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i hate the heat

Blaaaaaaaah. It's WAY too hot here. I can't stand this. I love the summer, but I hate the weather. It's been hot and humid all day. So sticky and nasty feeling. The sun is finally setting so I hope it's going to start cooling off.

I find it really funny that these two leave messages in my commenter telling me to blog when I keep being promised bloggage from them and then get nothing! Ha. What pests. I think I've been called by them almost every night this week. Very fun. Get to hear hilarious stories about the adventures of Rae and Tarina in NYC and weird things about Rae's step-dad (please tell him to leave poor Claude's balls alone, Rae). Really wish I was there with them. Sigh sigh. But hey, I get Susan out here in less than a week so, whoo hoo to that! So much to plan and do. I think my head might explode.

Went shopping for clothes today. Really needed them, but I think $250 was way more than I had planned to spend. Ouch. That's not a pretty price. At least they're nice clothes. Lots of new shorts, which I was in desparate need of. Especially with this weather. Yick.

Just went across the street to give Bryan the cellphone so he could call Eileen back and the little dog over there, Ringo, started humping my leg incessantly. Very weird dog. He humps anything that moves. And unfortunately he has sharp claws, so now my legs are all red and scratched. Ow. I think someone really needs to be neutered.

Must get away from this heat... hmmm... hopefully the living room is cooler... more fans and big windows. And to end all the randomness of this post, Casablanca rocks. The greatest movie ever. Just had to say that.

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cops are useless and my brother's an idiot

Tonight was weird. Bryan and Eileen spotted a kitten stuck in a drain on their walk with Shasta, so when they came home, we got some supplies and set off to try to rescue the kitten. It wouldn't come out of the tunnel though, and we couldn't reach it. We kept trying to coax it out by calling it and giving it ham, but it just kept meowing.

After about 10 minutes, a cop drove up and got out to try and help us. He ended up just hindering though, as he was kind of a doof. He kept flashing his light all over the place, which I think freaked the kitten out. We asked him if he had some rope to dangle the ham on, so he got a leash (he had a police dog in his car) and dangled that down, but didn't bother putting the ham on the end. He kept waving it down the drain furiously, which probably scared the kitten away, since I doubt it was in a playful mood. Lot of help he was. He seemed anxious to help though. Must have been a slow night if that was the only action he was finding. He left after a bit and we stayed to try some more.

Finally, Bryan insisted sticking his head into the drain, despite Eileen's and my protests. He kept lowering himself so much, that Eileen and I had to grab hold of him to keep him from falling into the drain pit. Yes, my brother is an idiot. If the kitten wasn't already scared off by the cop, I'm sure Bryan's big head popping down there didn't help. Sigh sigh. So we went home. Hope the kitten manages to get out. Poor thing.

Working on a new project. Not a huge one... just a fun one. It's kind of refreshing. I feel so overwhelmed like I should be updating Much Ado and Flights of Angel all the time. There is still a lot of work to be done this summer, but I just can't get into the flow of it yet. Too much other stuff going on. Oh well. It will sit. People can wait, right? (I hope ;o)

Minority Report is AWESOME. I adored it. So amazing, and I definitely have to see it again. Plus, Colin Farrell is SO hot. Yes, I knew that already, but now my admiration has multiplied drastically. Yum yum yum yum. Love his accent... watched him on The Daily Show a bit ago. Should have capped... shoot... should do it at the 1am repeat of it.

Oh! And forgot to comment on this last time, so I'll say it now, Natty, you ROCK. I completely agree about season six of Buffy, especially in comparison with Angel's season. I LOVED this Buffy season. It was dark, it was depressing, it was gritty, and it was REAL. It didn't shy away from anything, and I admire it for that. Just had to say that.

Alrighties... off to do some work before heading to bed. Toodle doodles.

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work is evil

I hate working Saturdays... it throws off my weekend completely. Having just one day off before Monday comes around again is not right. Okay, yes, I did have Friday off, but still... it needs to be two days in a row. Plus today was busy. Blaaaah. Oh well. Now I'm exhausted.

House smells good right now... Mom just baked a spice cake for Bryan's birthday dinner manana (his birthday is actually today, but we're doing cake and such tomorrow since I had to work and he went to dinner with Eileen). I made the custard for the frosting... whoo... go me! I miss having more time to bake... I feel like I never get to do it anymore. Must find the time when I move out since I won't have Mom around then. Speaking of, really need to finish copying recipes from Mom's book. I started it a while back and just never finished. Now is really the time to do it.

Emily has the most gorgeous "Innocence" layout up now. I'm in love with it. It took lots of harassment from Thomas and I to get her to post it last night. She doesn't think it's good, but that's just because she's insane. Also, Thomas and I are evil. But we knew that already.

I have this feeling there was something else I wanted to post about instead of just rambling on about nothing. But I can't remember. Oh well. Guess it wasn't that thrilling.

Dying to see Minority Report... SO jealous of Rae and Rebecca 'cause they got to see the NY premiere. Not fair! Seeing it tomorrow though... Bryan, Eileen and I are going after dinner. Which reminds me... need to call Leanna and see if she's interested in coming. Btw, Rebecca, if Colin is as awesome in this movie as I suspect he will be, I may just have to kidnap him from your harem... or at least borrow him for a period of time. Man. That boy is so drool worthy.

Ahem. Anyways... back to reality... and more pluggage... Little Willow just posted a loverly new layout at Your Girl. Lots of Eliza goodness! Little Willow rocks the rock, as we all know. ;o)

And with that, I think it's time for me to go.

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i need sleep

So tired right now. I was up till 4:30am last night finishing Goblet of Fire. And yes, I had read it two times before that point, but it's SO fucking good, I just had to finish it all right then. I LOVE that book. It is so awesome. And, of course, now I am even more impatient for the 5th book. Why do I do this to myself? Aaaaah. I cannot wait a whole year for it! Not fair! At least I'll have the Chamber of Secrets movie to appease me for a bit... looks quite amazing! Yes, I saw Scooby-Doo JUST to see that... okay, not just... wanted to see how Sarah did in the movie as well. And I have to say that the CoS preview was BY FAR the best part of the movie experience. Does that say enough? wink

Oh! And I didn't post when I uploaded them ('cause I didn't finish till REALLY late and was exhausted), but the GttM DVD caps have been up at the site since Thursday. Whoo! Also redid the layout (somewhat) at the site with the new caps and made a whole lot of updates with Allie's help. Fun fun, si?

Ummm... what else? I can't remember if I had anything else to say. I received a notice that I have Jury Duty July 15-19. Very glad it's not the week before as that's my vacation week so Susan can come out and we can apartment hunt in Monterey. Though I think Doris is going to be quite annoyed that she might have to suffer without me at work for another week or so. Oh well. Too bad. Hopefully I won't have to go in. Last time it was SO incredibly boring. I wasn't even called up as a prospective juror... just got to sit around in the courtroom all day with nothing to do. Yes, yes. I know it's my civic duty and all, but does it have to be so boring? Jeez.

Alrighty... I should start getting ready for bed... day off manana (yay!), but I'm supposed to go shopping with Mums for a birthday gift for Bryan. What fun! More money spent... just what I need. But, before I go, much love and *hugs* to Rae 'cause she needs it.

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except for bunnies...

Aaaah. So very tired. It's almost 3am and I have to work manana. This is what I get for updating Much Ado and Flights of Angel. Blaaah. Thank goodness it's done.

I wouldn't normally be blogging this late ('cause I can barely see), but I just had to post this (yep, Sepra, this is one of the major things I had in mind while bidding on the DVD):

MWAHAHAHA! I love my OMWF DVD. It is too cool. Already took 1000+ caps of it (I am sad and pathetic, this I know) and will be posting about half of those (the best quality and least repetitive of the bunch) at GttM manana. So ha! You all must wait for cool DVD caps. No, I'm not actually doing this to torture you all... just too tired to do it now. ;o)

Not to tired to post this though... a quote from that horrid, horrid Angel season finale...

Lorne: You two are so obviously connected.
Groo: You finish each other's...
Lorne: ...sentences. You laugh at the same...

Okay, am I missing something? 'Cause I don't remember Cordy and Angel ever finishing each other's sentences. This is just one example of why that episode was so freaking crappy. Jeez. Anyways, won't go into that rant again... just wanted to mention it. If I am missing something, someone please hit me over the head and tell me what, okay?

Alrighties... I must crash... soooo very tired. Toodles!

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you say it's your birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAE! Okay, so I already told her via e-mail, on her answering machine, and on the phone with her just a bit ago, but I'm saying it again. Whoo hoo! Rae is 23... pretty exciting, si? Unfortunately I haven't managed to win the lotto yet, so I couldn't get her the iBook (I'm really trying though... seriously), but hopefully the other stuff sufficed. Plus we got to talk for a few hours on the phone, so that was lovely.

La la la. Have nothing overly significant to blog about... just doing it 'cause I promised Rae. Oh! Have this though... gracias to everyone for the feedback on the new Restless Innocence layout! Glad you like.

And in reference to the OMWF DVD, Addie, I'm holding you to the DVD-RW, if you ever get the money. ;o)

Was going to do Seven on Sunday, but my mind is so blank (as it always seems to be these days) that I can't think of 7 things. Sigh sigh. I should go to bed and read to put myself out of my misery (and everyone elses).

Apologies for the boring post... blame Rae! ;o)

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Soooo very tired right now. So this is probably going to be very short, unless I get the urge to ramble on about something, which will turn out to make no sense at all, I'm quite sure. Anyways... mainly blogging to say that there's a new layout at Restless Innocence. Whoo! Finally got it up. 'Twas inspired by a comment from Susan, who told me to do a "Restless" and "Innocence" layout together, since I had wanted to do "Innocence", but noticed it had been done elsewhere. So, danke, Susan for the idea. Doesn't she have the best thoughts?

Oh! And I also opened a new fanlisting (yes, I'm a freak)... but at least I'm using the auto-add thingie for the list, that way I have time to keep it. It's the fanlisting for the Angel episode, "Epiphany" (my favorite episode from the show) and the site is called All That Matters.

So, yeah, I'm just pimping myself like crazy tonight, aren't I? Give me feedback though, 'cause I love it. I want to know what people think!

And, just to add before I crash, I did know a movie of "Wrinkle in Time" is being made... just put it on the list 'cause it's one I'm dying to see. ;o) Also, I managed to secure myself a copy of the OMWF DVD, but only at an obscenely outrageous price which I will not tell anyone, except Susan, who thinks I'm a freak for being so obsessive.

I'm off... must crash... more bloggage on Sunday ('cause I'm sure Rae will kill me if I miss Seven on Sunday ;o). Hugs to you all!

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tenacious d rocks

I suck, I know. Haven't had much to say for the past week though. Life is boring. Work is hot and busy. Yay. Blogging now mainly for Rae 'cause she says she's bored of reading my last post over and over. ;-P Happy now?

I REALLY want a copy of Daily Variety the DVD of "Once More, With Feeling"... yup, for once, I actually wish I lived in L.A. Just to get that. I desparately called every bookstore and such in or around San Jose on Tuesday, but no one carries Daily Variety, only the weekly version of Variety. Argh argh argh. And the Daily Variety back issue office isn't carrying issues containing the DVD. Bugger. I NEED it. Seriously. If anyone has an extra copy or knows where I can get one, I'm begging you!

Alright, done begging, for a bit at least. Crazy things are going at Clandestine. SO much fun. Rae and I are insane, btw. As is Jackie, but it's all in good fun.

Addie has a gorgeous new layout. Just wanted to plug that. Go visit her. She has cute kitties!

Have been downloading tons of music, thanks to Allie sending me a list of music she likes (and we all know that chica has wonderful taste). In love with Chantal Kreviazuk. Must buy some of her CDs. As soon as I get money. And that'll be happening when? Soon, I hope.

Have two Seven on Sunday's to do! Bad me. Missed last week's. So, to appease Rae, here they are:

7 Favorite Film Actors
1. Cary Grant
2. Ewan McGregor
3. James Stewart
4. Humphrey Bogart
5. Kevin Spacey
6. Denzel Washington
7. Tom Hanks

7 books I'd like to see turned into movies
1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2. A Wrinkle in Time
3. The Poisonwood Bible
4. A Ring of Endless Light
5. The Witching Hour
6. His Dark Materials Trilogy
7. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

There you go. And now, I think I should start getting ready for bed. Night night!

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