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maybe tomorrow

Woot woot! Susan is here! She arrived yesterday around noon in San Francisco and so far we've been having a great time together. We had lunch at Le Boulanger (Susan had to have her sourdough bread) and then visited the library where I work. After that, I gave her a quick tour of the new library downtown and we stopped off at Ben & Jerry's for some yummy ice cream. Came home, had a delicious dinner made by Mom, then headed off to see "13 Going on 30" - super super cute. We both loved the movie and thought Jennifer Garner & Mark Ruffalo were both wonderful.

Not sure what we're doing today - we might go to Capitola and/or Santa Cruz or just hang out around town, depending on how tired we are. I also need to pack for the LA trip (we leave for that tomorrow morning).

Shasta is thrilled to have Susan here - she's been trying to lick her non-stop and even had to get up on her bed with her this morning.

Okay... off I go... I'll try to blog while we're in SoCal! Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend. smile

Edited two seconds later to say...
I can't believe I forgot this! Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who left comments on the new layout. I truly appreciate it! I wanted to link everyone individually, but unfortunately I've got to run. Just needed to say thanks though! grouphug

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tact is just not saying true stuff

Sooooo... new layout. Woot woot. It's very purple, isn't it? But as Little Willow says "there's never too much purple," so I'm embracing it. Hopefully everyone else will as well. I was very attached to the Eowyn layout, but it had been up since September, so it was definitely time for a change. And I've had Cordy on my mind quite a bit lately, so this is what comes of it. Feedback is welcome & appreciated!

In other news, this domain has been moved yet again. This time to Sasha's Sasha is the coolest. In case you were not aware of that yet, you just needed to know. Also, so that the rest of you don't have the same troubles Rae, Susan and I had, please please read and follow the advice in Sasha's post about PHP located here. If your pages have addresses that look like index.php?x=about.html, this post is EXTREMELY necessary for you to read.

ONE WEEK until Susan arrives. I'm SO excited. Seriously, people. I really need this vacation & getting two weeks off work to spend traveling around California with Susan? You can't beat that. I spent this evening printing out the maps & directions for our various trips, including the BtVS locations tour we plan to take while in L.A. Since we had the crappy experience on the group tour last February, we decided to make our own. Fun fun fun.

Okay folks. This wasn't a very thrilling entry, but I must crash. So very tired & unfortunately, I'm working tomorrow. Joy! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! smile

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bobbing along in my barrel

TV networks suck. I fear that next year, the only TV show I'll truly truly care about is Alias. I was loving Wonderfalls - now it's gone. Angel is having its best season since Season 1 - it'll be gone at the end of this season. Grr. Argh. Much evilness.

EKT news:

We FINALLY got the part for Bryan's truck today. So tomorrow he & Dad will put it into the car & I'll finally be able to live in peace. Wheeeeee.

On Saturday, I spent 3 of my work hours at the local Farmer's Market with our branch manager, Debbie, giving out library cards & wearing this hat. You would have laughed. I looked silly, but had a really fun time.

Saw "Jersey Girl" on Saturday. Enjoyed it. Lovely movie. Saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" last Tuesday. Adored it. Just a beautiful movie.

Two and a half weeks till Susan arrives. Wheee! Cannot wait. We are going to have so much fun. Half the trip plans are in the calendar to the left.

Tomorrow Dawn & Daphne will celebrate their birthdays. Dawn will be 11, and Daphne will be 2. However, I don't think Dawn will allow me to make her wear a silly hat as Shasta did on her birthday. Daphne could care less. But they will love the tuna they get for dinner.

Jon Stewart is cute and funny. I adore him.

I should update my sites. But I'm having too much fun procrastinating these days.

Okies. I'm boring. I'm well aware. But I'm tired! Sorry folks. I'm off to watch the rest of The Daily Show. Toodles!

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