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look at the newness!

Hey hey... look at that! It's a brand new layout! Woot woot. Hope all enjoy it... I just couldn't resist. "Finding Nemo" ROCKS. Love that movie. Thanks to Susan, Thomas, and Tarina for the feedback.

On a happy note, I haven't opened any new sites since I last posted. That's a good thing. 'Cause I really need to slow down before I go insane. Actually... I'm not sure if I mentioned that Thomas and I opened the V.I.P., a fanlisting for the awesome Kacie. Hmmm... I don't think I did. But we did it a week or two ago. So I'm still on a good path.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is AMAZING. I finished it at about 2am on Monday night. I didn't have much time to read over the weekend with the kids here, so most of my reading was done after work on Monday. The Midnight Madness event wizard at Barnes & Noble was fun but completely INSANE. We got to B&N at about 7pm on Friday to get in line to get our "tickets" (actually a letter and colored dot which would determine when we'd get into line after midnight) and had to wait there for about an hour and a half. When we finally got into the store, we wandered around a bit to see what was going on. The only events we spotted were storytime (in which the final chapter of Goblet of Fire was being read in a "British" accent by someone who couldn't actually speak in a British accent) and an area where kids could get their picture taken with a cardboard cut-out of Harry on the OotP cover. Eric and Layla didn't really want to get a picture (it was too "dorky" for them), but I forced them into line so I could keep the picture for me. I'm such a mean cousin. wink Ah well... we all laughed at it later... they looked cute with their free Harry glasses on. After that, we headed home since we didn't really want to stay at the store until after midnight. I made malts and popcorn, we watched "Chosen" (they love BtVS) and left to go back to B&N around 10:30pm. Once back there, we grabbed some books, found a place to sit and read until midnight. We had luckily obtained a letter B for our line, so we got to be the second group to line-up after midnight. However, by this point we were all incredibly tired and the store was PACKED crowded, so getting into line was a hassle thanks to rude mothers. But we made it, got a copy of the book (Eric's... I ordered mine from Amazon) and went home tired. Layla crashed immediately (she slept a little while we were waiting at the store as well), while Eric and I read the first chapter of the book and then went to bed in exhaustion.

Saturday was Great America, which was packed, but still loads of fun. We stayed for about 5 hours, but went home earlier than we had planned because all 4 of us were incredibly tired from the day before. Hung out reading a bit more of OotP and watching "A Fish Called Wanda" for the rest of the evening. Sunday was Bryan's birthday so we saw "Hulk" (Bryan and Eric liked, I did not... booooooooring and not at all a good movie. bored Layla didn't dislike it, but wasn't thrilled with it either.) and went to dinner. Bryan then went out with his friends, while Eric and I watched "Empire Strikes Back" (Layla watched Legally Blonde instead), read a couple more chapters of OotP and then crashed. Monday was a return to my usual week of work... joy of joys.

Yeah, that ended up being much longer than I planned... wasn't going to go into detail about the B&N event, but it just kind of happened. It's so freaking hot here. hot Thank goodness the pool is fit for swimming. Though we're having it completely re-done in July, so what the heck am I going to do then? Ah well.

La la la. Okay... should crash... re-reading OotP (no, I am NOT insane... just obsessed harrypotter). Toodle doodles!

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and the fun just keeps on coming...

That's it. I need to be locked up. Seriously. I can't seem to stop making sites and/or layouts. I redid the layout for Whispering Walls (the Harry Potter blog Susan and I co-own) this afternoon (btw, if anyone is interested in joining us, e-mail us and tell us something about yourself and why you're such a huge HP fan).

And Susan and I just opened a webring for fans of BtVS Season 7, Full Circle. See what I'm saying? Insane! Oh... and I did a new layout for this blog, but I won't be posting till this weekend or early next week. 'Cause I'm evil like that.

In other news, I cannot WAIT to get my hands on Order of the Phoenix. I am completely spoiler free. Go me! Of course, I probably won't be able to actually read much of it till Sunday night or Monday afternoon, as Eric and Layla are visiting this weekend so we can go the Midnight Magic Party at Barnes & Noble tomorrow. But we're also going to Great America on Saturday, so that'll keep us busy all day. And Sunday is Bryan's birthday, so I know that day will be filled with activities as well. Poor me. How will I hold out? I'm sure once I start it, I won't be able to put the book down.

Hmmmmmm. I missed yet another Seven on Sunday. So screw it, I'm doing it now. If I ever do one on a Sunday, I'd like a medal or possibly a money reward of some kind, okay peoples?

1. What was the last album you purchased? What did you think of it? I bought used copies of Sarah McLachlan's Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff and Duncan Sheik's Phantom Moon on Monday from Streetlight. Both are lovely.

2. Is there one album in your collection that even you can't believe you own? If so, why did you buy it? I'm not quite sure why I ever bought Britney Spears' first album... I don't think I've listened to it more than once. But it's actually gone now... I traded it in with a bunch of other CDs at Streetlight on Monday.

3. What new/fairly new song are you currently loving? Ever since the Tony Awards I've been in love with Brian Stokes Mitchell singing "Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha. So beautiful. And for months I've been obsessed with Coldplay's "The Scientist" (okay, anything by Coldplay is amazing).

4. Found a song you love and it's the only one you know by that artist... Do you buy the whole CD and hope some of it's as good as the one, or download the one and forget the rest? It truly depends. If it's an artist I don't regularly listen to, or just a random song I've decided I like, I'll just download. But if it's an artist who I've heard before or others have recommended, I'll probably buy the album.

5. Are there any songs you can listen to over and over again and just not get sick of? Lots and lots. U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and The Beatles' "Hey Jude" are still my all-time favorite songs and I'll never tire of them.

6. Any songs you wouldn't mind never ever hearing again? Anything by Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, and/or Celine Dion. Gag me. Seriously.

7. Where do you like to listen to your music? Anywhere I can. I always have a CD with me in the car, in case there's nothing good on the radio. While at the computer I frequently listen to CDs or mp3s. If I'm working in the living room or kitchen, I love to blast the music out.

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yeah, yeah

La la la. Thomas is bugging me for bloggage and Susan keeps making snarky remarks about my long breaks between posts, so here I am. Whoo! I know you're all thrilled, right?

Anyways... gracias to everyone for the lovely and kind comments regarding the new Restless Innocence layout. Glad everyone seemed to like it! smile

I've been working my booty off on fanlistings for the past week or so. Susan and I were lucky enough to get the "Chosen" fanlisting, which still shocks me. I was truly preparing myself for disappointment because I knew how many people would want it, but somehow (and I have NO idea how, but I'm happy nonetheless!) we managed to get it. Yay! So we opened that on Sunday.

And then I proceeded to update almost all my fanlistings ('cause a few didn't need it)... and install Flinx at Restless Innocence and PHPFanBase at Who Knew and Patronus. (which is going to take forever to convert, since we have 1312 members. aaaaaaaaaah!) Oh! And muchas gracias to Summer for her help in getting those working.

So yeah, basically, I'm insane. And also very, very tired. Hmmmmm... need to find time for more sleep. And more time to read. I really haven't been reading much lately and that bugs me. Ah well. I'm sure I'll be reading non-stop when Book 5 finally arrives. Yay!

Okay... I know this is late, but it's a fun one, so I'm doing it now anyways. smile Seven on Sunday!

1. What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?
In the theaters - Finding Nemo, which I adored. Wonderful, wonderful movie, which I HIGHLY recommend. At home - The Recruit. Decent. Not good, not bad, just decent. Colin, however, is still extremely hot. Mmmmm.

2. What summer releases are you looking forward to?
Legally Blonde 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean for the summer. But I'm REALLY looking forward to Return of the King in December. I can't wait!

3. Are there any movies that you just do not get the hype over?
Shrek is the first one that comes to mind. I didn't hate it, but it really didn't do much for me. Eddie Murphy was funny, but other than that, eh.

4. Name a great movie that you don't think has gotten enough hype.
Dark City. Brilliant, brilliant movie. Everyone should see it.

5. What movie genre do you usually enjoy most?
I'm most definitely a sci-fi/fantasy girl. I also enjoy some romantic comedies and dramas. And I'm a huge fan of old movies.

6. Are there any movies that you know are really stupid, but you loved anyway?
Actually, not really. Maybe some folks would consider some of the movies I love to be stupid, but looking through my collection of DVDs, etc, I don't see anything I consider stupid.

7. What's the next movie you plan on seeing?
Dad wants to see Winged Migration for Father's Day, so probably that, unless Mom and I convince him to see something else. wink

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the world's worst blogger

I'm still alive! I swear! Only extremely tired. So this will probably be short 'cause I seriously need to crash. Still working on my "Chosen" review. I'm having a really hard time writing it because it's nearly impossible to describe everything I loved about this amazing episode. So someday I'll get it done. Hopefully soon!

In other news... I'm now obsessed with "Trading Spaces," thanks to Tarina. I watched much of the Memorial Day marathon and then spent the next day at work talking non-stop about it... poor Lucy had to hear all about TS (though she didn't seem to mind TOO much, so that was good). Anyways... it's an extremely fun and entertaining show. Laurie and Genevieve are my favorite designers. They just do gorgeous stuff. And Ty! Did I mention Ty? Yummmmmmm.

Moving on... ummm... I'm so tired I can't even think straight right now... so I think I should just wrap this up quickly by saying I opened a new site: Fearless, a fanlisting for the ever-awesome Susan.

And there's a brand new X-Files themed layout up at Restless Innocence. Let me know what you think via the comment box here or in Restless Innocence's guestbook.

Okies... now I'm crashing. Night all!

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