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calling darin morgan!

Quick message 'cause I just had to get this said...

What the heck happened to Darin Morgan? If you don't know who I'm talking about, then you obviously haven't seen "The X-Files". He wrote some of the best episodes the series has ever had. Including, but not limited to: "Humbug", "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" (my favorite of all time), and "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'". He also wrote a couple wonderful "Millennium" episodes, like "Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense'" and "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me".

He won an Emmy for his writing on "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose". Yet he hasn't written anything since his work on "Millennium". So what in the world happened to him? I know he's still around... IMDb lists him as an actor in the movie "The One", which I'm assuming he was in since his brother Glen Morgan wrote it.

But dammit, I want Darin Morgan to write something. LW and I miss him like crazy and demand an explanation for the lack of writing. It's not right that someone so talented should stop writing and drop off the face of the planet. Seriously. Darin, if you're reading this (yeah, yeah... like THAT would happen): come back! Write SOMETHING. Anything. Really. I will watch simply because it's you. I need your brilliance! Look at what "The X-Files" has become since you left. *Sigh*

"Then there are those who care not about extraterrestrials, searching for meaning in other human beings. Rare or lucky are those who find it. For although we may not be alone in the universe, in our own separate ways on this planet, we are all... alone."

See what I mean? It's just not right.

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quiz fun and randomness

Finally gave into the addiction and joined in the fun:

Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

I'm just glad I ended up with a character I like. Good thing it wasn't Dawn, who I cannot stand (sorry, Rebecca). Nothing against Michelle Trachtenberg, who is a wonderful actress, but the character has become annoying and has no purpose any longer, except apparently to do lots of very high-pitched screaming. Hmmm.

Anyways... feeling all funky today 'cause I had about 13 hours of sleep last night. I think that must be a record for me. Went to bed at 8pm 'cause I was completely exhausted from this past week. Was planning to just lay in bed for a bit and watch the Olympics, but I ended up zonking out. Twerpy Dawn (my cat, not the character) kept meowing at me though and waking me up. Finally had to boot her out of the room 'cause I couldn't deal with it. Ah well. She seemed to forgive me this morning. Don't know what was wrong with her. Maybe 'cause she's used to going to sleep before me? Who knows.

Cannot wait for Tuesday. New Buffy, PLUS Moulin Rouge 2 soundtrack. I am overly excited about this. Planning to head to the new Best Buy (no longer have to drive 30 minutes to get to one) in the morning and pick it up when they open. Yay yay yay. Plus I now know the track listing, thanks to the awesome Thomas. Also, did I mention how cool Thomas is? Well, he is. And he has a gorgeous Moulin Rouge layout up at his domain.

La la la. Should go work on updates... I think I have about 150+ applications for Going Through the Motions to go through. Yay? Not quite. Hmmm. Though I think this will push us over 1000 members. That seems to be an impressive number. Should do something fun for it. Anyone have ideas?

Ooooh... and everyone should buy Toy Story: The Ultimate Toy Box. Picked it up yesterday, even though I should be saving money. So much fun! Pixar is absolutely amazing. And I believe they're located in Emeryville... not too far from me at all. I just have this insane desire to stop by and visit them. Not sure if they'd welcome it, but what the heck? Alrighty... must force myself to work on updates. Must have them finished by manana.

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poor michelle

Not much to post tonight 'cause I'm all depressed over figure skating. Feel so bad for Michelle. Happy for Sarah (glad it was her and not Sasha), but I was so wishing that Michelle would do well. Way too much pressure was placed on her. It's just not fair to the skaters when that happens. *Sigh*

Anyways... had a not-so-thrilling day. But I did get to talk to Karen and Jeffy on the phone for a while, so that was nice. Hadn't talked to them in a bit. Miss them so very much. Think I'm going down to SLO on March 9th for Jeffy's birthday (which is the 8th, but I have to work that day and can't get out of it). Hmmm hmmm. Need to figure out what to get Jeffy. Anything in particular you'd like, chica?

Rae is doing the "Angel" bashing thing over at her blog... not quite fair, chica! ;p Had to go defend my show. Someone help me, please? Where are Susan, LW, and Rebecca when I need them?

Blah... don't feel like doing anything tonight. Need to finish updates for Much Ado and Flights, but things are progressing very slowly. Too much to do. Hmmm. Hopefully by manana everything will be ready. We shall see.

Think I shall go to bed and wallow in my misery (yes yes, I know I'm a freak and am too worked up over the whole skating thing). Or possibly read. That sounds like more fun. Haven't had time to do it recently. Off I go.

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la la land

Yup, back from LA. Had a blast... much excitement, however I am now completely exhausted. Working today didn't help there either, as we were completely busy. Hmmm. Anyways, PBP was loads of fun... didn't get close to meeting everyone who was there, but I did meet Alexis Denisof, Andy Hallett, J. August Richards, Adam Busch, Steve DeKnight, Marti Noxon, David Fury, Jeremy Renner, and Matthew James. Really wanted to meet Amber Benson, but the poor girl was already being squished by a huge crowd of folks, so I didn't even attempt it. Was close by Michelle Trachtenberg and Amy Acker, but just didn't the chance to meet them. Absolutely loved Common Rotation (Adam's band). They did a mini-show at the PBP and rocked. They even played a medley of songs from the Buffy musical! Very awesome. Andy also sang there, which gave me a good thrill, since I adore him. Even sang "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", making me very happy, since I adore SF and am a complete NorCal gal. Didn't stay as late as Rebecca and Susan as I had a horrid headache later in the evening. Probably brought on by the extremely loud music they had. Oh, and my annoying camera decided to crap out on me during the Common Ro show. Very disappointing. Susan was kind enough to take some pics for me with her camera though. Really pissed about the camera though. Need to send it in and find out what's wrong with it. Grrr.

Anyways, all in all, it was a lovely weekend. Rebecca is wonderful and I had so much fun getting to know her. And I love Susan, as we all know. ;o) Finally met Connie, who is completely wonderful and amazing (we got to share the joy of Pelletier and Sale getting the gold that they deserve), as well as Kiba, though I wish I'd had more time to chat with her. C'est la vie. Maybe next time!

Soooo... what did we do the whole time... on Thursday Little Willow and I drove down to LA and had fun trying to navigate Yahoo's confusing directions. Ended up going through Culver City in our attempt to get to LAX. But all was well, since Rebecca and Susan's flight was late. We arrived just as they came out of baggage claim. Getting to the hotel, however, was an entirely different story. According to Yahoo, it's only 13.8 miles from the airport to the hotel, yet it took us 2 hours, thanks to the bumper to bumper, inch-per-minute traffic. What fun! Though it did give us lots of time to chat. Anyways, once we got there, we dropped Little Willow off at her hotel, then checked in at ours, and headed out for dinner. Ended up eating at Acapulco's on Sunset (Rebecca had fun with the karaoke night), then went to the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Strip for drinks (I, however, am not a big drinker, and didn't have anything). Saw Tim Goebel win the Bronze (yay!), and Susan is now infatuated with him. wink

Friday we spent running around... ordered scripts from Hollywood Book and Poster for the PBP (I got "Tabula Rasa" and "Fredless"), then headed over to Paramount Studios in hopes of getting a tour, but they're still closed for those because of 9/11. But, Rebecca did spot Nick Wechsler (whom Susan adores) driving into the studio. When she first said it was him, I seriously thought she was joking, but she was quite serious! Susan was quite thrilled when I pointed him out to her, and was even more thrilled when he ran into the office where she was in search of his wallet (apparently he lost it). So, at least we got something out of the trip over there. wink Went to Roscoe's for lunch afterwards. Very yummy waffles. Headed back to the hotel after that for a short break, then drove over to Griffith Park and visited the Observatory. Quite beautiful there. Though I must say the smog surrounded LA that day was nasty. Hence my oath to never ever live there (not my only reason, but one of the major ones). As I said before, I'm all about NorCal. Anyways... had dinner when we got back to the hotel, then headed over to the pre-party at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel. Loads of fun. Met many folks and had a blast dancing the night away. If you know me, you know I'm not a dancer (I suck) and am not usually known for being on the dance floor, but I spent most of the night dancing. Quite fun. And yes, Rebecca, the "Grease" medley was definitely the biggest hit of the evening. Good choice, chica!

Saturday, obviously, was PBP day. Went to the Amberholics brunch in the morning, with loads of lovely folks. Then picked up our scripts from Hollywood Book and Poster. Rebecca and Susan went off to get their hair done up for PBP, and I headed back to the hotel for a nap and rest since I wasn't feeling all that spectacular. Thankfully, the nap helped, and after getting ready, it was off to the PBP, which I think I covered well enough at the top of this rambling post. wink

Sunday was a really fun day as well. Spent most of it hanging out with Susan and Rebecca. After breakfast, Rebecca and I walked over to a 1 hour photo place to drop off her film, and while walking by a window display for the Build-a-Bear workshop, inspiration struck. Since we're such huge Troika fans on Buffy, we decided to build stuffed animals for each member. Rebecca got Warren (since she's a huge Adam/Warren fan), I got Jonathan (I love Danny!), and Susan got Andrew (since she wasn't with us when we decided and she and Tom are both blonds... I know... we're so nice). Had a blast making the animals (Warren is a bear, Jonathan is a bunny, and Andrew is a monkey). We even put sounds in each one! Warren says, "Dude, don't be a geek." My lovely Jonathan (click for a pic), yells, "Don't touch my magic bone!" And Andrew says, "Timothy Dalton should take Sean Connery's Oscar and beat him over the head with it!" So much fun. More on them later. After that, it was off to Universal Studios for some fun. We paid an extra $26 each to get the Director's Pass since we got to the park a bit late. Ended up being really nice as we didn't have to wait in lines. Got to go all the way to the front, thanks to the pass! Quite cool. Though we did get some issues with it while waiting to get on the tram for the Studio Tour. Some guy started yelling at us about cutting and wouldn't move over to free up a seat on the tram. So we got off and waited for the next one. Really pissed us off that none of the employees said anything to us. The hot tour guide (that we, unfortunately, didn't get to have) that we had been talking to, apologized to us after it, but didn't say anything to the guy. Ended up with a really dorky tour guide, but hey, we saw the tower from "Hush" (I think the guide thought the three of us were insane as we pointed and snapped lots of photos). And you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) how much they promoted "Big Fat Liar" on the tour. Really didn't push me into wanting to see it anymore.

We headed over to the Beverly Hills Hard Rock Cafe as soon as we got out of the park for the Common Rotation gig. Got there a bit late, and none of us were feeling all that great, but we ended up having a great time. Rebecca stayed by the stage for the concert, but Susan and I got a table and went all out for dinner. Loads of fun, and the band ROCKED. I am quite in love with them now. The acoustic set Adam and Eric performed was just gorgeous. Yet I was joyous when the rest of the band finally came out. And to top it all off, Little Willow was pulled on stage by the guys and got to sing. I am so proud of her! She seriously rocked. Quite amazing. After the show, we talked to Adam, Danny, and Tom (Danny and Tom came to support Adam) and got them to sign each of our animals. Was very fun. And that was pretty much the end of the trip. Went back to the hotel (Little Willow spent Sunday night with us), got up early the next morning, had breakfast with Susan and Rebecca, then Little Willow and I headed home. Definitely an action packed weekend and full of wonderful moments. And I just realized I've been typing this for over an hour. Am I weird or what? So, I must get ready for bed. So very tired and still exhausted from the weekend. But happy. Very happy.

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oscar nominees=disappointment

Woot. No more work till next Tuesday. Have tomorrow off to get ready for the LA trip and on Thursday it's off to LA for the PBP and other kinds of fun with LW. Very excited. ;o)

Soooo... Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and while there was a lot of stuff I liked and was happy with, there were quite a few nominations missing that should have been there. Ultimately, I was disappointed, due to all the MR nominations they missed. Including: no nomination for Baz Luhrmann's brilliant directing for "Moulin Rouge". I mean, they nominated David Lynch for "Mulholland Drive" (and I'm sure everyone's tired of me talking about that movie, but too bad), which shows NO skill whatsoever in terms of directing. It's a jumbled and unorganized mess. Nothing is tied together. Characters are all over the place and some of them are completely unconnected and unrelated to whatever the hell the point of that movie was. Blech. Anyways, another huge disappointment and one that had me almost yelling at the TV (had to restrain myself 'cause it was 5:30am) was no nomination for Ewan in MR. How can the Academy ignore his amazing work? I am unbelievably astonished by this one. Quite pissed off too. And then, to top it all off, no nomination for "Come What May" as Best Original Song (someone please explain the thinking, if there was any, behind this one), and no nomination for Craig Armstrong's gorgeous score for the movie. Aaaaaaah! It's making me insane. Anyways, I went back to sleep very annoyed this morning. Took me a while to get back to sleep too 'cause I was busy trying to figure out how they could have ignored all of that. Blech blech blech. On the other hand, I was quite happy with the nominees for Best Picture. (did you see? 4 out of my 5 picks were nominated!) No nomination for "Memento", but I haven't seen "In the Bedroom" yet, so who knows. Anyways, will stop rambling. I'll post my choices sometime before the awards air, but I still have a couple movies to see first.

Speaking of Moulin Rouge, though... thanks to the lovely Thomas who sent me some info on the Moulin Rouge 2 soundtrack. He's heard that it will contain "The Show Must Go On" and "Like a Virigin"... pretty much anything that wasn't on the first. Whoo! Can't wait for that.

Hmmm... I suppose I should go work on site updates for tonight. Don't want to leave them all till the last minute. Off I go.

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canadians rule!

Well, today was a blah day. First off, have to talk about the Olympics. Canadians were robbed. Jamie and David should have won the gold for Pairs Figure Skating. I cannot understand what the judges were thinking. Connie and I spent the evening commiserating and ranting about the horridness of the judges. Argh. So so angry about this. Cannot believe they didn't get the gold. Blech blech blech. In my mind, Jamie and David are the Olympic champions.

Extremely tired 'cause I didn't get much sleep last night... spent much of it joining those adorable tiny clique things (see bottom of the right side). Only found one Sanrio character for adoption, and since I love them, I had to make my own. Feel free to adopt if you wish! Yes, I am a dork. Thank-you-very-much.

Hmmm... something else I wanted to say... can't remember though... oh well. Should head to bed if I want to get up for the Oscar announcements in the morning. Expect comments on that tomorrow!

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moulin rouge-y goodness

I assume most people have heard, but just in case, I must share the excitement: a 2nd Moulin Rouge soundtrack is being released February 26th! Woot! Rae spotted it in someone's blog, so both of us were revelling in the joy last night. Unfortunately, I can't find a track listing anywhere... has it for pre-order, but no real info, other than the cover picture. Ah well. Will find out soon enough.

Very excited about the Oscar nominations coming out on Tuesday morning. Don't know why I'm such a dork about it, but I will, of course, be getting up at 5:30am just to see the nominations announced live. I've been doing it for at least 4 or 5 years now. Weird, huh? Yup, that's me. Been trying to decide what I'd nominate for Best Pic if people actually wanted my opinion... I think this is how I'd do it, but I'm not quite sure about a couple of them: "Moulin Rouge", "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring", "A Beautiful Mind", "Memento", and "Gosford Park". Doubt I'm even close to what it'll actually be though. As long as MR and LotR are nominated for Best Pic, along with Nicole and Ewan for acting, I'll be a happy camper.

Seriously, am I boring everyone? I feel like I'm boring myself... probably 'cause I'm too busy watching the Olympics and chatting with Rae to actually write something interesting. Not that I really have anything fun to say. Oooh... but before I forget, I redid Muppet Love. It's got a new layout and is now a fanlisting. Anyone who was a member of the clique beforehand should resubmit to the fanlisting, if they wish! wink Alrighties... going to go watch more of the Olympics.

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love deknight

Rae says I need to blog more... hmmm... so she says. Okay, it's true... this has just been an insane and fairly non-fun week. Blah. Plus I seriously have nothing of interest to say... except maybe this: Steve DeKnight is just an awesome and genius-y kind of guy. Not just 'cause this last Buffy episode was brilliant and wonderful, but because he's written the best and most accurate review of "Mulholland Drive" I've seen yet:

    "Yeah, here's what happened in Mulholland Drive: Lynch shot a pilot for TV series that the network didn't like. So he shot a half-hour more of some crap that had pretty much nothing to with the pilot, slapped it together, and suckered a bunch of saps like us into coughing up 8 bucks to see it."

Brilliant, I tell you, just brilliant. Did I mention how I hate that movie even more if I think about it more? It just makes no sense and is so completely pointless. Ugh. Anyways... onto more interesting things. Watched the ENDLESS Olympic opening ceremony tonight. There were a lot of good moments, but the thing just dragged on and on and on and on. Way too long for my tastes. But hey, I was too tired to get up and actually go somewhere (actually, I was going to the movies with Jeffy originally, but the poor chica had a nasty migraine).

Since I have nothing of interest to say, I think I need to head to bed... quite exhausted. But, before I go: LW - No fun about missing "24"! Hope you caught the re-airing tonight. Was quite good, si? Danke to you, Raven for the poster link. Hoping it will arrive soon. And lastly, everyone go send love and good thoughts to Susan 'cause she needs it right now. *Hugs* to you, chica.

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buffy and more

Am I a freak for wanting to pay $40 for one of those awesome Buffy posters for "Once More, With Feeling"? Hmmm... can't decide what to do. Money money money. Always in need of it. Plus with PBP coming up, I really need to save. Argh. Watch... I'll probably end up buying it 'cause I'm insane.

Speaking of PBP though... I'm really worried about Susan. The poor chica is completely stressed out over family problems and she's not even sure if she'll be able to make it to PBP. I'm hoping against hope that she can, because it won't be right without her there. So, go send her love and good wishes. She needs them!

La la la... nothing interesting to say... saw "Gosford Park" yesterday (had a day off... whoo). Really enjoyed it... very witty and fun. Clive Owen... what a hottie... anyone else see him in "Second Sight" on "Mystery!"? Loved those. And does anyone know if that was really Jeremy Northam singing? 'Cause if so, he rocks. Hmmm... feeling the need to watch "Emma" just for yummy Mr. Knightley. Oh great... just thought of something else I want to buy - "Emma" on DVD. I think I'm turning into Rae! Aaah! See what you've done to me, chica?

Anyways, think I will go ponder spending more money than I should and possibly watch a movie (just finished "Ever After", but what the heck?)

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