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Didn't end up watching a

Didn't end up watching a full movie the other night. Instead I ended up watching half of an old Batman movie with Dad on AMC. It was too funny. I'm not sure if it was a theatrical release or what, but it was with all the stars from the old TV show (which Bryan and I used to watch every Sunday morning when we were little). Too freaking hilarious. It's so completely lame that it's one of the most entertaining things to watch. I mean, the effects suck, the acting is laughable and the dialogue... good lord... so terrible. But it's a blast. After that I started watching the DVD of "The Phantom Menace" I have from the library, but was too tired to finish. Can't decide whether or not I should buy it. I just don't enjoy it like I do the original trilogy. Ewan is yummy and such, but Jar Jar is the most annoying character ever written (maybe I'm exaggerating, but that's what it feels like when I'm watching). Seriously, what happened to all the wit and charm of the originals? It just doesn't feel the same. Hmmm. Really hope "Attack of the Clones" is better. We shall see.

Anyways, went to the library book sale yesterday with Bryan. Spent $10.50 and came home with 8 books:

- BtVS/Angel: Unseen - Door to Alternity
- Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo
- Walter Van Tilburg Clark - The Ox-Bow Incident
- Charles Dickens - Great Expectations
- Janet Fitch - White Oleander
- Mark Z. Danielewski - House of Leaves
- The Short Novels of John Steinbeck (includes Of Mice and Men, Tortilla Flat, The Red Pony, and more)
- Margaret Mitchell - Gone With the Wind

Such fun. Now I have to figure out where the hell to put them. Hmmm. Went to dinner at Gordon Biersch last night with Bryan and Eileen. Saw "Mulholland Dr" afterwards... really weird. Made no sense whatsoever. It was interesting and entertaining at points, but overall, I was really disapppointed. There were a lot of scenes/characters that seemed completely unnecessary and pointless. And there was really no purpose to the movie. It was just completely randomness. Guess I'm just not a David Lynch person. Bryan and Eileen didn't think much of it either. Need to see "Gosford Park" though. Love Robert Altman ("The Player" and "Short Cuts" are my faves of his).

Alrighties... off to watch "Dark City"... such an amazing movie. Later later.

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life is boring

Seriously bored out of my skull right now. Should be working on site stuff, but I'm not in the mood. Was going to watch a movie, but I want to use Bryan's DVD player, not the comp one, so I have to wait till he leaves. Hmmmm. I think I'm just restless after working all day. At least work was quiet today (school kids had the day off). Need to make sure I get out and do things tomorrow. Library (not mine... another in the system) has a book sale, so I'll probably go and buy more books that I don't need and don't have the room for. Right now I have 50-100 books stored in my mum's closet till I get more shelves in here. Yes, I own my very own library! No wonder I work in one. I just have this addiction for buying books. I once went used book shopping with Diane for a day and spent over $100 dollars. Really not good. You wouldn't believe how many books I ended up with though. Haven't read half of what I own, but my goal in life is to get through them all. Yeah, right. We'll see how that goes.

Can't stop thinking about this e-mail I got a few weeks ago... it really bothered me at the time, and it still irks me quite a bit, though I know I shouldn't let it get to me. It was from a fellow webmaster who applied for an award at Much Ado. I'm way behind in award apps. Much more behind than I should be, but it can't be helped. I do them when I get a chance. It's slow, but I get to them eventually. Anyways, said webmaster sent me a nasty (and I'm not kidding there) message, basically bashing me for not sending him an award yet. He said "Well let me tell you that at the moment I am mightily pissed off with you. I used to visit your sites every day, looking for inspiration for my own website, or simply to look at the website. But not anymore, I have stopped visiting it because of your rudeness towards fans." Then I was told that he would not link me anymore because of this (which I could care less about... I don't really care who links me... their choice, not mine). The thing that's really bugging me is the "rudeness towards fans" part. Not to jump to my own defense, but I think the fact that I spend my free time creating and updating this huge website, which can be a pain in my ass sometimes, is enough to save me from being rude to fans.

There was a point a little over a year ago where I was literally thinking about closing (hosting issues... very very bad). But then I realized how many people would be disappointed and how much I'd miss contributing my bit to the web. So I kept going. I found a better hosting situation and continued to devote my time and money into my site. I love working on Much Ado, but when I get e-mails like that, especially from a fellow webmaster who should know what it's like, I get pissed. Yes, I don't reply to every e-mail I get (that would be impossible), but I do my best to answer questions and keep the site up to the best of my abilities. When I replied to his e-mail, I thought maybe it might give him some understanding. I wasn't rude, but I was frank and I told him that I had a life and other priorities. Didn't do me much good, as he told me that my delay had made him "lose patience." Well, pardon me, but since when was I here to serve him? I'm not getting paid to provide him with awards. Awards are supposed to be a fun way for me to peruse other sites and reward people for their hard work. They shouldn't be something that determines how you view a webmaster.

But that's just my two cents. Crazy me. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still doing this, but then I remember all the awesome people I've met and become friends with, and how much fun I do have, no matter what kind of e-mails I get.

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Back pain is not fun.

Back pain is not fun. Don't know what I did, but it started earlier today and has only become worse. Had to hook up the laptop so I could sit on the bed rather than at the desk. More comfy, but the laptop isn't as fun. *Pout pout* I think I may have hurt my back when I dropped Layla & Eric off at home 'cause I picked up the twins when I was there, but I don't remember feeling like I pulled anything or strained it. And I pick up the twins quite often. Hmmm. Hopefully this will be better manana if I want to make it to work. No way can I shelve with my back like this. I'm sure Doris would be very non-thrilled if I couldn't make it to work.

Anyways, had a fun weekend with the kids. Took them to the Tech Museum yesterday, and they seemed to love it. So much to do and play with. We watched the Golden Globes last night (did a puzzle while watching to keep Eric & Layla entertained). Didn't agree with all the choices, but I was thrilled "Moulin Rouge" won, along with Nicole. And Kiefer won for "24"! And Jennifer Connelly! So yay to that. Ewan was robbed though. So annoyed he didn't win (and didn't he look hot last night?). And I know Susan is going to be annoyed at me for saying this, but I really didn't think Jennifer Garner deserved to win. I love "Alias" and I think she's lovely on the show, but I just don't think she's one of the best actresses on TV. I was very disappointed that she won... same as with Keri Russell a few years ago.

Forget to mention the other day that Rae and I have a new clique called Clandestine. Won't even try to explain it here as it's way too insane and long. Just check it out. We're having fun with it.

Blah... seriously have nothing of interest to say... too tired and distracted by back pain. So I think I should go before I annoy and bore everyone to death. Quickly though, pluggage: Jen has a lovely new layout and Susan finally re-opened Somewhere in Between. Yay! Check them out.

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people suck

Alright. Rant time. What the hell is wrong with people? Rae makes a gorgeous new layout at Fringe, and right away someone copies it. This complete idiot stole not only her layout, but also copied her coding and took her graphics! How completely lame and pathetic can you get? Arrrrgh. I feel the need to kick some ass on Rae's behalf. Who wants to join me?

I received an e-mail from Little Willow last night that made me feel relieved and sad at the same time. It was a link to this article. Having been an X-Files fan from the first season, it's very sad to see the show go, but at the same time, I'm thinking "It's about damn time!" I really believe Chris Carter stretched the show out too long and truly lost sight of where he was taking the show. I watched my DVDs of "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" and "Small Potatoes" last night (was in a Darin Morgan mood). Was thinking about watching "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" as well, but ended up being too tired to stay awake till 3am. It's just astounding to see how much the show has changed. The acting is still top notch (though I can't speak for this season as I've only seen the first 2 episodes), but the writing... SO not what it used to be. Hmmm. Anyways, plan to watch the series finale (though only that one) to see how they end it. Really hope they can convince David to return for the finale. Just wouldn't be right without him (okay, it hasn't been right at all since he left!).

Very happy 'cause I convinced my bro to see "Black Hawk Down" with me manana. I think Eileen (his girlfriend) is coming as well. Just need to find out what time so I can get order tickets online tonight. Too much of a hassle to try and get them tomorrow. Also need to find out if Leanna is coming... hmmm. Hope she can because she's heading back to L.A. on Sunday morning and I probably won't see her on Saturday as she'll be busy packing and the kids (just Eric and Layla) are coming to visit for the weekend. Oooh... and someone remind me to come online at 9pm tomorrow night so I can order my DMB tickets, as well as a set for Rae. Must make myself a note. So afraid I'm going to forget.

Alrighties... should go help with dinner. Fun fun. But before I go, quick thanks to Tara for the info about "Innocence" commentary. Definitely made my day. And yay to Heather for having such excellent taste. wink

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dvds rock

Yay yay yay. Am now the proud owner of the Buffy Season 1 DVD set. Watching Joss' brilliant commentary for WttH right now. Really wish they had commentary for Angel, Nightmares, and Prophecy Girl as well. Hmmm. Would have added a lot more to the set (which is kind of paltry otherwise), but hey... it's Buffy on DVD, so that in itself rocks. Very excited about Season 2 coming out in June as well. Especially because "Innocence" is my favorite episode. And there better be commentary for it. Seriously. Otherwise I will kill someone. Not sure who yet... can't kill Joss 'cause I need him to keep making the show for me.

Remind me not to tell Rae about Angel again. She hasn't been watching this season and I told her about the ending of last night's episode. It bothered her so much that she couldn't sleep and sent me a rant-y type e-mail about it at 4am. Pobre chica. What am I to do with her?

Alrighty... must head back to watching the commentary... much fun to be had. smile

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wrinkles and endless light

Literally doing the happy dance right now. Just found out that a TV miniseries is being developed for the Madeleine L'Engle book A Wrinkle in Time. Supposedly it'll be airing on ABC sometime this year. Yay! Love that book. And A Ring of Endless Light is also being made into a TV movie! Very excited, as that's one of my favorite books. Hopefully both will be well done. I'll be so disappointed if they aren't. Madeleine L'Engle books are very precious to me and are not to be fiddled with!

Anyways... had a lovely weekend in SLO with the girls. Went out to dinner at the Mission Grill with just Karen and Jeffy on Friday night. We split an appetizer, dinner and dessert. The dessert was definitely the most fun. It was called the Sizzling Cookie and it was delicious. It's two cookies with whipped cream on top of them sitting in a hot skillet. The waiter dumped a cup of ice cream into the skillet and as it softened and started to melt, he poured fudge over it. So completely yummy. Mmmmm.

Saturday night was the Pride and Prejudice party. We hauled Karen and Jeffy's mattresses down from the second floor of the apartment and laid them on the living room floor in front of the couch. We needed the seats as 10 people would be there for the party, and there's only about 5 seats in the living room regularly. We rotated seats throughout the six hour fest, and had loads of stuff to snack on (junk food mostly... bad bad bad). It was so much fun watching with everyone. I usually watch P&P once a year on my own, but it's much better this way. Just hearing everyone's reactions and enjoying it with a group. Plus Karen is hilarious when you get to the really romantic parts. All you hear from her is this little sigh of "Aaaaawwww." So funny. You always know when it's coming.

After I got home yesterday, I spent pretty much the whole evening till about 2:30am working with Rae on an all new top secret project (ha ha ha... no clues! though some of you know what it is... but shhh!). We are so insane. I think we just enjoy giving ourselves more work. Actually this shouldn't be too much work, but it will be very fun. So yay.

Got all my days off from work for the PBP set today. Was kind of a hassle 'cause Doris didn't take my vacation request. She claimed that the budget was short and she couldn't afford to give me the time off. So instead she wanted me to ask around and find people to work for me. Of course, she hadn't even done the schedule for that week, so I had no idea what days to ask people to work. She did the schedule right there and, of course, put me on the days I wanted off and not on the days I would be there. Blah. So annoying. Anyways, got it all worked out, thanks to Daniel and Eric who picked up the days I needed off. If only Doris actually put some effort into the scheduling. Sometimes I think all she wants to do is have it work, and it doesn't matter what the employees need. Hmmmph. No need to dwell on that bit of fun though. I'm just happy I'm going to PBP!

Have a day off manana, so I plan to head over to Suncoast early to pick up Jeffy's and my copies of the BtVS Season 1 DVD set. Woot woot! Have a few more errands to run, then I'll probably spend the rest of the day watching the episodes. Yippee! What a dork am I. Speaking of which... time for site updates... no more laziness for me!

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the phenomenon rears it's head

Pluggage time: new fanlisting! It's all about that ever famous set of books and movies all about some weird kid with a wand and some wacky friends. Si si. It's Harry Potter. Not sure how, but Rae and I somehow managed to get our hands on the fanlisting for the books and movie. We're just cool like that. (and omg, could I be more full of myself?) Anyways, my head is a big jumbled mess 'cause I'm exhausted and I still need to pack so that I can actually leave on time for the drive to SLO (San Luis Obispo) manana. Going to visit Karen and Jeffy for the weekend. Plus, it's their first annual "Pride and Prejudice" party. Don't ask. I'll explain later when I'm more rational.

Thanks to the lovely commenters for the layout praise. Very much appreciated! And yes, Kiba, Viggo is all yours! ;o) I'm also adding Ben Browder and Hugh Jackman (though I think Tosca may want him as well) to my harem, along with Ewan, who apparently I'm sharing with Rae and Alyse. Poor boy's getting pulled all over the place! And SocKs, of course you're a daily! You rock, chica. Off to pack I go... then to bed so I can actually drive manana.

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drinking the absinthe

Yup. New layout again. Just for the journal area of the site though... I think I just felt the need to distance it a bit and make it more unique. And maybe motivate myself to blog more often? Who knows! Anyways, since I'm on my Moulin Rouge obsession kick, Green Fairy it is. Yay! Hope all like it.

Had a fun day... no work (thank goodness!), so Leanna and I met for lunch downtown. Went to Pizza Chicago (yummmm) and split a pizza with garlic, bacon and dried apricots. I think it was called the Jane Bryne. Very yummy. Never used to be big on pizzas with weird toppings, but now I'm obsessed. They are too damn good. Anyways, we then saw "Beauty and the Beast" at the IMAX in the Tech Museum, which rocked. Very cool seeing it on that huge screen, and I loved the new song. Fit in very well. Plus, they referenced Shakespeare! Always a good thing in my book.

Having an interesting conversation with Rae... she said she wants Orlando Bloom for her birthday (which isn't till June, btw), so I told her I wanted Ewan if she gets Orlando. Rae said no way 'cause he's part of her harem, along with Bono. I responded that it's only fair if she gets both Orlando AND Bono, to which she said "Tough shit." Now really, that's not quite fair... I'm going to have to liberate Ewan from the harem and bring him back to Cal with me. ;o) See how much fun Rae is when she's completely tired (go to bed, chica!)? Speaking of tired, I think that's me as well... layout work has tuckered me out. Off to bed I go.

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Wrote a little rant just

Wrote a little rant just a few minutes ago. Just needed to get it out, though I will not post it 'cause of all the shit it would cause. Just too much for a situation that's (thankfully) starting to die down. Writing it was mainly for me. But, I would like to direct people to read Connie's comments from today, as she is amazing and said what I feel much more rationally than I could manage. Too tired to think properly. Not sure why though, as I got loads of sleep last night. Hmmm.

Anyways... watched the AFI Awards just because Buffy was nominated (yes, I am sad and pathetic). Overall, was disappointed with the show. A large numbers of the winners were not there, and the presenters seemed unrehearsed and stumbled quite a bit. Diane Keaton was just wacky, Alan Cumming was adorable and charming, Baz is a complete genius, Natalie Cole has a gorgeous voice, Elijah and Sean were funny and sweet, and those month by month clips were the most random things I've ever seen (seriously! where did they come from?). Anyways, that was my boring Saturday night. Yes, I lead a most thrilling life. But hey, fun will be had manana... Leanna and I are going to Hobee's for breakfast (yummm), then Barnes & Noble, and to the movies (probably to see "A Beautiful Mind"). And, since she's coming by fairly early, I should be heading to bed soon. Need to try and read a bit before I zonk out. Only been able to do a few pages over the past few nights as I've been too exhausted each time to get anywhere. LotR is too good to be read in that fashion.

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the greatest thing

I should seriously be heading to bed, as I have to work early manana, but I just felt the need to share the joy of the Moulin Rouge DVDs. Jen prompted this with her mention of one of the many Easter Eggs on the 2nd disc, which is my favorite of them all. You are quite right, Jen. It is adorable! I had managed to find 7 of the eggs on my own (which I was quite proud of, as I'm not usually a big easter egg hunter on DVDs). Then found there was one more by reading the list here (btw, that site is an amazing resource). Such fun! I think I love the Nicole/Ewan outtake from "Your Song" best (mini-caps here for your enjoyment 'cause I'm obsessed) and Baz's impromptu dance. So freaking funny. That man is a genius. Oooh. And he's got the Aussie accent, which just rocks. Did I mention I'm a sucker for accents? Especially Aussie ones? Well, I am.

So glad that LW's driving to LA with me for PBP. I was planning to ask her, when she suddenly popped it to me tonight. Much more fun to drive with her. Trust me... that chica is pure entertainment. Must start planning things to do in LA with Susan. I told her she gets to do some of the driving around LA, as I hate driving there. Way too insane for me. Though now that I've seen what Manhattan looks like, it doesn't seem quite as bad. ;o)

Hmmm... since I have nothing else to say, I think I shall head to bed so I'm actually awake at work tomorrow (what a concept!). Doris will probably appreciate that. Enjoy the MR caps, even though they're kind of dinky. So adorable.

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in with the new

It's all about newness tonight, apparently. ;o) New layout! I loved BJD, but I couldn't resist "Ocean's Eleven". Just too much fun. And I finally got Greymatter working. Yay! Took a bit of configuring and much frustration on my part, but I think I've got it working now. So much more fun than Blogger. Not that Blogger's terrible, but this is so much nicer. And woot! I finally have a comment thingie (thank you for the push, Kiba). So you can all tell me how insane I am. Goodie. ;o)

Hope everyone had a lovely New Year's. Mine was quite fun. We had our annual dinner party/sleepover (we being Karen, Jeffy, Diane, Leanna, Tu Lan, and I) at my house, and we finally got around to making fondue, which we've talked about having at a party for a couple years now. We had a cheese one with bread before dinner, but it didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped. The flavor was nice, but the fondue was way too thick and sticky. But we had yummy lasagna for dinner to make up for it. After dinner we made a chocolate fondue and sat around dipping the various things we bought (we had about 10 different things for dipping). It was so much fun... we ate way too much chocolate and felt extremely full afterwards, but it was a blast. I love being with friends... there's nothing better than being with people you love. Anyways, we watched "Moulin Rouge" before midnight came around (my 3rd time watching it within a span of about 10 days... can you tell I'm obsessed?) and then had our champagne. 'Twas quite lovely. Not as exciting as some things people do on New Year's, but it's what I prefer. I'd rather be at home with my best friends than at a huge party. But that's just me. Maybe I'm weird that way.

Today was nice as well. Tina brought all four kids (Eric, Layla, Kimmie and Ryan) over to our house, so we were finally able to give them their Christmas gifts. Before dinner, Bryan and I took the kids to Christmas in the Park downtown and wandered around for a while. Eric had to make up a story for every display he saw. Quite comical. Some of his stories get too long though and tend to go on and on and on and on, so I had to cut him down to one sentence near the end (which he then tried to make a run-on). Silly boy... but very fun and sweet. So sad to see them leave tonight. I wish they lived closer (they're about 1.5 hours away) or I had more free time to visit them. But all in all, this was a wonderful New Year's.

Happy New Year!

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