even if I didn't see every little bit each night, I watched at least part of every evening broadcast & I watched what I could catch of the stuff shown in the daytime. I love the Olympics so. And the Summer games are without a doubt my favorite (though I do adore the Winter games as well) - swimming and gymnastics? I'm in heaven. :) Only 4 more years to go till the next Summer games!

Anyways... I'm sure everyone is tired of my Olympic ramblings, so I'm sure you're all quite happy that they're over. wink

I had a weird weekend... I was scheduled to work all day Saturday, but when I arrived in the morning, Don, Ken & Sue were all there and the power was out. And PG&E was estimating it wouldn't be back up till 6pm or so in the evening, so we were closed for the day. The four of us stuck around till about 11:30am to get all the phone calls made and we also shelved everything there was to shelve in order to free up the carts for the inevitable insanity of check-ins headed our way. So instead of having Sunday off, Ken & I went into work and spent about 4 hours there getting everything checked in so that Monday would be a normal day and not a crazy one. It went well and today was fine - just a typical Monday - so that worked out. I just missed my weekend. Never really had a chance to do anything big. Sigh sigh. Ah well. I plan to make up for it by seeing "Vanity Fair" on Wednesday with Rachel. Should be fun!

Ummm... I still can't believe Kelly Preston is in the video for Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved"... it just kind of creeps me out. Weird. Love the song though, so yay for that.

Damn, I wish I could be in NYC right now. So happy to see all the protesting that's going on. Freedom of speech. That's what I like. Still cannot figure out why the Republicans chose NYC for their convention city. Maybe just to annoy the rest of us? Quite possibly.

And in "Wheeeeeeeeee!" worthy news: Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars trailer! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! October 17th! Not too much longer to wait, so yippee! cheerful

Okay, folks. Enough EKT from me. Must get ready to go to sleep so I'm able to crawl out of bed tomorrow. Toodles!

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all kinds of ekt

Yay! Day off work manana. Woot woot.

Busy watching the Olympics right now, so I don't have a whole lot to say, but I felt the need to blog, nevertheless.

EKT Olympic thoughts:

  • Gymnastics - Alexei Nemov is the classiest gymnast ever.
  • Gymnastics - I still love Paul Hamm. Blame the judges who screwed up, not Paul.
  • Swimming - I love Michael Phelps even more. So cute and so sweet. Adorable, adorable boy.
  • Beach Volleyball - I think it's funny that the Brazilians celebrate like they've just won the gold everytime they get a point against May/Walsh, even though they're still behind. Weird.
  • Gymnastics - I love seeing all the gymnasts having fun during the Champions Gala. They are much more cheerful.
  • Beach Volleyball - Kerri Walsh and Misty May are so cute together. And damn, those girls can play beach volleyball.

    Back to your regularly scheduled blog entry... I finally installed Windows XP on this computer. SO much better than Windows Me. What a piece of crap that was. XP is much prettier and much more functional. Yay XP!

    Just watched the trailer for "Finding Neverland" and it looks excellent. Can't wait to see that one! Though it's so funny to hear Johnny Depp speaking with a Scottish accent.

    I'm sorry. I can't think of anything intelligent or significant to blog about. My brain has taken its day off a little early, apparently. Ah well.

    Okay... off to enjoy more of the Olympics and stop boring everyone here. Toodles! smile

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    going for the gold

    DUDE. Paul Hamm!!! That was amazing! I still can't believe it. Damn. That was amazing! Anyways. Had to share my excitement and joy at that. very happy

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    olympic obsessions

    No more Jimmy Roberts Olympic "moments" please! I cannot take anymore. The guy just drives me up the wall. Along with the phenomenally stupid Al Trautwig who won't shut up during gymnastics. Seriously. Tim Daggett needs to just gag him and throw him in a broom closet. Pretty please, Tim!

    Anyways, for those of you not watching the Olympics (yes, just you, Rae wink) that probably made no sense. Sorry! I'm just completely obsessed, as I always am when the Olympics roll around. Susan and I are in love with Michael Phelps. I know a lot of people love Ian Thorpe, but despite the cute accent, he doesn't do anything for me. He strikes me as rather egotistical, whereas I find Michael Phelps to be very humble and respectful towards his fellow swimmers. Maybe it's just me, but that's the impression I've got.

    And in more important non-Olympics related news...

    Shasta shares her birthday wishes for Susie Q as well

    Also, muchas gracias to everyone who left birthday wishes and comments for me. They are very much appreciated! hug

    Ummm... what else. Tina and the kids are coming down again tomorrow so we can all head over to The Tech Museum. I took the day off work so it should be much fun. Hopefully they'll be spending the night so Layla and I can have a fun filled sleepover. cheerful

    Okay... gymnastics are back on so I shall go concentrate on watching that. And laugh at Rae and Susan fighting over me (don't ask... misunderstood comments on AIM lead to hilarity). I think Susan won out... something about throwing David Thewlis at Rae. wink Toodles! wave

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    another year older

    Another birthday almost over! party Had a lovely day here at home. Tina & Mike came down with the kids because today was also Kimmie & Ryan's (aka the twins) 6th birthday. We spent the day swimming in the pool and playing in the Astro Jump that Bryan brought home (he works for them, so he was able to get it for free). The kids had a BLAST. Ryan actually thought the Astro Jump was a present for them to take home. wink Thankfully he got over that when he saw all the toys he did receive as presents.

    I'm so sunburned right now... ouch. ouch That's what I get for spending so much time in the pool and not putting on sunblock. Sigh. Anyways.

    Muchas gracias to everyone who sent me birthday wishes today, including Tlace, Little Willow, Kristina, Freddi, Connie, Sasha, and Kacie. And of course to Rae and Susan for their fun filled phone calls. Love you all! hug

    Haven't been up to much else in the past week or two besides working and fixing up my room. The walls are painted, the carpet is gone (I love my shiny hardwood floors!) and the new baseboards are on. All my furniture and such is back in the room and I've got my framed posters back up on the walls. Just a few more things to put on the walls and I'll be completely done. Whee!

    In other news, it's Olympics olympics time!! hyper Did I mention that I LOVE the Olympics? Seriously. I'm a freak. I'm sure everyone at work will be so annoyed that I leave the TV on NBC throughout the day just so I can check on it now and again. Swimming and gymnastics are my true loves, but I'll watch pretty much anything. I just got a new cell phone and my new ring tone is... you guessed it - the Olympics Fanfare. I know I'm weird. Just go with it.

    Okay... tired and sunburned, so I'm off to relax and watch the rest of the Olympics broadcast for tonight. Thanks again to everyone who sent birthday wishes! smooch

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