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fun on the east coast

Hey hey folks! Back in NY with Rae. We arrived here late Wednesday night after a whirlwind trip of fun in Cleveland and Chicago. Had a blast with Susan in Chicago seeing the sights and inventing the Frickin' Chicken Brigade and various other bits of fun. Susan has a full rundown of our activities at her blog (I won't bother to repeat as I'm too tired to type it all wink) so check it out there if you're interested.

Yesterday was my birthday, but because of our crazy trip Rae and I were both exhausted and ended up just hanging out here. We were planning to have a movie fest, but thanks to the east coast blackout, we ended up sitting in Karen's room (Karen is Rae's mom) listening to her tell stories of her escapades in her youth. VERY funny stuff. I think we were in there for almost 3-4 hours, and it didn't feel like that long at all, so that should tell you how fun her stories were.

We have tickets to see "Gypsy" tonight in the city, but because of blackout insanity Broadway is closed, so we're trying to switch the tickets to Tuesday night instead. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Monday is "The Daily Show" taping... Rae and I are holding out hope that we'll get Senator Hillary Clinton because she was scheduled to be on yesterday, but obviously that taping didn't happen thanks to the blackout.

Oh! Before I run off to watch movies and play videogames with Rae, just a notice about my e-mail: apparently I got so much e-mail while we were in Chicago (despite having my mailing lists on no mail) that my e-mail box was filled to the max and started bouncing messages. So I had to have my parents download the e-mail to my computer at home to clear it and I won't be able to read anything from Thursday through Wednesday until I get home on the 21st. So if it was something important, feel free to resend it as I can now use Rae's computer (obviously). Otherwise, I'll read it and reply when I'm back in CA. That's it from me... hope everyone else is enjoying August! smile

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I'm so sleepy. Just finished updating almost all of my fanlistings so that everything is set before I leave for NY on Thursday. Whoo! One more day! Today was my last day at work before vacation and I was so happy to leave tonight. I need a break from the library. It's driving me batty. We're so swamped with work because of the new system and I'm just hoping it's working more smoothly when I return there on the 25th. We shall see!

So the Chicago portion of my trip is completely planned. Rae and I will be staying in Chicago from the 9th through the 13th, and Susan and I spent last night making up our day plans for the time in Chicago. Got it all set! We even have time to go to Wizard World, though we're missing Sean Astin by a day. Grrrrrrrr. Evilness! Anyone else attending WW we can meet up with?

In site news I opened the fanlisting for actress Felicia Day (she played Vi on this past BtVS season, and she's also the actress in Diet Coke's "Casablanca" commercials). And I'm now co-running the Common Rotation fanlisting with Rebecca. Woot woot. I'm insane, I know. wink

Okay, peoples. I must crash. Lots and lots to do tomorrow in terms of packing and getting ready, so I need sleep. Night!

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