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the joys of love

Whoo hoo to the Lollapalooza of Love! (as Sepra so wonderfully named it) You people rock... you know that, right? And I'm astounded by the amount of comments too, Emily! Was quite lovely to see all the responses. Wow. Just can't get over the 27 comments... pretty nifty that me loving people can get that much feedback. I like it. :o)

Was planning to do some site work last night, but I ended up talking to Rae on the phone for almost 3 hours. It was filled with insanity and many BEEP BEEP noises. Quite fun. Plus, I got to hear Rae scrambling for a video in an attempt to tape Bono on CNN. Very hilarious. Multiple uses of the word "fuck" and things like "I hope nothing important is on the tape 'cause I'm recording on it! It's Booooonooooooo!" Actually, I doubt that's a direct quote, but it was something to that effect. All I know is, there was lots of screeching and drooling over Bono. All I did was laugh. Hehehe.

Ummmmm... what else did we talk about? Lots about the stupid Infinet problems (note how I refuse to link them... ha!)... server's been slow since last Tuesday or so, and it's supposedly not going to be fixed till 2 or 3 days from now. Bugger. So I can't update anything on Well, I could, but I don't know if it will stick and it takes ages to connect and then I have to keep reconnecting. And if the updates didn't stick, I'd be pretty pissed about having spent that much time on uploading. And I've been in such a good mood, so why ruin it?

Rae did make a new layout for Girlfriends, Actually which looks absolutely gorgeous (though she isn't sure about it... so tell her it looks amazing). And we made loads of new code graphics. Whoo! W/T goodness! We need it now. Seriously.

Joined the nifty quilting bee thingie that Rae's been bugging me about... Susan is laughing at my quilt patch though. Why, you ask? Take a look. Yes, that is Buffy (in "Restless" attire) holding a green lightsaber. I'm weird, I know. Just seemed to fit for me. Need to get Susan to join. Anyone else a member who wants to trade? I want more cute patches!

Alrighties... must head to bed. Got tickets for Episode II at 11:45am manana on a digital screen. Which means, early morning, plus I'm already exhausted from getting up very early this morning. *Hugs* to everyone! And I leave you with a picture of Dawn trying to get me to pet her (and yes, Rae, this is from when we were on the phone last night).

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i *heart* buffy

I Buffy. I Joss Whedon. I all the writers and amazing actors on the show. I the Buffy web community. I all the crazy obsessed webmasters out there. I my friends, especially those I've met through the web. I Rae. I Allie. I Rebecca. I Susan for being my Buffy confidant and first true web friend.

I Freddi. I Tosca. I Tarina. I Connie. I Kristina. I Zinna. I Janine. I SocKs, Kiba, Heather, Kacie, Plex, Corey, Sepra, Stef, the other Stef, Thomas, Gina, Emily, Addie, Alyse, Claire, Lex, Clara, quasi-evil Jen (wherever she is), Chele, Raven, Greyangel, Emma, Chelsea, Anne, Rave, Christie, Natty, and every other wonderful person I've met on the net, even though I can't remember them all right now.

As you can tell, I'm in a very very happy mood and felt like sharing the love. The love of Buffy. Talked to Susan on the phone for a bit earlier and I was reminded once again of one of the many reasons I adore this show so much. The people. Not the people on the show, but the people I've met through the show. If it wasn't for BtVS, I would never have met Susan or Little Willow or Rae or Rebecca. I would have never traveled to NYC and spent time with Rae. I would never have shown Susan around San Fran or had a blast with her and Rebecca in LA. I'd never have those wonderful road trips with Little Willow. Yeah, I have friends and family in real life that I love to death and cannot live without. But I have friends on the net that are just as real and just as important. My life would not be nearly as fun or amazing if I didn't have these people.

So now that I've acted like a complete dork and probably forgotten a ton of amazing people, I'm going to slink off, think about how amazing Buffy was tonight, and possibly watch Smallville. Btw, I all of you people.

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Umm. Hmm. So, yeah. Angel sucked tonight. Big time. Really, I was seriously considering just banging my head into the wall to relieve myself from the pain of watching that shit (plus it would have been a lot more fun... even with the pain). Good gracious. That was just AWFUL. I am never ever watching that episode again. Not even to write the quiz for Flights of Angel. I can't deal with it. I'm just going to pretend it never ever happened. Anyone want to join me in that fantasy-land? I literally can't stand Cordelia anymore. She used to be my favorite character on the show, along with Wesley. That last scene with her was just the lamest thing ever. Charisma didn't even look like she believed it. And I've always thought Charisma was a wonderful actress. But not there. Definitely not there. If they ruin Wesley, I'm gone for good. Really. The show had better pick up next season because I can't deal with watching that kind of crap on a weekly basis. I'll go join Rae in permanent rant-y land. Believe me, I REALLY don't want to do that, but this is just terrible. I'm actually grateful now that Steve DeKnight is joining the show next year. Hopefully he can help salvage it somehow. Though I'm still really pissed he won't be writing for Buffy anymore. Dangit.

Anyways... X-Files was well done last night. I truly enjoyed the episode overall, and I thought the ending was sweet, especially with the throwback to the Pilot. Loved that they brought back so many characters. Lone Gunmen. *Sniff, sniff* KRYCEK! I did mention I love Krycek, right? 'Cause I do. And Mulder. Man, have I missed Mulder. "I smelled you coming, Clarice." That wit. David and Gillian. Mulder and Scully. That's the show I know and love. So, yeah, it was a very fitting end to the series. I think I'm still in shock that it's not coming back though. Nine years is a VERY long time. Sigh sigh.

Alrighties... going to go rant some more about Angel with Allie and Susan. Argh.

"Maybe there's hope."

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da da dadadadaaaaa

Episode II ROCKS. Man. It was all that I was hoping and more. I was completely blown away. Hayden was amazing, as, of course, was Ewan. Really really enjoyed the Obi-Wan side of the story... very intricate and intriguing. The love story was a bit lacking, but still entertaining nonetheless. I enjoyed both Hayden and Natalie. And Yoda. Yoda is the best. So damn cool. Won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but good lord. That was just wonderful. And the visuals. The visuals! So completely amazing and gorgeous. Anyone else who saw Ebert's review with me in thinking he's off his rocker? The theatre we went to didn't have digital projection and I thought the movie was breathtaking. See how happy I am buried in my geeker joy? Very glad I saw the movie with the kids. 'Twas so much fun. Eric, Layla and I went to the theatre early to wait in line for seats and then had to save 7 seats once they let us in. Kimmie came and sat in my lap for half the movie, and was so cute. She kept turning to grin at me whenever she liked something in the movie, so she was pretty much turning and grinning every couple minutes. ;o) I had such a feeling of joy at the end of the movie. I looked down a few seats to Buzzy sitting in Tina's lap and he had the biggest and most genuine smile ever plastered on his face and was clapping like there was no tomorrow. That pretty much summed up the whole experience. I took Eric and Layla to dinner after the movie (oooh... McDonald's... fancy, huh? but it's what the kids like.) and Tina & Mike took the twins home (bed time for them). We played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit when we got home (I won by a hair... seriously... Eric was so close), had some lightsaber duels, and then laid around and talked about Episode II till we fell asleep downstairs. Was just a wonderful evening.

Only 39 minutes to go before the X-Files series finale! Can't believe it's ending. I've been waiting for it to end for almost two years now, and it's well past it's time, but it's still sad to see it go. X-Files was the first show I really LOVED, in that fanatical way. I watched and enjoyed TV shows before, but X-Files was the first. Quite sure I'll be crying at the end. My biggest hope is that it ends gracefully and with style. Thank goodness David's back. It wouldn't be (and hasn't been) the X-Files without him. Mulder and Scully go together. Always have. Always will.

Hmm hmm... time for Rae's Seven on Sunday... it's 7 favorite Buffy episodes, but I'm doing The X-Files too, just because.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1. Innocence
2. Restless
3. Once More, With Feeling
4. Hush
5. Becoming
6. The Body
7. Tabula Rasa

The X-Files
1. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
2. The Unnatural
3. Post-Modern Prometheus
4. Memento Mori
5. Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"
6. & 7. Piper Maru / Apocrypha

Honorable mentions for BtVS go to "The Wish", "Prophecy Girl", "Fool for Love", "The Prom", "Graduation Day", "Surprise", "The Gift", "Lover's Walk", and "Normal Again". And for X-Files, "Hollywood, A.D.", "Never Again", "Humbug", "Bad Blood", and "Anasazi" / "The Blessing Way" / "Paper Clip".

"The truth will save you Scully. I think it'll save both of us."

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la la la

Have been rather depressed for a little over a week now. No clue why. It's really quite unexplainable. Just one of those things. Hence the lack of bloggage. Feeling better today though. Was a pretty good day. Actually, it wasn't really special or anything, I just felt better. Work kinda sucked. Eric called in sick so I had to close for the 2nd night in a row. Oh! And I also had a video thrown at me by a 3-year-old. Thankfully, she had crappy aim and missed me. That was definitely a first though. She wanted to check out a video, but refused to give it to me to check out for her. So I offered to zap it by pulling the laser out of the holder, but she didn't even like that. She hit her mom in the head in an attempt to get the video away from me, so her mother told her she couldn't get the video. As I was renewing some items for the mom, a video went whizzing past my head (she must have had a good arm, which is why I'm quite thankful for the bad aim). Quite shocking. Never had that happen before. Anyways, that was my funny story for the day. Probably wouldn't have been so funny if she had hit me (or maybe that would be funny for some people? ;o).

I think I'm going to switch my e-mail to this domain. Infinet is just having WAY too many issues with e-mail these days. I really don't think they know what's going on there sometimes. Sigh sigh. Ah well. As long as my sites work, that's what matters most.

Cannot wait to see Episode II tomorrow. Yay! Got tickets when I was in Vacaville for Layla's communion this past weekend. Heading back up there tomorrow after work to take the kids to the show with me. Actually, Tina and Mike are going too, but Eric, Layla, and I are getting there early for seats. Really wanted to go today, but I had to work today, as well as early tomorrow. So, no luck there. Plus I wouldn't have been able to see it with the kids. I have more pictures to share of them, but I'm not sure if I should... do I bore people with pictures of my adorable cousins? I can't help it. I just love them to death. Oh bother. I'll just post them anyways. Who cares, as long as I like it. Ha. Love my form of logic.

Kimmie just looks really funny here... not sure if she was eating the menu or what   Layla and Buzzy... so cute   Layla looking sweet (for once)   Buzzy with a rather evil-looking smile

Yes, Eric is a gigantic dork   Tina and Layla... quite sure Tina will kill me for posting this   Buzzy and Kimmie... looks a bit like he's strangling her, but how cute are they?   Kimmie is so adorable... I think Eric was tickling her from behind

There we go. Purely for my joy. La la la. Alrighties... I can't think of anything else to say, and yes, I'm quite aware this has been a very boring post, but I'm a boring person, so there you have it. Need to pack and go to bed. Toodles!

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grrrrr... argh!

I've decided that some people on the JossBtVS list are either insane or insanely stupid. I lean towards the insanely stupid. Just can't believe some of the stuff being said on there about the rape scene on this week's Buffy. How can people not realize that's attempted rape? Some people going into legal detail about how a charge of attempted rape wouldn't stand up against Spike in court. I really don't see how that matters. What matters is what he did to Buffy. And we all saw it. It's not like an actual trial where only the victim and the attacker were present. We saw Spike attemping to rape Buffy. He would have raped her, had she not pushed him off. She was pleading with him to STOP. She repeatedly said NO. I think it's quite reasonable to believe that she was NOT giving consent. Just had to rant about that. I get really disgusted that people are willing to blame the victim or try to make excuses for the attacker. Rape and attempted rape are inexcusable.

Getting off my soapbox now. Other than the stupidity it sparked in people, "Seeing Red" was excellent. Really a well done episode. Lots and lots of praise to Steve DeKnight. Some amazing writing in that episode, as well as, of course, acting. And the ending. MAN. I was, unfortunately, spoiled as to the fate of Tara (thanks to annoying people who e-mail me spoilers without warning), but I was still shocked when it happened. Glad I didn't know about Buffy being shot as well, as that added more surprise to the scene (though I'm in no doubt that she'll be fine... especially since the previews show her walking around). So proud of Jonathan for helping Buffy, and very happy that Andrew has realized his love for Warren (see, we weren't too far off, Susan... your Andrew monkey just needs bear slippers instead of bunny ones).

So, onto other non-Buffy-related things... hmmm... if I can think of any! Friends was funny. Still not into Ross and Rachel. Really hope they're not hooking them up. Blaaaah. Would not be fun. My computer is making very low vibrations. Very weird. Hmm. Hope it's not permanent. This is why I shouldn't let my brother use my computer. It was fine when I left for work this morning, and now it's making odd noises. Never a good sign.

Loving CSI more and more. Quite good tonight, and I don't even like David Caruso. Can't decide if I'm going to watch CSI Miami. It will probably depend mostly on when they air it. I like Emily Procter, so if it doesn't conflict, I'll watch for her and hopefully get used to Caruso. Who knows. Anyways... this post has taken me about 2 hours to write (have been writing it off and on since Friends), so I think it's time to end and do something else. Later later.

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Okay, so I'm 50 minutes late for Seven on Sunday. Ooops! Doing it anyways. 'Cause I already had the list made and everything! So, seven places I'd like to visit:

1. Great Britain
2. France
3. Australia
4. Ireland
5. Fiji Islands
6. Italy
7. Germany

Spent too much money today. Bought myself a new scanner 'cause my old one wasn't working. Sigh sigh. Needed it though. Can't survive without one. Quite sad, really. Also bought new bras. Hurrah! Took Layla with me (since she and Eric are here for the weekend) and she told me Victoria's Secret made her tummy hurt. Too funny. She was quite embarassed by a lingerie store (she's only 8, btw). Bought her some books to keep her happy.

Saw Spider-Man with the kids and Bryan & Eileen last night. Quite enjoyable. Not perfect, but still entertaining and Tobey Maguire really fit the part. Was very impressed with him. Love Kirsten Dunst too. All in all, a fun romp. Need to give myself a Spider-Man refresher course through my comics and Marvel cards (don't laugh).

Hmmm... what else? Oh! According to Rae's dream, I'll be having 30 kids (very quickly, apparently, which will be perfected by lots of practice). Very frightening, I must say. Wasn't really planning to have that many, but if Rae's dream says it, it must be true, right? ;o)

I REALLY want one of those nifty DVD recorders. Saw a commercial for the Philips one a few nights ago and am dying to buy it. Best Buy had one on display, but no price listed for it. Probably because it's close to $1000 at Amazon. Eeeeks! Guess I'll be waiting a while before buying one. No fun. Unless, of course, I win the lotto. Which would make Rae happy too, as I've promised to get her a DVD recorder, Powerbook G4, and a trip to Europe. Must buy more tickets so I can win. Can't let Rae down!

Something else I was going to mention, but now I've completely forgotten. Such a doof am I. Ah well. Tired anyways. Off to veg before bed!

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feeling better

So, feeling better, mostly. Still miss Midnight dearly and have moments where I forget she's even gone, but I'm dealing. As we all do. Many many many thanks to Rae, Susan, Allie, Rebecca, Kristina, Tarina, Ian, Leanne, Addie, Kacie, Kiba, Janine, Stef, Corey, and Freddi. You all rock, and your support and kind messages were a wonderful help to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Really quite annoyed. According to the Daily Show newsletter, David Boreanaz was supposed to be on tonight. Not that I'm a huge DB fan (think he's kind of a dork), but would have been more fun to see him. Hmm hmm. At least I have Jon to keep me happy.

Have been trying to throw myself into site work on Much Ado and Flights of Angel. It's nice and distracting, plus it really needs to be done. Neglecting everything else, but oh well. C'est la vie.

Made these the other day. Just felt the need since I couldn't find any for the Lone Gunmen anywhere on the net. Kinda lame looking, 'cause I suck, but oh well. Used sprites from Brain Candy as the base ones. Giving credit where credit is due. ;o) Anyways, here they are:

Alrighties... nothing else I can think of to say, so I'll head off to do some work before bed. For some insane reason, I agreed to come in to work 2 hours earlier than I was scheduled. Seriously regretting that now. Ah well. I supposed I'll survive.

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