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i am but a girl

Emily has ordered me to blog, so here I am. Was planning to blog tonight anyways. ;-p

So, yah, new layout. Hope everyone likes. I'm still adjusting to it. Love the kids though. Had a blast with them this weekend. Hung out watching movies and having malts Friday evening. Buzzy insisted we watch an episode of Goosebumps entitled "Night of the Living Dummy III." Eric was telling me how annoying the Zane character was in it, when he appeared on the screen. My reaction: "Oh my god... is that? It can't be. Oh my god. It is!" Yup, it was Hayden Christensen. Too funny. When I said it, Eric realized that it was him as well. Pretty funny... you could tell from his smile and the way his mouth moves. Very distinctive. Not his finest work, but Eric entertained us all with commentary and lots of Star Wars jokes.

We all went to the library on Saturday so Eric and Layla could get library cards and check out some books. (Allie, I showed Chris Golden's The Lost Slayer set to Eric and he decided to check them out.) That was very fun. Layla picked up a TON of horse books (she loves horses). After lunch, I took Eric and Layla to see "Austin Powers: Goldmember." They loved it and claim it was the "best movie ever" (be aware they give this rating to EVERY movie they enjoy... next week it'll be something else). I thought it was okay, but not nearly as consistently funny as I had hoped it would be. The beginning was definitely the best part. I was laughing so hard. Overall, it was a lovely weekend. Did lots of swimming and had lots of fun, as usual.

Had to work early today... wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I started 3 hours before we open to check in all the weekend bookdrop and routing, but bookdrop was pretty light for a Monday, thank goodness. I wasn't looking forward to picking up a ton of books from the bookdrop. Went to lunch with Tu Lan after work. She's heading to New York tomorrow to start med school in about a week. Craziness. Very proud of her though. She's amazing.

Oh! Have to post this picture of Shasta 'cause she just looks SO cute. Bryan and Eileen are taking her backpacking with them, so they bought her a dog backpack to allow her to carry her own blanket and food on the trip. She was wearing it around the house today and prancing about, looking quite adorable.

I think there was something else I wanted to blog about, but I'm a spacing out and have now forgotten. Oh well. If it was important, it'll pop up some other day.

Before I run off, much love to Rae, Rebecca, and Allie. You are in my thoughts. Love you all.

Edited 10 minutes later:
Realized while chatting with Emily that some folks are unclear on who the kids are and such... so, here goes. Eric is the oldest. He's 11 going on 12. He is in the 3rd square on the top row of the graphic. Layla is next up. She's 8 going on 9. She's 1st in the top row, with the huge grin. Kimmie and Buzzy (Ryan) are twins. They'll be 4 in August. Buzzy is in the middle of the top row and Kimmie is the first one on the 2nd row. Any questions? I'm willing to answer. :o)

While I'm back, realized what I forgot to mention before... finally added a guestbook to Restless Innocence, so I would love to see people signing it. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Now, leaving for real. Toodle doodles.

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Very tired right now. Got up early for work this morning after getting to sleep rather late. Sigh sigh. I think I'm destined to be tired all the time.

All done with jury duty... the case is all over and done with, so I'm allowed to say it was a rape case. It was a very tough one and I'm rather glad I didn't have to render a verdict with the other jurors. I had to be on call as an alternate during the deliberations, but I didn't get called in. The case was pretty much a "he said, she said" situation. I believed the girl... her story was much more consistent, and she had still had injuries 72 hours after the incident. The guy's story was fluctuating quite a bit, and there was also a somewhat incriminating tape of a phone conversation. But I guess the jurors thought there was reasonable doubt because they found him not guilty on all charges.

So that was an interesting experience. At least it prepares me in the future if I get jury duty again. On the crappy side though, I apparently DO NOT get paid by the library for my time at jury duty. Doris waited until I returned from jury duty to tell me this. I was so thrilled. Need to right a polite, but angry letter to the city about this. They're always going on about civic duty, but they won't compensate part time workers for actually performing their civic duty? Blaaaah.

Heading to my aunt's tomorrow... will be there till Sunday. Woot woot. I'll probably take Eric and Layla to see "Austin Powers: Goldmember" on Saturday. Looking forward to that. Hope it's funny as the others... or more so.

Having fun at the new U2 blog Rae and Thomas set up. Thanks for inviting me, you two! 'Tis very fun. 'Cause we all know U2 rocks.

Hmmmmm... trying to think of other things to say. Oh! I took this cute Harry Potter quiz that Susan had posted a link for. Fairly happy with my results.

Fun fun, oui? Alright. I can't think of anything else to babble about, so I'm going to chat some more and then head off to bed. Back on Sunday!

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show me the sexy bodies

Very sleepy, so if this sounds delirious, forgive me. So, I was selected for jury duty as an alternate. Yay me. Actually, it hasn't been that bad... I think the selection process is the worst. We actually finished the trial today and tomorrow the deliberations start, though I don't have to be there for that (but I am on call... seriously... I have to call the court if I go anywhere), so I'm going back to work manana. I'm sure Doris will be thrilled. ;o) Anyways, you'll get all the details on the case once it's done with. But my lips are still sealed right now.

Didn't get much done over the weekend... I tried to do some site stuff, but ended up just fixing things around my room or whatnot. Well, at least I got a few minor updates done at Much Ado. Sigh sigh. Watched "The Royal Tenenbaums" on Saturday and adored it. Absolutely bizarre, hilarious, and touching. Must buy the DVD if I can dig up money somewhere. I looked at my credit card statement online the other night and almost had a heart attack. Didn't realize it was that bad. With Susan visiting and the Monterey trip and such, it just built up. Quite large. And my paycheck at the end of this week is going to be crap since I only worked two days last week before having jury duty (which I will be compensated for by the library, just not immediately) and the week before that I was on vacation. So whee! A check for two days of work. That's going to be TINY. Ah well. C'est la vie. Birthday in less than a month... I'll just demand money from everyone I know instead of presents. Whoo!

I think I'm going to stay with my aunt this weekend. Haven't spent a weekend up there in over a month and I'm really missing the kids. I should stay home and work on site updates, but I need a little fun and the kids are more important. So, there we go. Except lots of cute pictures next week that I will, of course, post just to annoy everyone. ;o)

Okies... starting to fall asleep, so I'm just going to do the Seven on Sunday (little late, I know) and crash.

Seven Movie Lines You'll Always Remember

1. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." ~Rhett in Gone With the Wind

2. "Here's looking at you, kid." ~Rick in Casablanca

3. "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine." ~Rick in Casablanca

4. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." ~Christian in Moulin Rouge

5. "And I thought they smelled bad... on the outside." ~Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back

6. "Don't call me stupid!" ~Otto in A Fish Called Wanda

7. "As you wish." ~Westley in The Princess Bride

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jury duty sucks

SO very tired right now. I spent the whole day at the Santa Clara Superior Court for jury duty. I don't think it could have been more boring or headache inducing. I ended up with the same judge I had 3 years ago (even though it was a different courthouse) and he was even worse this time. Droning on and on and constantly lecturing people. Anyways, I have to go back tomorrow to finish the jury selection. I REALLY hope it ends quickly (ha... fat chance) and I'm not selected (though with my luck, I'm sure I will be). Supposed to work at 12pm tomorrow, and I'd like to get at least a few hours in... really need the money, especially since I was on vacation last week.

Also, I ended up having to cancel the appointment for the apartment in Monterey (it was supposed to be this morning) and I have no clue when I can reschedule with work and such. Hmmm hmmm. But it may not matter because Susan's mom wants her to find a job in Chicago and is constantly harping on her about it. So she's probably going to end up finding something there. We'll see what happens.

At least we had a fun (though VERY tiring) week. Saturday was lovely... went to SF with Bryan and Eileen... visited Union Square, then Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. And, of course, had ice cream at Ghiradelli Square. YUMMMMMM. I don't think Susan had as much fun 'cause she wasn't feeling well most of the day (though everytime I asked her how she was feeling she'd reply, "I'm fine, really!"). Silly girl. But, hey, she got her Harry Potter poster, so whoo hoo! Plus we found the PERFECT birthday gift for Allie! Sunday was fairly peaceful and pleasant. Went to breakfast with Karen, saw "Men in Black II", shopped around a bit, then had dinner here with my family and watched OMwF on DVD. Then Susan headed home. :o)

Btw, I was actually planning to blog all this yesterday and had most of it typed up when my computer decided it hated me and I lost all of it. Le sigh. Probably for the best though... most of it was ranting about having to go to jury duty today (which ending up sucking even more than I thought it would). Very boring stuff.

But I remembered my Seven on Sunday list so I can post that. Whee! Just a bit late. ;o)

Seven Favorite Music Videos
1. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2
3. Losing my Religion by R.E.M.
4. November Rain by Guns 'N' Roses
5. Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim
6. Cryin' by Aerosmith
7. Keep Fishin' by Weezer

Yay yay. At least that's a happy thing. I'm quite sure I forgot some videos, but my head hurts, so please forgive me. Later later!

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the hunt has ended

Well, we're back from Monterey. Got back early this afternoon. It was a somewhat successful trip. We found a place we love (at least from what we've seen), and it's fairly good price too. But we couldn't get an appointment to view it this week, so I'm going back next Wednesday to check it out. Keep your fingers crossed!

We did a lot of exploring around Monterey and the surrounding cities... mostly in our apartment hunting, but also just general exploration. I can't believe how hard it is to find a decent place. Especially one that will accept cats. What is the prejudice against pets? Very annoying. I dislike all these people who don't love animals. Hmmm.

Did the 17 Mile Drive in Monterey. Always gorgeous. Last night we went out for a nice dinner at The Chart House. Very yummy. Quite a nice restaurant, but definitely not cheap. But, hey, Mom paid for it (as a present to us... yay!) so we splurged.

Watched Surprise and Innocence tonight with Mom and Dad, as they claimed they'd never seen it (I KNOW I showed them before... Dad remembered at the end). Such wonderful episodes. Especially Innocence. God, I love that episode.

Allie and Kacie came to San Jose this evening so we could go to dinner together. Was very fun. Glad we got to see more of the girls and chat with them for a few hours after dinner. Susan was seriously lusting after Kacie's silver VW Beetle (seriously, Kacie, watch out for her).

Can everyone tell I'm incredibly tired right now? I can't think of anything funny or interesting to say. This has been a long week though and I need to rest. Tomorrow we're heading to SF for the day though... should be very fun, at least. Bryan and Eileen are coming along as well. Woot woot! So, yeah, I should go to bed. And I should make Susan go as well... especially since she's feeling kind of icky. Night night.

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oh susie q

Having a blast with Susan here! Was going to blog last night, but I ended up being way too tired. C'est la vie. Yesterday was wonderful. We went to Napa for the day with my friends Leanna and Tu Lan to visit various wineries and do some tasting (something I've been dying to do since I turned 21 but hadn't gotten around to yet).

The gorgeous stained glass window at Niebaum-CoppolaThe drive up to Napa wasn't too bad... didn't hit any traffic at all, which was quite nice. We went to the Niebaum-Coppola Winery first, which was interesting, as it's owned by Francis Ford Coppola and contained a lot of memorabilia from his movies, including several Oscars, Emmys, and other awards of the like. I could see Susan's mouth watering at the sight of those... good thing they were protected behind glass from her. Tu Lan was the only one of us who didn't taste there (they were charging for tasting and she doesn't handle alcohol very well). We didn't buy any wine there, but everything was quite good. Very gorgeous grounds too.

The four of us at V. Sattui with our wine!Next up was V. Sattui Winery, one I've visited before (though no tasting as I was under 21 and with my parents). Lovely winery. We were all getting hungry for lunch when we arrived there, so we bought various items from their charming deli to make sandwichs (and we even splurged and bought a mini white chocolate cheesecake to split for dessert). Yummy yummy stuff. Got to eat outside in the picnic area (though I must say it was VERY hot there). Afterwards, we went back in and tasted some wines. Really liked the Off-Dry Johannisberg Riesling, Gamay Rouge, and Muscat. Even Tu Lan tasted some of the wines there and bought a few bottles (we all bought at least one bottle there). I think that was my favorite of the day.

We headed over to Freemark Abbey after that in hopes of visiting the candle-making factory, but unfortunately, it had moved. We did stay a few minutes to enjoy the air conditioning inside the building, but didn't taste any wines there (since we did have to drive to the next winery ;o).

Susie Q posing on the balcony at SterlingSterling Vineyards was the next stop. Very unique winery. You have to take the "gondolas" up the winery on the side of a hill. It's a fun ride up there. Walked around the tour area for a bit and saw the fermentation area and oak barrels, etc. Quite interesting. Smelled lovely in the areas where the oak barrels were stored. There was also a gorgeous view from the balcony in that area (which you can see behind Susan). After wandering around for a bit we decided to find the wine tasting area and make usage of the air conditioning there. By the time we got in there, we were dying. The waiter (at Sterling you sit and the waiters bring you wines to taste) asked us what wine we wanted to start with, and we all demanded (politely, of course) water. Seriously, water had never tasted so good. And the wines weren't bad either! ;o) Didn't care for the Merlot there, but the Sauvignon Blanc was very good, so I bought at bottle of that. Susan and I also bought a bottle of Malvasia Bianca to split before she heads back to Chicago.

While we were relaxing with our wine there, a large group of college age students sat at the table next to us and were quite loud and obnoxious. However, one of them looked JUST like Tobey Maguire. Especially from the profile view. I would have sworn they were related somehow. Anyways, that bought on large amounts of jokes from us. Always fun. Would have taken a picture of him for you, Kristina, but there was no opportunity, and his girlfriend (And shock! It wasn't Nicole!) might have been annoyed.

What the fuck!?!?!?!We decided we were done with wine tasting after that since it was getting later and we wanted at least one of us to be up for the drive home (poor Tu Lan had a nasty headache... as I said before, alcohol does not mix well with her). So we decided to visit the Old Faithful "geyser" (my dad says it's a fake and I'm somewhat inclined to believe him). When we got there, we saw that sign at the front. Made me very curious and also quite amused. Goats, not to mention, fainting ones? Always intriguing. Anyways, said goats were more interested in their food than us, and did not faint on command. Apparently, they have a condition that causes them to faint when scared by loud noises or disturbances of the like. The lovely view the goats gave us "Hmmmmm," you say? That's what we say too. But it was funny nonetheless (at least for us and we're weird).

Last stop in Napa was Beringer Vineyards. Mostly just to see the lovely grounds and buildings. They were closing for tastings, but that didn't matter as we were too tired for more of that. Wandered around for a bit and Susan, Leanna, and Tu Lan each bought a bottle of something from there. Then it was time to head home! Leanna took the first leg of the drive till we were near Highway 37. Stopped for dinner at Jack in the Box and then I drove the rest of the way home. Because we're insane, Susan and I turned on the OMwF CD on the way home and sang along with the entire thing as a performance piece for Tu Lan and Leanna (neither of them watches BtVS). They were either amused or very frightened. I'm not sure which. ;o)

Dropped the gals off at their houses, then came home and watched "Sense & Sensibility" for Alan Rickman fun. (And Hugh Grant, Rae!) A nice relaxing way to end the evening.

Today we got up quite late. Just hung out for the morning and surfed the Net, reading odd blogs as we were too tired to do much else. Headed up to Tracy afterwards to visit Allie and Kacie. Unfortunately, we didn't leave till late, and of course, there was a ton of traffic along 580 and 205. Such fun. But, hey, Susan had a fun experience driving on CA freeways and dealing with insane-o drivers. Only got to spend a few minutes with Little Willow and Kacie before they went off to work. Susan and I had dinner at a Florentine in the mall there and then wandered around Best Buy for a while, dreaming of DVD recorders, bigger TVs, and a digital camera for Susan. After that, we headed over to the grand opening of the Barnes & Noble where Kacie and Little Willow are working. Was very cool! They had a ceremony for the opening and treats for everyone. Got to see Little Willow in action at work... she is amazing! She bounces all over the place and is amazingly wise and helpful. Picked up The Princess Diaries (Susan recommended), Ella Enchanted (read the library copy and adored!), Stardust (Little Willow recommended), Coraline (Little Willow recommended), Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (loved the first one). And upon check-out, I got to have Kacie ring me up! Very cool! The new store is lovely, and I'm very glad Susan and I were able to visit the girls.

Got some drinks from the Starbucks in there (I puzzled all the new employees there by asking for an Iced Chai, which had to look up in order to make... too funny), then headed home. Have since been hanging out, watching TV and playing on the computers. Tomorrow it's off to Monterey! We're taking the laptop in hopes of using the Net there since the hotel supposedly has data ports in all the rooms. So, hopefully, we'll be blogging while in Monterey.

Alrighty, going to stop boring everyone now... just realized how long this post is and that I've been typing it for about an hour. I'm a freak! Later later!

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becoming rocks

Susan is here! Yay! Picked her up from SF airport late last night. Much fun. Leanna was a sweetie and came to the airport with me so I didn't have to drive up there by myself. Susan's flight was on time, so yay to that... baggage claim was VERY slow though. Made it back to SJ in good time, got Susan some Taco Bell (since airplane food sucks), then came home and hung out for a while. We were up pretty late... just chatting and such. Didn't to bed till after 3am. Then my idiot neighbor proceeds to shoot off some firecrackers at 3:30am, which especially pissed me off since he had done it the night before and three had landed in our pool. So I got up and yelled at him. In my PJs, with no contacts... I just marched outside and yelled something about it being almost 4am and all that crap. It was fun. Susan kept laughing at me. But, hey, it stopped him. And I was able to sleep... always a good thing.

Slept in VERY late today... then took Susan to breakfast (more like lunch in terms of time) at Bill's Cafe. Very yummy. Btw, Susan is an iced tea addict... this I already knew, but it was further confirmed by her consuming 4 1/2 iced teas with breakfast. Very funny. Full of laughter. Afterwards, we drove to downtown SJ and wandered around for a bit. Showed her the Tech Museum, the art museum (where we found the PERFECT gift for Rebecca), St. Joseph's Cathedral, Cesar Chavez Park, the Fairmont, SJSU, all sorts of things. Quite fun. Took her to Ben & Jerry's, since she, like Tarina, is a freak and had never been there before. Oh... and because I promised Susan I'd post her, here she is with her lovely large ice cream cone. ;o)

Had dinner at home (since we're going to be spending enough money on food later this week) and then played Trivial Pursuit. Very fun. I won... yay me! Very close... both of us had all 6 pies. Btw, I really want a Buffy version of Trivial Pursuit. How much fun would that be? Hmmm hmmmm... Susan and I are discussing ideas for creating our own version. Quite cool.

Watching Becoming 2 now. Love these episodes. Makes me remember how much I wanted to kick Xander's ass though. Grrrr. Love him now though. Sigh sigh.

Alrighties, must get back to the show and then get ready for bed... early morning tomorrow since we're going up to Napa for wine tasting with Leanna and Tu Lan. And, no, we won't be doing a dual post like Tarina and Rae, Emily. I don't think we'll have the chance, plus I think it's their thing. ;o) Later later, peoples!

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funny postcards

Things are very quiet at home right now. It's just Dawn and I for the rest of the week and weekend till Susan gets here. Mom, Dad, Bryan, and Eileen have gone on the annual camping with Dad's side of the family. This is the first year I haven't gone with them. Hmmm hmmm. Will miss all the fun, but I'm not overly depressed about it. Don't know why. It's not even a real camping trip since they're staying in a cabin in Yosemite, but hey, it's a vacation at least.

Whoo hoo! Day off work tomorrow! Isn't it sad that I'm more thrilled about having a day off work than it being the 4th of July? Especially since I only have to work 4 more hours before my vacation time starts anyways. I'm a dork. Going to downtown SJ tomorrow with Leanna to see what's happening there. Don't usual hangout there for the 4th. Usually we just have a barbeque at home and then go to SJSU and watch the fireworks from the top of the science hall there. Very fun. Lovely view from up there. Kinda sad I'll miss it this year (since Dad has the keys to the building), but hopefully we'll find a good spot to watch from downtown.

Some fun things to share... got these postcards from the lovely Rae and Tarina. VERY funny. The second one had me in stitches when I read it today. Those two are too creative. Anyways, here they are with the messages typed it ('cause it's too hard to read a scan of their writing ;o).
Coruscant is gorgeous! Wish you were here. Rachel & I had a slight change in location. NY is boring so we jumped a ship for a day trip here! It's much different here then in the movie - for one thing everyone is a nudist (as of much we haven't quite seen anything other then the Jedi Temple!)
Love, Tarina & Rae

Hello. I met two delightful girls touring the Senate and they were quite enthusiastic when talking about you. I had to write seeing as how I've heard so much about you. I was ensured by the two ladies that you would love to meet me someday. They, in fact, insisted that you were to use me for the next "layout" of something called a "website". Please come to Coruscant someday. I'm sure you have much to offer the Empire *cough* the Republic.

Too funny, right?

Alrighty... I think I should go attempt to do some site work... need to get at least something done soon. Summer makes me lazy, apparently.

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