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stuffed full of food

This is frightening. Just flipping through the channels. Conan is on NBC and right now John Tesh is standing in the middle of a turkey pen playing some hand-held keyboard piano thing. It's very disturbing. I think I am forever traumatized. Anyways...

Was watching the Buffy marathon, but didn't feel like seeing "Smashed" (while I did enjoy the episode, it's definitely not one of the best of the show and I know the only reason it's on there is because the insane B/S shippers voted for it). So channel surfing it is. Hmmm... wonder if the X-Files marathon is still on. Though I'm more in the mood for funny than conspiracy. Sigh sigh.

Had a lovely day. Food was yummy and wonderful. Kids were a blast and I think Shasta almost died with joy over how much attention she was receiving. I *heart* Thanksgiving.

Soooooo tired. Must go crash. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

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kacie rocks!

Short bloggage 'cause I must get to bed in a few... just needed to say that Kacie rocks and is an amazingly sweet and kind friend. Look what she did for me! Love that chica. :o)

Oooh... and Stef is back! Whoo! Glad to see you've returned, chica!

Alrighties, I'm heading out. Must sleep!

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we happy few

Bah. I want the "Band of Brothers" fanlisting. Unfortunately, the TV Show category is on hiatus, so I have no clue whether or not I'll get it. All I can do it wait. I'm such an impatient dork. I'm really worried though because there's an upcoming listing for the book posted (I had wanted that too, sigh sigh), so it's quite likely that person signed up for the series listing as well. *Sniff sniff* Seriously. I must do something for BoB. It's freaking AMAZING. Anyone who has not seen it, go out and rent or buy it now (it's worth the $90, believe me).

Anyways... had to share that insanity. So tired right now... I should really be going to bed, ya know? Instead I'm awake obsessing over how I can obtain fanlistings. I'm also wishing it was Thanksgiving... love Thanksgiving. Not only does it mean delicious food, loads of family fun, AND the FX Buffy marathon, but Christmas season officially starts for me after Thanksgiving. Cannot wait! Leanna and I have our annual shopping day planned for next Saturday... we usually do it on Friday, but Chanukah starts that day, so Leanna will be with family. Mmmmmm. So many fun things to look forward to! I adore the holiday season. I anticipate it all year long and then it just flies by.

What else? Oh... kids at the library are brats. I had to close on Wednesday, meaning I'm in charge of picking up all the stray books before we close. It had been a quiet day in comparison to what Wednesdays are usually like, but the children's area was a disaster zone. There were piles and piles and more piles of picture books all over the floor. Apparently the kids had just sat around and pulled books off the shelves and then left them on the floor. It was NOT fun having to pick them all up. Especially when my back has been sore lately. Doesn't help much. Blah. Twerpy kids.

Alrighties... I must crash. Adios!

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warning sign

Yes, I am still alive. Just haven't felt like writing much lately. Meh. Having a serious lack of creativity these days. Really doesn't help when I'm supposed to be working on layouts for sites and such. Ah well. Life goes on, right?

Went to see "Chamber of Secrets" on Friday. I took my cousins Eric and Layla and we had a blast. The movie was wonderful... I thought even better than the first. They both loved it as well. The theatre was packed, but the crowd wasn't that bad in terms of noise and such. We had an obnoxious mother sitting a couple seats down from us, but once the movie started, she shut up, so that was great. I took the kids to dinner after the movie (McDonald's was their restaurant of choice... very surprising, right?) and we had fun discussing what we liked best about the movie (Fawkes, the special effects, the kids' acting skills, Quidditch). After dinner, we headed back to their house and watched my brand new "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" DVD. It was a riot... we had all seen it at least 2 times before, so we made jokes throughout (okay, well, mostly during the Anakin/Padme romance scenes) and tried to not to laugh too loud since everyone else was asleep. Quite fun! We didn't watch the whole movie that night because Eric started zonking out around 12am, but we finished it the next morning with the twins (Kimmie and Buzzy). All in all, it was a very fun time. And I will definitely being seeing CoS again within the next couple weeks.

Last night I watched the extended DVD version of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" with Mom and Dad. (Mostly just Dad since Mom isn't a big fan and wasn't watching the movie the whole time... though she asked plenty of questions about what had happened when she wasn't!) Dad and I both really enjoyed it, especially with the new scenes... VERY glad we got to see more of Galadriel's gift giving. Now I have to watch all the commentary tracks and go through all the extras on the Appendices. Good thing the holidays are coming up, right? More free time!

So. "Angel" is on right now. Yes, I'm watching, but not in the living room. Normally I watch it in the living room with my parents, but I just cannot stand this show anymore. I got up a few minutes ago and came to watch it in here so I could play on the computer and just have it on in the background. I have no idea what I'm going to do about Flights. I'm so behind in the quizzes right now... I don't want to leave Kristina to work on it alone, but I have no desire to do anything more for it. I'm just not interested in the show these days. It's such a piece of crap now. I'm behind on Orbiting Lights Lights as well, and I wondered if I should just close it, but I'm actually interested in "Firefly" as opposed to "Angel," so I'd like to keep that one open and just catch up on it. Hmmm hmmm. What to do.

Alrighty... I'm out of things to say... I leave you with some pics of these kids from this weekend. Later gators!



Edited at 23:20 Almost forgot the Seven on Sunday! Aaah! Here it is. smile

Seven things you love about Winter
1. Spending time in a warm house with my family
2. Christmas
3. The smells from baking
4. Christmas presents (come on! who doesn't love presents?)
5. Decorating the house and the tree for Christmas
6. How the cold outdoors makes the house seem even more cozy
7. Seeing "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Standord Theatre on Christmas Eve

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save my pennies for a rainy day

It's raining here in the Bay Area. Mmmmmm. How I love the rain. Driving home from work tonight was lovely... okay, not the crazy people who drive too fast for the first rain of the season, but just how beautiful the rain makes everything look. I love car lights reflecting off the wet streets... am I insane? I could have done without the multitude of noisy kids trying to escape the rain by hiding in the library today, but at least we had a lot of staff to cover it. Though I did discover a lovely dripping leak by one of our windows at work. And of course it just happened to be the window where our new Harry Potter poster was hanging, so that was ruined.

Ah well. Rain is still lovely. I heard it start last night while I was watching my brand new "Band of Brothers" DVD set (sooooooooo good!). Sounded so pretty. Shasta is so afraid to go outside though... Bryan tried to convince her to go out to pee by racing around while it was pouring, but she just stood on the porch in fear of the wet stuff falling from the sky. Had to wait for a lull to get her to go onto the lawn. Poor dog. This is her first big rainstorm. Also, my cat is insane. Dawn is somewhere outside right now... I hope she's sheltered... Daph, on the other hand is smart and staying warm and dry in the garage. Stupid Dawn. I've been calling her since I got home, but she's probably afraid to leave whatever shelter she's under to run through the rain to get home. Sigh sigh.

Went to Best Buy on Tuesday to get my "Sports Night" DVD set, as well as the new U2 Best of CD and the new live DMB CD. Came home with almost $200 worth of merchandise. OUCH. Best Buy is evil. Also picked up the aforementioned "Band of Brothers" and "E.T." I really wanted the "E.T." gift set, but that was $60, so I just got the 2 disc version. So apparently I'm in no need of Christmas gifts this year. (Ha ha ha... I'm just kidding... seriously... buy me stuff, please!) Ooooh... and "Attack of the Clones" and the extended "Fellowship of the Ring" DVDs come out next week. More money to spend! Aaaaah! I am insane.

Anyways... Friends was cute tonight... Paul Rudd is such the hottie. Didn't think much of BtVS on Tuesday... definitely the weakest episode of the season... actually, the first one I disliked. I didn't find the first half of the episode funny at all. It picked up later on and had some laughs, but not enough to save the episode. Couldn't stand how dumb Dawn and Buffy were acting. I'll take "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" any day!

Hmmm... almost time for CSI... off to go watch!

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quiz-a-licious fun

Spent the day and evening reading, then watched "Spider-Man" and "The Maltese Falcon". I lead the exciting life, si?

House feels lonely... no one here but Dawn and I. At least I've been having fun on IM with Susan. We've been taking a ton of these quiz thingies... too many to post on this page, but here's a couple. See the complete set here.

How Big of a Buffy Fan Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Which Buffy Musical Song Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

So very exciting, I know! smile Alrighties... now we have to attempt to think of a quiz of our own so I can make pretty graphics for it! Toodle doodles.

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happy halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone! Hope you all had a lovely and fun day. Mine was fairly uneventful (but not necessarily bad). Work was quiet because most of the kids left early to go trick-or-treating, so that made it nice. Came home and hung out with Mom, passing out candy to kids and such. I had a nice time.

Lordy, I am so boring. I can't think of anything else to say. Isn't that pathetic? It's really irritating because I'll think of random things I should blog about while I'm doing something else, and I can't write it down. I always tell myself I'll remember it, but I never do. Very sad. Sigh sigh. I guess it can't have been all that thrilling, right?

Hmmmmm... thinking thinking. West Wing rocked last night. Does anyone else adore that show as much as me? I'm a freak for it. At least I know Joss Whedon is a fan. (From WG2: "I'm all over The West Wing. I can't get enough of The West Wing. I just want to hear those people talk about stuff. I don't even understand a lot of it 'cause I'm so ignorant.") La la la. Speaking of Aaron Sorkin projects, "Sports Night" is coming out on DVD this Tuesday. Whoo! So excited. LOVE that show. Mmmmm. Oooh! And Josh Malina was on West Wing this week. Josh rocks. And I was just wondering when he'd make an appearance since he's been in almost everything Aaron Sorkin has done before. Oooh! And I just read it's going to be a 5 episode run. Yay yay yay! Hmmmm... am now considering making a Josh Malina fanlisting. Someone please stop me?

Speaking of fanlistings... Susan and I opened a fanlisting for "Boomtown" right over here. 'Cause "Boomtown" rocks, of course! La la la. I'm obsessed with making fanlistings. It's so sad, isn't it? Seriously considering that Josh Malina one...

So, am I boring you all yet? I'm quite sure everyone's fallen asleep or left by now. Hmmm. C'est la vie. Alright, I'm going to stop babbling and possibly do some reading. I leave you with Mulder/Scully yumminess from my brand spanking new X-Files Season 6 DVD set.

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