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watch. and mock. and laugh.

DUDE. (Pardon the "dude" please... I'm just a weirdo, I know. Just can't help it.) I was checking out the pretty pictures for Angel's 100th episode on Comics Continuum and I spotted an article stating that a director's cut DVD of "Daredevil" is in the works. Since reading that, Susan and I have been laughing like crazy and planning a fun night of suffering through an even longer version of that AWFUL movie (but it holds a special place in our hearts, thanks to the super crappy dialogue and general badness). Trust me, it will be MUCH fun. big grin

So what have I been up to, you ask? (Or maybe you don't... whatever... I'm telling you anyways.) Drove down to SoCal last Friday to visit Little Willow and had a wonderful time hanging with her and the kitties (who were both very friendly and generous enough to share their space with me). I also got to visit with Leanna on Saturday and go out to dinner with her, Little Willow, and Leanna's boyfriend Michael to the Cheesecake Factory (yummmmmmmmmmmmm). And Sunday, Little Willow and I managed to catch "Operation Petticoat" and "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" as part of TCM's Cary Grant birthday marathon. VERY cool. You can never go wrong with Cary Grant. So all in all, a very lovely weekend. Little Willow rocks. Just so ya'all know. wink

So new Angel last night. I wasn't thrilled by it. The dream sequences were fairly fun, but the Spike stuff just annoyed me. (Though how freaking hot was Christian Kane? Daaaaaaamn. Still annoyed at the possibility of my Lindsey being all evil though.) Seriously, I find Spike funny sometimes, but most of the time, he just irks so much. Especially with all this champion storyline. It's driving me up the wall, because Spike is NOT a champion. But whatever. At least I have Christian and Alexis to drool over. Though I miss Alexis' stubble. Ah well. Can't have everything, can I? I did LOVE last week's episode though. So much fun. Mercedes was awesome and the episode kept me laughing.

Alrighty... I think that's it for rambling. Just the Friday Five and then I'm off.

At this moment, what is your favorite...

1. Dido - "Life for Rent" or Annie Lennox - "Into the West"

2. Apricot roll

3. show? Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though if we're strictly talking shows still on the air, then Alias)

4. ...scent? Oranges from our tree

5. ...quote? "I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil." ~Gandalf, The Return of the King

Later gators! alligator

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weevil! weevil!

So, of course my fellow Alias fans know that this post will contain spoilers for tonight's episode. But for the sake of those poor unfortunate folk who haven't yet seen the episode, the link for my random thoughts on the episode is at the bottom of the post. No spoilers here. I am a good girl. wink

My weekend has been fairly uneventful. Yesterday I did... ummmm... nothing, actually. I worked on a few sites and cleaned around the house. I lead the exciting life. Oh yeah. Today I went to Vacaville to visit with my cousins (yup, those cousins). 'Twas quite fun. I brought my LotR Trivial Pursuit game, and Eric and I beat my Dad and Layla. Go us! Got back home around 7pm and watched 60 Minutes, Charmed and Alias. I think I should watch less TV, but I really can't seem to care enough to do other things. I mean, really. It's not like I'm going to go out and party on a Sunday night like my crazy brother.

Watching Animal Precinct. I always have mixed emotions while I watch this show. I love seeing what the officers, vets and others do to help the animals. But I'm also sickened and horrified by those people that neglect and abuse their pets. Why why why do these people insist on having pets? They shouldn't be allowed anywhere near animals. But again, the officers give me hope. That's why I watch this show. To know there are others out there who care and try to help.

Anyways... I should go and get ready for bed. Want to read before sleeping. Sleep=gooooood. But for the Alias folks, click below for my quick thoughts! smile

HA! She's EVIL! Of course, I freaking knew it. I've been saying it from Day One. When Rae wasn't sure, I insisted that she was. And she so totally is. Can I just say how extremely thrilled that makes me? Wheeeeee!

In other Alias news, WTF is wrong with Vaughn? Two years was bad enough, but not even nine months?!?!?! Bastard. Let's just hope he was under the evil power of Lauren or something. Grr. Argh.

Sark is hot. But I want to know what the heck is up with him. More Sark background, please, JJ!

I never thought I'd be that happy to see Kendall again. Odd, huh? But I loved him in tonight's episode.

Hehehehe. I love Marshall. He always makes me laugh.

All in all, a very enjoyable and revealing episode. Woot woot. I am a happy Alias fangirl.

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pimping... tarina style

So Tarina has asked me to pimp her LiveJournal. Tarina Tarina Tarina Tarina.


Fun fun. Everyone go give her love 'cause Tarina rocks.

New Year's was fun... went out to dinner and then just hung out at Jeffy's with Karen & Leanna, playing games and watching movies (Down with Love - shush, Rae! - and Ever After). We had a really good time together. I think it's pretty much the only time of the year we all get together. Everyone has been various places during the summer for the past few years, so New Year's is the only time we can all find the time to meet together. Always a good thing. Next year we hope to go to Disneyland if we can all afford it. Here's hoping I manage to save this year! (Though it's not looking likely yet as I'm already dreaming of a DVD recorder and LCD monitor... must resist!)

I saw RotK over the weekend for my 3rd time. It still rocks and is still the best movie of the year (make that the best movie in many, many, many years). I'm hoping to see it 6 times in the theatre so I can beat my 5 time record for "Finding Nemo" (which I adored, but didn't actually mean to see that many times in the theatre... it just kind of happened).

Oh... for those of you who haven't noticed yet, Restless Innocence has a new layout. It was posted on January 1, but since then I've been too busy (and a bit lazy too) to bother blogging about it here. I'm a weirdo... what can I say?

Alrighty, I should be heading off... long day of work ahead manana. Fun fun. Later gators! wave

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