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you know you want it...

Yup. Newness! I couldn't resist. Made this almost a month ago, but managed to hold off to post it because I couldn't bear to part with "Finding Nemo" just yet. Hope all like!

So my first week alone with my brother has been rather crappy. Not horrible, but not good either. He's just a total pain and can't ever stick to his promises or respect what other people think and feel. Sigh sigh. But at least it's the weekend and I'll be spending it with friends. Lunch and a movie with Karen tomorrow, and Sunday is the Alias premiere... which means Lucy & Kathy are coming over for dinner and to watch the show. Woot! Cannot wait.

EKT: I received the soundtrack for "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the mail the other day, from someone named Stephanie... so Stephanie, if you're reading this I just wanted to say "Thank you!" It was very kind of you and completely unexpected. Let me know what your e-mail address is, so I can thank you properly, since Amazon didn't include it. smile

Alrighties... this was a short one, but I'm sleepy and I need to get up early tomorrow to walk Shasta before Karen comes by. Night all!

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sunday, sunday, sunday

Hey! It's been 4 days since my last post. Go me! I promise to try to keep it up. Though I can't guarantee anything, as I'm going to be extremely busy starting tomorrow. Mom & Dad are leaving for Michigan and they'll be gone for the next 4 weeks. Which means it's just Bryan and I at home. Which means I'll be doing most of the cooking, cleaning, and caring for the cats & Shasta. Surprise, surprise, right? Whatever. As long as he behaves and we don't have a repeat of the 4th of July weekend.

Moving on, to answer Des's question from the comments: I'm not sure who started the Magical Mood Icon thing... I picked it up from Susan who picked it up from Jenn. And I know Angie had icons up for a while, though she didn't call them Magical Mood Icons. Basically, it's just the usage of those nifty LiveJournal icons on a blog. And since I'm addicted to making them, it works well for me. wink Speaking of which: Yes, I'm insane.

Getting tired, so I should get ready for bed. But first, even though it's not quite Sunday anymore, I'm still doing Seven on Sunday. And yes, I cheated a little. I changed #4 from "Did" to "It's." I suck, but whatever.

Lyric association
1. I'm wide awake, I'm wide awake, wide awake / I'm not sleeping (U2 - Bad)
2. If I can just hold on tonight (Azure Ray - Displaced)
3. Sometimes I feel you're not listening (Amy Studt - Just a Little Girl)
4. It's not going to stop / 'til you wise up (Aimee Mann - Wise Up)
5. Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions (Coldplay - The Scientist)
6. And the vision that was planted in my brain / still remains (Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence)
7. So, so you think you can tell / heaven from hell (Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here)

Night all!

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it's about damn time!

I'm not dead or ill (just in case any of you were wondering wink), I just suck. Not much else I can say... just been super busy since my return from NY in August and I haven't been in a blogging mood, I guess. Sorry about that folks. smile I'll try to blog more often from now on. It might happen, right?

So, anyways... the remainder of my vacation in NY with Rae was lovely. Monday (August 18th, aka Susan's birthday) was "The Daily Show" and a trip to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island with Michele (who, btw, is an awesome chica). Loads of fun and Jon Stewart was, of course, very hilarious. On Tuesday (August 19th), we were able to see "Gypsy" and it was absolutely wonderful. Bernadette Peters is AMAZING. See how close Rae got to her while getting our autographs? Just another reason Rae rocks. We also had a great time at the Museum of Natural History. The Hayden Sphere is so lovely! Oh... and I also had my first cannoli that evening... Karen took us to Ferrara's in Little Italy for dessert after "Gypsy" and upon the insistence of Karen and Carol, I had a cannoli and loved it. Very yummy! (Rae, however, doesn't like them).

Made it safely home on Thursday (August 21st), despite the insanity at JFK. I'm definitely flying into LaGuardia or Islip in the future... JFK is a madhouse. Went back to work a few days later and have since been a busy busy bee. Haven't done anything really exciting since getting home, though I did visit my aunt & the kids this past weekend for Eric & Layla's birthdays, and Layla's horse competition (she placed 4th in 2 of the 3 competitions, which was excellent, especially since one of the competitions had about 10-15 other folks competing and she's one of the youngest). Very fun... love spending time with them.

Hmmm... what else can I babble about? Work has sucked for the past 2 days. Our evil computer system is having MAJOR issues ever since IT did an update on Tuesday morning. Joy. It will come up fine, then freeze after 5-10 minutes. Very very evil. And, of course, IT hasn't done anything to fix it. Yeah, they suck. It's almost impossible to get them to come out to the branch to fix things. Sigh sigh.

Alright. I have nothing else of significance to say (at least not that I can remember right now). And I really need to work on site updates so that I can get the sites updated over the weekend. Toodles!

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