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i'm insane

Oy. I should really be asleep. tired But I just felt the need to blog first 'cause it's been so long and this domain is FINALLY back up (okay, it was only a few days, but it seriously seemed like an eternity). Apparently I just can't avoid server problems. According to Nexpoint the server I'm on had a hardware failure and they had to rebuild and restore it. Whatever. I think they must have me on the crappy server as I seem to recall that happening before. And now PHP is all screwed up so the links aren't working... they're supposed to fix that someday... but at least the site is up! spin

Just spent the whole evening (except for the part where I ran off to watch "CSI" in the living room) helping Susan get her new layout at Somewhere in Between up and running. I made it a few weeks ago... she just had to get all the sub-pages fixed up, etc. But now (almost) everything is up... take a gander... leave her comments.

And in between all that helping I've been downloading a ton of mp3s by The Virginia Gentlemen and Tufts Beelzebubs. I happened upon VG's cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" while trying to find Duncan Sheik's cover of the song and fell in love. I'm a freak for a capella groups. What can I say? And then Rae had to go and recommend the Beelzebubs, so that meant more downloading for me (thank goodness for DSL!)... but I'm all happy because they did a version of Guster's "Either Way." Mmmmmmmm... pretty! headphones

Anyways, I'm sure everyone's really excited to learn that about me. La la la. What else to mention... oh! I have two new fanlistings online... because, yes, I am crazy INSANE, as we all know.

Who Knew? - For the amazing Donnie Wahlberg (co-run with Rae)

Covalent - For the friendship and/or romance between Buffy and Robin Wood on BtVS (co-run with Susan)

See? I told you. Me=insane. I also made a new layout for Broken Crayons and invited lots of new members, made a new header graphic for Much Ado, and made new layouts for and And in between that all I actually had a life... but not much else. wink

So I'm sure you're all really thrilled by this super-duper exciting post... I think I should sleep because I'm starting to ramble about things no one really wants to hear about. Plus there's that whole thing about having to get up early in the morning... ewwww. At least it's Friday. Phew. Toodle doodles! goldfish

Oh, and one last thing... huge hug to Zinna and Kacie. All my good thoughts are going to you gals. goodvibes

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buffy fun

Yay yay yay. is back (has been since last Friday, but I'm a lazy blogger). I'm now paying 6 times more than I was before, but thankfully kind visitors have been donating via the site and I've already got a month's worth. Very kind and makes me happy.

Yeah, so this whole entry is pretty much going to be about Buffy. Sorry non-Buffy folks. I can't help it! I only have FIVE MORE WEEKS left. I cannot believe it. I think I've been in denial for the past couple months. Last night it just really hit me. Especially with the awesomeness of "Dirty Girls" (don't read the next paragraph if you didn't get to see the episode, Rae).

Good god, that was so much fun. Okay, not the eye-poking-out part (I screamed "Oh my god! Poor Xander!" at the TV while hiding my eyes behind my shirt). But just the episode in general. God, I love this show. Faith was much fun. Glad to have her there. Loved the scenes between her and Buffy. The tension was fitting, but it was also lovely to see them not kicking each other's asses. Xander's speech was so beautiful... and Andrew crying at the end was PERFECT. A great way to keep the scene moving. As well as Buffy and Faith's cracks at each other. ("Damn! I never knew you were that cool." "Well, you always were a little slow.") Can I just say how much I adore Nathan Fillion? As if he wasn't cool enough as Mal on Firefly. Now he gets to be deliciously evil. Mmmmmmm. Love that boy. Wish he had been at PBP. Back to the episode... Xander's potential sex dream was too funny. And Andrew's Faith story complete with Faith fighting a Vulcan. ONLY from Andrew. ("I thought Faith killed a volcanologist." "Silly, silly Amanda. Why would Faith kill a person who studies Vulcans?") He gets some of the funniest material these days. Lastly, I'm still in shock over poor Xander. My poor boy! But I definitely got a flash of Becoming Part 2 with Willow sitting next to him at the hospital holding his hand. Roles reversed. I can't wait to see what else is in store on the show. Yet, at the same time, I don't want it to come too fast because there's only 4 episodes left. Sigh.

And so, I leave you with this fun Buffy survey I found at Angie's Buffy blog, Phalanx.

10 Favorite Episodes

10. The Gift
9. Prophecy Girl
8. Conversations with Dead People
7. The Body
6. The Wish
5. Becoming
4. Hush
3. Once More, with Feeling
2. Restless
1. Innocence

9 Memorable Lines

9. "And remember, if you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend. Have fun." -Willow, The Initiative

8. "Where the hell have you been? This funnel cake is kicking my ass." -Andrew, Get it Done

7. "No. Yes. It's always sudden." -Tara, The Body

6. "What am I gonna do? I think about sex all the time. Sex! Help! 4 times 5 is 30. 5 times 6 is 32. Naked girls! Naked woman! Naked Buffy! Oh, stop me!" -Xander, Earshot

5. "I walk. I talk. I shop. I sneeze. I'm gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back. There's trees in the desert since you moved out. And I don't sleep on a bed of bones. Now give me back my friends." -Buffy, Restless

4. "The first day of kindergarten, you cried because you broke the yellow crayon, and you were too afraid to tell anyone. You've come pretty far, ending the world - not a terrific notion. But the thing is, yeah, I love you. I love crayon-breaky Willow, and I love scary-veiny Willow. So if I'm going out, it's here. If you want to kill the world... well, then, start with me. I've earned that." -Xander, Grave

3. "World is what it is. We fight. We die. Wishing doesn't change that." -Buffy, The Wish

2. "Bottom line is, even if you see 'em coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are." -Whistler, Becoming Part 1

1. "If the apocalypse comes, beep me." -Buffy, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

8 Songs I Adore featured on BtVS

8. "Universe" by Stretch Princess (The Freshman)
7. "Strong" by Velvet Chain (Never Kill a Boy on the First Date)
6. "The Prayer of St. Francis" by Sarah McLachlan (Grave)
5. "Inconsolable" by Jonatha Brooke (Prophecy Girl)
4. "Blue" by Angie Hart (Conversations with Dead People)
3. "Goodbye to You" by Michelle Branch (Tabula Rasa)
2. Every song in Once More, with Feeling
1. "Full of Grace" by Sarah McLachlan (Becoming 2)

7 Great Plot Twists

7. Principal Wood is a Slayer's son (and Spike killed his mom!)
6. Ben is Glory and Glory is Ben
5. Joyce dies
4. Buffy kills Angel after his soul is restored
3. Faith goes to work for the Mayor
2. Buffy dies to save Dawn and the world
1. Angel becomes Angelus

6 Characters I Love

6. Faith
5. Tara
4. Willow
3. Giles
2. Xander
1. Buffy

5 Wicked Villians

5. Spike/Drusilla
4. Caleb
3. Glory
2. The Mayor
1. Angelus

4 Kick Ass Fights

4. Buffy/Faith in Graduation Day 1
3. End of Graduation Day 2
2. End fight in The Wish
1. Buffy/Angelus in Becoming 2

3 Couples I Ship

3. Buffy/Wood
2. Willow/Tara
1. Buffy/Angel

2 Writers I Worship

2. Doug Petrie
1. Joss Whedon

If Stuck on a Deserted Island With Only One Buffy Season to Watch I'd Choose

Season 3. Though quite partial to Season 7 as well, but I'll have to wait till the end to say for sure.

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finally some sos!

My lord... this has been a busy week. I had a blast over the weekend with the kids. (as always, of course!) Managed to not hit too much traffic on the way there Friday afternoon and arrived in time for my uncle Mike to ask me to pick up Layla from her horseback riding lesson wink (thankfully I was expecting him to ask me that... he always does), but it was okay with me because Eric came along and I was able to see her ride, which is always fun. Mike ordered pizza for dinner and when the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of the pizza, we let Buzzy answer the door (remember he's only four and a half) and he opened the door and began yelling "Pizza man! Pizza man!" But it was a woman delivering the pizza. crack up Thankfully she found him cute and laughed at Buzz as Mike paid her. Tina came home from work and we enjoyed our pizza. Then Eric, Layla and I played a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (Layla and I won) which prompted us to watch "Star Wars" afterwards just so we could make silly comments throughout the movie. But we didn't get to watch the whole movie because we all zonked out by 11pm.

Saturday was spent with Tina and the kids (Mike had to work). We took the kids to see a production of "Alice in Wonderland" tailored for young kids. madhatter The kids (excluding Eric) enjoyed it. My only comment was this: "The costumes were nice." Yeah. That should tell you something. Alice is one of my all-time favorite books. I don't like seeing it chopped up. After the play we went to Barnes and Noble and hung out there for a while. I debated buying the complete Eloise collection, but was able to display some restraint and not go broke (okay, I wouldn't have been broke, but I really need to save dollarsign). Tina bought the kids each a book... Eric insisted on getting a Star Wars language dictionary and then spent the rest of the day speaking like Jar Jar Binks. Yay? No. We all threatened to gag him. Anyways, then we had lunch and I spotted a Cold Stone Creamery and since none of them had ever been there (!!!), I treated everyone to yummy ice cream. icecream Mmmmmmm. I love Cold Stone. The kids weren't quite tired yet, so we took them to the park so they could run around for a bit. Got some cute pictures there (which are down below... I promised pictures! big grin). Went home, hung out and had dinner. Then Tina, Layla and I had a girl's night out... we saw "What a Girl Wants" (Layla's choice) and I truly enjoyed it. I admit I wasn't expecting much, but it was a sweet movie. Cute and funny. If you like that sort of thing, I highly recommend it. We all loved it. Then we headed home and crashed from exhaustion.

Sunday morning we finally finished watching "Star Wars" and then headed out to breakfast at IHOP. And we ended up being seated at the same table we were at last time we went out there. Weird, huh? Lots of fun and joking with the kids. And, of course, more fun pictures. Anyways, that was pretty much the end of my weekend... after that I headed home and spent the rest of Sunday doing work around the house.

Monday I worked, then headed to Pleasanton to meet Kacie and Allie at the BART station so we could head to San Fran for the Duncan Sheik gig at the Fillmore. sing MUCH fun. We had a blast chatting about various things and got to the Fillmore in plenty of time to be able to stand right near the front of the stage. The opening act left much to be desired, but Duncan ROCKED. Absolutely amazing performance, and a great setlist.

Start Again
Wishful Thinking
Good Morning!
For You
Rubbed Out
End Of Outside
In Between
Nothing Special
On A High
Mr. Chess
She Runs Away
Barely Breathing
Fake Plastic Trees

Mmmmmmm. Loveliness. smile Didn't get home till after 1am, so naturally I was exhausted on Tuesday, but it was WELL worth it. Especially to see Little Willow that bouncy and happy (Duncan Sheik is her FAVORITE musician and this was her first time seeing him).

And the rest of this week? Busy, but in the boring way. Besides, haven't I put you all to sleep yet? I'm sure I have. my lips are zipped But I'm not done yet! I have pictures! Yay!

Kimmie and Buzzy at the park Buzzy and Eric pretending to be trapped in a train at the park Buzzy and Kimmie at IHOP enjoying their fries
Layla and Eric playing around... I think the kids have a fry obsession Eric with Ryan and Kimmie The four kids together... well, it was just three till Kimmie ran in at the last minute!

And last, but not least, the Seven on Sunday!

Seven names you would give your kids
1. Elena / Tyler
2. Viola / Quinn
3. Piper / Noah
4. Isabella / Avery
5. Calla / Riley
6. Adeleine / Bailey
7. Emma / Owen

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love and rant

Quick message tonight (I know, I suck) because I have to go pack in a few... staying with my aunt for the weekend. bouncy Yay! Which means lots of new pictures of the kids, which I may share when I return (No groaning, please wink). Should be fun!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented on the new layout. You all rock! hug So huge thanks to the following folks:

Kristina, Thomas, Kelly, Kawaiineko, Rae, Holli, Jeff, Stef, Cally, Zinna, Indra, Emily, Melissa, Anna, Stefanie, Tlace, Kim, Emma, Kacie, Jaina, Little Willow, Sarah, Addie, Jenah, Freddi, Carl, Katie, Emma, Sepra, and most of all, the ever awesome Susan for approving the layout before I posted it.

Still no word on what's up with angry I truly loathe Infinet. But I have nowhere else to go, since, according to Sam, the site pulls about 300 GB per month in bandwidth (though I have no way of proving whether or not this is true as I'm mostly clueless regarding server stuff) and since I'm not rich, I can't afford any other hosts. But Sam hasn't replied to my multiple e-mails in the past 2.5 weeks. So I have NO clue what's going on. I hate not knowing what's going on. Seriously. Why is it so hard for someone to send me an e-mail? Especially when I'm paying him? banghead But I digress (okay, I rant... whatever).

Anyways. I've already been typing longer than I should have been and must start packing. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I plan to have fun with my cousins and not think about evil hosts or crazy people in Oregon crazy (yeah, I just had to link that piece of insanity). Night all! wave

Oh! And even though it's not quite April 4th yet, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNIE! party

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