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ring of endless light

AAAAAAAAAAH! I am SO looking forward to that. I really, really hope it's a faithful adaptation of the book, because I ADORE that book. Btw, it's a good thing had that featured on their main page, otherwise I would never have known about it. That's how out of it I've been. Well, I also never watch the Disney Channel, so that could also be part of it. Hmmmm.

Got the weirdest thing in the mail today. Received a DVD of the movie "Ordinary People" from I have never bought anything from, and I've never ordered "Ordinary People." So odd. I don't know if it's a gift from someone because there was no note with it. rown So if I happen to have a good fairy friend out there, please let me know so I can thank you!

Kristina pointed this site out to me earlier. SO funny. Could not stop laughing. I love witty people. Wish I was one of them. ;-p

Alrighties... can't think of anything more to say and I have to work early manana. Joy of joys. Off I go.

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i suck at blogging

Rae has ordered me to blog, so here I am. Was planning to blog last week, but things came up, was planning last night, but again, things came up. Such insanity, I must say.

Had a lovely birthday last week. Went to the beach with my family (Mom, Dad, Bryan, Eileen, Shasta), and two of my friends, Leanna and Diane. It was very relaxing and simply pleasant. I think I needed that. Hung out at home till late in the evening just talking and such. Not the world's most thrilling birthday, but it was very enjoyable.

Oooh... and thanks to Tosca, Allie, Kiba, Kristina, and Stef for these lovely birthday signs. And thanks to Rae for this classic piece of work in anticipation of my gift from her. SO funny. :o) Most of all, thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Susan whose birthday was only 4 days after mine (and who now has a new layout courtesy of moi).

Hmmmm... so what else is going on? Went to Tina's on Saturday 'cause she had a barbeque for the twins birthday (I share my birthday with them). Mom and Dad were supposed to go also, but ended up staying home, due to events which occurred on Friday night with my brother and will remain un-blogged about. (Don't ask... it's very complicated.) Suffice it to say, despite the good food and the company of my cousins, I was not in a party mood on Saturday. I'm glad I went to see the kids, but I was also very glad to get home that evening.

This week has been rather nondescript so far, which is perfectly fine by me. Tomorrow's my day off, so whoo! to that. Oh! Just opened a new fanlisting with Kristina for the Buffy episode, "The Initiative." It's located here, and entitled Mayhem. Very exciting, si? Join if you're a fan. :o)

Speaking of fanlistings, I'm almost positive I'm giving up Muppet Love. Lost all the apps I had for it and though I still adore the Muppets to no end, I just don't have the time or desire for the site. Anyone want it? If so, let me know. Otherwise I'll just close and let the Fanlistings folk give it away (though I would prefer to choose who it goes to :o).

La la la. Can't think of anything else to say, so I'd rather just concentrate on watching BtVS. Re-run or not, it's still fun. Toodle doodles!

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break ins and such

Hmmm. So, today was an interesting day. Got to work at 9am, ready to check in bookdrop and such before opening at 12pm. First thing I noticed when I got inside though was that one of our two back doors, which lead to a walled-in courtyard we never use, had the glass knocked out of it completely. The glass was all over the ground in the courtyard and in the area of the door inside the library. Such fun. Called the Business Office and the guy there was quite nice and took care of everything... sent over one of the library's security guys, and called about getting the glass replaced later in the day. The security guy (Matt) called the police after looking around and determining that it was definitely malicious (there was a brick sitting on the floor in the library right by the door).

Thankfully, it seems like nothing was stolen... probably because we have a motion alarm that has a 30 second delay (apparently the alarm company registered the alarm late Saturday night and sent someone to check, but they must not have come inside, therefore not noticing anything wrong). Matt thinks it was probably a bunch of kids since the only thing they took were a couple children's book kits (very cheap stuff... I mean we have DVDs and computers in there) and even dropped them in the bushes later, probably on their way back over the courtyard wall. The policeman found some prints on the other door, so he collected those, and made a report. Luckily, we were able to get the janitor to come in and clean up the glass before we opened. All was normal when we opened, except for the glass-less door, which is now boarded up until the glass comes in. That was my exciting morning. Thrilling, huh?

My weekend, on the other hand, was VERY boring (though in retrospect, boring was what I needed after last week). Spent ALL of Saturday updating Going Through the Motions... 275 new members added all in one day. I must be insane. Got to see Jeffy, so that was fun. We went shopping for a bit, ran a few errands, then watched my "Once More, with Feeling" DVD at her place. Not overly exciting, but it was very lovely to spend time with her, since I haven't seen her in a while and probably won't again for a few months. Sigh sigh.

Blaaaaah... can't think of anything else to talk about... I am so boring, I admit it. Oooh... but there is a Seven on Sunday for me to do... yay!

Seven stores that could put you into bankruptcy...
1. Best Buy
3. Crate and Barrel
4. Barnes & Noble
5. Williams and Sonoma
6. Borders
7. FAO Schwartz

Pfft. Most of them are already attempting to put me into bankruptcy. Must resist.

Watched "Moulin Rouge" again last night. I have mentioned that I adore that movie, right? 'Cause I do. Backstory on AMC tonight was on "Moulin Rouge." Need to catch the 1am show for taping. Hmmm. Must find a tape to fit it onto. In other news, The Dead Zone is a great TV show... really enjoying it. Still slightly weirded out by the fact that Anthony Michael Hall has grown up (especially since I just watched "Sixteen Candles" again... LOVE that movie), but he is wonderful on the show.

Must end this post... getting too long... some pluggage fun and MR yumminess.

One, Two, Three, Four
Can I have a little more?
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
I love you

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one ring to rule them all

I love owning "Fellowship of the Ring" on DVD. Woot!

How cool is that? Boromir rocks. Okay, the whole movie rocks, but I'm in Sean Bean mood right now. Had a fun time watching LotR with Leanna today. She hadn't seen the movie, and I had the day off, so we made cheeseballs (VERY yummy... cheese is gooooood), had some wine from the Napa trip, and enjoyed all three hours of the movie. The only sucky thing is how complete HOT it is here. UGH. And I can't go swimming because I left my bathing suit at Tina's. And I'm not really into skinny dipping. Sigh sigh.

Hmmmm... what else is interesting? Work has sucked this week. Tuesday was the day from hell. Doris' husband had to go to the emergency room for what they thought was appendicitis (turned out to be kidney stones), so she was out the whole day. Tom was sick and hadn't planned to come in, but decided to since Doris was gone. But he had to go to the doctor first and didn't get in till 3 hours after we opened. For the first hour, I was the only member of the clerical staff there. Such fun. Actually, two hours, 'cause I was in an hour before opening to get the bookdrop and routing done. Linh came in at 1pm, but ended up going home 2 hours later because she was extremely sick. Also, we had an insane pool clerk from Main come in, but he had NO experience and didn't know anything. It was more of a hassle than a help to have him around. Even the librarians were shelving books to help out. So crazy.

Yesterday wasn't much better, especially since I worked the whole day. Though Doris came back in the afternoon, which helped somewhat. Very happy I had today off. And only a half day manana. Thank goodness. Jeffy is home this weekend, so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her. I haven't seen her since early June and probably won't again for a while. Still need to see "Signs" as well. Hmmmmm... must find the time for it.

Looking forward to next week... Wednesday is my birthday (yay!), so we're (parents, Bryan, Eileen, Leanna, possibly Tina and the kids, and, of course, Shasta) heading to the beach for a day of fun. Oooh... and I just got my first birthday gift! Muchas gracias, Kristina!! "Tigerland" on DVD... mmmmmmmm... Colin Farrell goodness!

Ooooooh... forgot to mention last time... got tickets for Baz Luhrmann's "La Boheme" in October!! Yay!! Cannot wait to see it. Leanna has seen a couple commercials for it (I haven't caught them yet) and says it looks amazing. Woot woot! Mom and I are going to make a day of it in San Francisco. Lunch beforehand and such. We also got tickets for Paul McCartney in October. So much fun! Need to dig out every McCartney album we have.

Alrighties... can't think of anything else to say... going to go watch some TV. Toodles!

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survey fun

Muchas gracias to everyone for the layout feedback and to all the wonderful folks who signed the guestbook at Restless Innocence! I am constantly awed by how amazingly kind everyone can be. Very lovely to be surrounded by all these people.

In other news, had a fairly boring week and weekend. Spent my days off in the week working on site stuff. Made a TON of episode banners at Much Ado. Lots of craziness. Went out to dinner and to see "Full Frontal" with Leanna. Very random movie. I didn't enjoy it all that much. It felt too forced... like it was being pushed into being an indie film, rather than just BEING an indie film. There were interesting moments, but overall, blaaaaaah. I don't recommend it.

Dying to see "Signs." Bryan and I were planning to see it tonight, but he was tired after work and decided to hang with Eileen instead. Ended up being good though 'cause I was then able to finish site updates and veg out. Whoo. Go me. So, we'll probably see it later this week.

Time for fun stuff... joining in the theft fest by stealing this from Rae who found it elsewhere.

Overall Favorite: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Comedy: Friends
Drama: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias
Cartoon: Aeon Flux, Powerpuff Girls
Reality: None
Hidden Camera: None
Sketch: Saturday Night Live
News: CNN... and The Daily Show for fun and Jon Stewart.
Foreign: Ummmm... not unless you count Mystery and Masterpiece Theatre
Informative: Biography
Channel: Comedy Central
Worst: Any reality show, Lexx

Overall: Casablanca
Disney: Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid
Comedy: A Fish Called Wanda
Cartoon: The Secret of Nimh
Drama: Gone With the Wind
Thriller: The Sixth Sense
Horror: Scream
Action: Terminator
Fantasy/Sci-fi: Star Wars, Dark City, The Matrix, Labyrinth
Romance: Moulin Rouge
Foreign: Like Water for Chocolate
Nastiest: There's Something About Mary
Children's: The Muppet Movie
Sequel: Toy Story 2
Worst: Magnolia

Artist: Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, Rufus Wainwright
Genre: Rock
Pop Artist: Madonna
RnB: Wyclef Jean
Rap Artist: None
Alternative Artist: R.E.M., Guster
New Age: Some of Enya
Rock: Pink Floyd, The Who
Jazz: I don't know the names of any Jazz artists, but I do enjoy it.
Country/Bluegrass: Not a country fan.
International: No clue.
Indie/Lo-fi: Common Rotation
Punk: Blink 182
Bands: The Beatles, Dave Matthews Band, U2
Worst Artists: 'N Sync, Christina Aguilera
Album: Pink Floyd's The Wall
Soundtrack: Moulin Rouge

All Time Favorites: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Series/Trilogy: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Tales of the City
Romance: I haven't read one in years... I remember liking Nora Roberts though.
Mystery: Nancy Drew
Auto Biography: Angela's Ashes
Self-Help: I make it a point to avoid these.
Kids: So many... I am an avid children's fiction reader... usually sci-fi and fantasy. Alice in Wonderland is probably my favorite though.
Non-fiction: A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin
Worst: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

So... that's about it for today... I know... I'm boring. What can I say?

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