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and in the end...

No spoilers here. Just my semi-coherent thoughts before I crash in emotional and physical exhaustion. Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended beautifully. I could not have hoped for a more fitting or perfect end. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. I was not disappointed in any way. Thank you to Joss and to the cast and crew for everything you have given me. I am forever grateful for the joy and happiness this show has brought me. And thank you to every single friend I have made just because I started watching a show called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in 1997. Most of all, thank you Susan. There is no one else I would have rather talked to tonight than you. grouphug

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EMERGENCY: Does anyone know how to code for a layout template in PHP with register globals turned off? I use PHP on and for the layouts, but I'm so not a PHP expert and have no clue how to fix this... and register globals were just turned off for and so Rae and I are desparate for help so we can get the sites working again. Pretty please! With sugar on top!

EDITED to say: Jeff is the coolest person around. He is also completely brilliant and much smarter than Rae and I. Thank you, Jeff!! hug

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i am boring

I have an inability to blog. It's really quite pathetic... I just can't seem to motivate myself to get over here to write. La la la. So, was everyone frightened away by the insane comments on the last entry? That's Rae and Tarina for you! wink

I went to the world's most boring training session on Friday... okay maybe not the MOST boring, but it was certainly extremely dull. Four hours of sitting around listening to people tell me how to work a program I could have figured out in less than an hour. (The library system I work for is switching the software we use so we all have to be trained on the new software before July. Snore.) Maybe the session would have been better if the people training us had actually known the ins and outs of the program, but they seemed to only know the basic bits that they were told, so I wasn't getting any quality tidbits. Really quite sad. That's my library though!

Saw "The Matrix Reloaded" on Saturday. Unlike many others (at least from what I've read so far), I actually enjoyed it. Not nearly as much as I enjoyed the original, but the original was phenomenal, so it's kind of hard to come that close. But Reloaded was fun with more awesome fights and stunt sequences (with the exception of the Neo vs. hundreds of Agent Smiths which used WAY too much computer animation). The ending was just "HUH?!?!?!" and I'll definitely need to read a transcript to wrap my brain around all that info we had thrown at us, but all in all, I had a great time. So the movie has my recommendation!

And I know you're all going "Hey! Where's all the Buffy chatter?" It's coming! It's coming! My quickie reviews of the last three episodes since I didn't get a chance to post them last time:

"Empty Places" - ARGH. This episode left me cranky. Just ask Susan. I was crabby all night after that episode. Rona needs to DIE. And what was up with Anya's little rant during the group insanity at the end? Buffy hasn't "earned" it? Oh please. The girl has died TWICE saving the world. And not only that, she didn't ASK to be who she is and have the powers she does. But she accepts her situation. Anya should too. Anyways... most of the episode was decent, but the group scene at the end was just anger-inducing. I loved that Buffy just passed the leadership to Faith afterwards. Made me very proud of her. The Willow/Xander scene at the hospital early in the episode was lovely. Made me cry. OH! And Clem! I love Clem! And Kacie, I immediately thought of you when I saw his car. Hehehehehe. Rating: 7/10

"Touched" - HA. Buffy was right! And Spike was tolerable! Whoo! Actually, Spike had a lot of nice and insightful things to say. If only I liked his character better overall. Bah. Oh well. Couldn't believe Willow's excuses for why Buffy was gone. That was just wrong and I was thrilled to see Spike call her on it. I also loved that Buffy and Spike just held each other. 'Cause I don't want anything more between them. It was beautifully done and I'm glad it didn't go any further... unlike the rest of the gang... Willow/Kennedy... SO blah. No chemistry at all. Kennedy is just a twerp and doesn't come close to Tara. I miss Tara. rown And Faith/Wood? Oooooookay. Not my thing, as witnessed by this. Anya/Xander was just funny, but seemed out of place since they already had their "one more time." Whatever. Scythe=PRETTY. Yay Buffy! Rating: 9/10

"End of Days" - This really didn't feel like a second to last episode. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed it. It was a decent episode. But it didn't feel like we only have one more left (btw, I'm still in denial of this despite the fact that I only have about TWO full days left... and now I'm getting all teary again... just mention Buffy to me and that happens). The Xander/Buffy scene was just lovely. But I still want closure for the core four. I hope we get it. The Buffy/Faith scene was also perfect and just what I wanted between them. The Guardian was just... interesting. And Angel! B/A smoochies! Yay! Not that I'm a fanatical B/A 'shipper, but man, that just makes me happy. Rating: 8/10

So, there ya go. Jenah asked and she received!

Btw, I'm still completely spoiler free for the finale. And I plan to remain so! I won't be checking my e-mail from now until late Tuesday night in order to avoid having it ruined. And I'm almost done with my BtVS marathon. Can you believe I did it? I can't. Working on "Dirty Girls" right now and tomorrow I'll finish up with "Empty Places," "Touched," and "End of Days." And come Tuesday (which I took off from work, along with Wednesday... those of you who aren't BtVS fans, don't laugh... you just don't know how much it means) I'll probably watch my top five while spending the day freaking out. And at 8pm, I'll sit down and watch my last new hour of BtVS and hopefully be left with the same satisfaction I get everytime I finish reading Return of the King. But no matter what, I know I'll be crying my heart out at 9pm and then I'll call Susan and take comfort in talking with her and remembering how much this show has brought me. More than anything else, BtVS has brought me friends. And there's nothing more important than that. So if that doesn't tell the non-Buffy folks what the show means to me, I don't know what else would.

Okay. I must stop rambling and crying... need to get to bed... so to end on a more pleasant note, here's the Seven on Sunday.

1. Nothing beats the taste of pumpkin pie.
2. I sleep most comfortably on my stomach or back.
3. Three famous people who's hair I wish I had are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Reese Witherspoon
4. Somethings I wear everyday, aside from underwear, are my contacts.
5. I can't leave the house without my purse.
6. The last book I finished reading was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling.
7. When I'm done with this, I'm going to read a bit and go to sleep.

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i miss my yoda dildo

So I'm supposed to be going to bed 'cause I need the sleep, but I think 5 or more people have told me that I need to blog in the past couple days. And Rae said something about pretending to be Yoda in my commenter and talk about us having a love affair. Didn't really want to relive the whole "Love Anna, Yoda does" thing so here I am blogging. And babbling about nonsense! Whoo! Always a fun thing.

And I started this entry about an hour ago. But then stopped to attempt to find the Yoda dildo comments Rae and Tarina left me last summer, but they're gone. I even did a search within Greymatter and came up with nada. I'm so annoyed. The most Rae and I could find was this from Addie's blog: "The point being, I never would've known that Anna owns Star Wars themed sex toys if it weren't for Rae and Tarina. Of course, I would've rather continued on not knowing about them, or the S&M themed room, or her Vader playacting. I just always thought she was this nice, normal person from her blog, but as we can see, blogs can be deceiving, yes?" Oh well. Btw, no, none of this is true. It was just Rae and Tarina having WAY too much fun at my expense. wink

Anyways... so, what have I been doing for the past couple weeks? Not a whole lot. At least not in terms of excitement. 'Cause I don't think work counts as excitement. Saw two movies last week... "X2: X-Men United" and "Bend it Like Beckham." Both of which I adored and highly recommend. X-Men made me wish I had the animated series on DVD. I miss that show.

La la la... what else can I mention? Have been going overboard with website work. New project, various sites to update, new layouts I need to do... it's insane. Still working on my BtVS marathon as well. Just started Season 7 tonight so I know I'll finish before May 20th. Woot woot.

Speaking of BtVS... Rae has a GORGEOUS new Buffy layout up at You must all enjoy the beauty and leave her comments.

And now I should stop rambling... need to do the Seven on Sunday and get to bed.

Seven things you think you do pretty well (Thomas helped 'cause I can't think of this stuff)
Organize, design sites, bake, math, tutor others, dole out advice, listen to others
Six things you can't do at all
Save money, sing well, write, dance, draw, paint
Five songs you heard recently
Give You Back (Vertical Horizon), It's Only Love (Heather Nova), Just Another (Pete Yorn), Without You (The Waifs), The Scientist (Coldplay)
Four favorite/least favorite things about spring/summer
The weather, flowers, my birthday, time off from school
Three celebrities people you'd consider switching sexual preferences for
Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Garner, Eliza Dushku
Two things you want to achieve before the end of this year
Finish character bios and episode quizzes on Much Ado, go to LA to visit Leanna
One famous person you'd like to be for a day
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Oh yeah. And Rae just found this. So I'm not insane. It was at HER blog, not mine. And, btw, though Tarina refuses to admit that SHE is the pervert, not me, here's the proof... from Rae and Tarina's IM conversation upon rediscovering this little gem:

Rae: we are sick
Rae: you realize
Tarina: i'm realizing that right now
Tarina: i can't believe i wrote some of this stuff
Tarina: i'm disturbed
Rae: LOL
Rae: i'm so relieved to know that you were the one who invented anna's yoda dildo

Yeah, we're all a little insane. Night all!

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