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So if you're seeing this entry, that means this domain transferred to the new server. Whee! if this is the case. Not sure how long it's going to take... it's usually anywhere from 24-48 hours (possibly more for some people). So yeah. I've finally moved to the server where,, and are. Just got tired of Nexpoint's crappy customer support, not to mention the fact that they managed to screw up the database somehow and I lost all the members for the Entertainment Weekly fanlisting. Boo hiss. Though at least it wasn't the 7000 members for Patronus that were lost! That would have sucked.

So anyways. Sorry about the not-blogging thing. I know I'm a crappy blogger (btw, you all should know this by now from my track record! wink), but I swear it's because I was super busy. Busy working on the new layouts at Much Ado About BtVS, Flights of Angel & Orbiting Lights. Also, I've been insanely obsessed with making icons lately, so Iconographic has been getting loads of updates. Fun fun.

I'm phenomenally excited because Susan bought her plane tickets on Saturday so she's flying out here on April 23rd and staying until May 6th. Whooooo! We are going to have LOADS of fun. Must plan our itinerary and see what we have the money for - we're definitely going to LA to hang out and visit the folks down there. Hopefully we'll also be able to go to Disneyland and Las Vegas on the way back here. We'll see. So much to do! And of course, lots of day trips here and there around NorCal. If the weather remains as nice as it is now, we'll be doing some beach trips. *Fingers crossed* (and toes, too Little Willow!)

Speaking of the weather... at least it's cooling down a little bit. It was getting way too warm for a while - I mean, it's only March! Jeez. I would go swimming, but the pool is freezing and there's no way we're turning the heater on this early in the year.

In annoying news, my brother's truck broke down a couple weeks ago, and as luck would have it, the part needed to repair it had to be special ordered and STILL hasn't arrived. We're hoping it's here by the end of the week, but it's not looking likely. So that means Bryan has been borrowing my car all the time. And getting him to give me money for the gas he's using is like pulling teeth. He has this delusion that we're all obligated to take care of him because his truck broke down. I mean, I feel bad he doesn't have transportation, but I have to get to work, etc so I can't loan it to him all the time. Last night, just as I was going to bed at 12:30am, he calls me from his girlfriend Rachel's house to beg me to pick him up and bring him home. And when I refused, he got pissed off. Why is it he can't call me earlier? I would have picked him up if he had called before 12am, but he knew I had to be up at 8am today. Apparently he got a ride home with his friend Sam later on, because he was here this morning. Whatever. Enough ranting about the pest. smile

I swear I had other things I wanted to blog about, but I've forgotten all of them. So hopefully I'll remember in the next few days. We shall see! I'm off to do some laundry and such. Toodles!

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