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Argh. Apparently Greymatter doesn't like

Argh. Apparently Greymatter doesn't like me fiddling with the configuration settings once it's set up. Hmmm. Well that's a bit inconvenient. Ah well. Hopefully this will get everything working properly again. *Fingers crossed*

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And oh yeah, Merry Christmas

And oh yeah, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. :o)

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I'm exhausted and shouldn't be

I'm exhausted and shouldn't be blogging, but I was just reading Trina's blog and had to comment on it, 'cause I was really disturbed by what I read. She mentioned me in it and seemed to be implying that I've been ignoring her. Which I just don't understand because I never really talk to her. She made it sound like she and I were good friends and that I've now decided to not talk to her. So not true. I've always admired and respected her, but I don't think our relationship was anything more than friendly acquaintances. I've never talked to her on IM (don't even have her name), yet she says that I, along with Rae and Tosca, ignore her IMs or brush her off. Maybe I'm overreacting, but this really bugs me because I don't ignore IMs. If someone IMs me, I reply and I chat. I may not always be online to chat a lot, but when I'm there, I talk. How can I be ignoring someone whom I never hear from? Trina seems to think I don't talk to her because she's not "elite", which is just ridiculous. I enjoy her sites and think she's an excellent webmum. Hmmm. Anyways, hopefully she reads this and realizes that I'm not ignoring her, and if she wants to chat, I'd be more than happy. I just need her IM name first!

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So, Rae just told me

So, Rae just told me she's going to yell at me for not blogging yet, so I figured I should get a move on to avoid that bit of fun. ;o) Back home! I had an amazing time in NY with Rae. On Thursday she and I went back to Manhattan and went to the top of the Empire State Building. It was so wonderful and completely awesome. The view was breathtakingly gorgeous. We both got some lovely pictures (see below) and had a blast (it was Rae's first time up there as well). I must say it was freezing up there though. On one side, the wind was blowing so hard that I was unable to hold my camera steady. So much fun. After that, we went over towards Rockefeller Center. Saw St. Patrick's Cathedral along the way, which was quite beautiful. Loved the tree at Rockefeller, and I was dying to go ice skating, but we didn't have a lot of time. We wandered around that area for a bit and saw the front of Radio City Music Hall, etc. Then it was time to head over towards "The Daily Show" studios to wait in line for the taping. We got there fairly early and had to wait in line for over an hour. And the line was outside, so needless to say, we froze our asses off. But it was totally worth it. The show was so funny and wonderful. The warm-up comic (Paul) was hilarious and Jon was amazing, as always. He came out before the taping started and talked the audience. I was almost rolling on the floor laughing (which would have been a pretty funny sight to see). When someone complimented Jon on how wonderfully he'd done in taking over the show for Craig Kilborn (no e, Rae ;-), he said the biggest difference between himself and Craig was that Craig really works and buckles down, whereas Jon is extremely high on a daily basis. He then proceeded to tell us how he sits in a dark room with a fan blowing on himself and wails at the top of his lungs. So freaking funny. Love that man. Seriously. If he wasn't already married, I'd be chasing him down. We went to dinner after the taping and then had loads of fun trying to hail a taxi back to Penn Station. Twas pretty funny. Just when we were about to resign to taking the subway back to Penn, we caught a cab. Pretty funny, si?

Friday was our day on Long Island. Went to the mall and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Soooo delicious. The burger I had was huge and I was only able to eat half... though I did leave a bit of room left to split a piece of tiramasu cheesecake with Rae. ;o) I mean, you can't go to the Cheesecake Factory and not have cheesecake! Must go there next time I'm in San Francisco (found out there's one on Geary Street) and try more cheesecake flavors! We saw "Lord of the Rings" Friday night, and I truly enjoyed it. I finished the book just that morning (Claude, Rae's dog, kept wanting me to find his rock for him, so it took me ages to finish the last 25 pages ;-) and loved it (hadn't read it in over 10 years, so I didn't remember anything). I thought the movie was fairly accurate to the story. They changed or removed some things, but it fit for a movie. Quite enjoyable.

Anyways, back to the trip... Saturday was my last day... Rae, Karen (Rae's mom), Beth (Karen's best friend), and I went back to Manhattan to see "Les Miserables" in the afternoon. Even the drive to the city was so much fun because Beth and Karen know where everything is in NY and were pointing loads of places out to me. We had lunch at the Celebrity Deli (very yummy) where I tasted my first Egg Cream, and I must agree with Rae that they're delicious. Yummmm. Then it was time for the show. Adored it. Les Mis is one I've never seen before, and it was amazing. Loved the music, the acting, sets, everything. So beautiful. I hope it comes to the Bay Area again in the near future so I can take my mom. Ooooh... funny story... I bought one of the programs at the show to take home with me, and during intermission Rae was looking at it. We put it under her chair when the show started up again as I had no room under mine. At the end, we couldn't find it anywhere. Rae thinks she might have kicked a bit, but it wasn't in the row behind us. Funny thing is, the guy behind had a program that look slightly bent and beat up. When we asked him if he'd noticed a stray program on the ground, he seemed a bit guilty and was quick to say (even though we didn't ask) that he had purchased his program. Hmmm. Anyways, Karen (who is awesome), bought me a new program 'cause she felt so bad. Love Rae's mom. While we were waiting for the car outside, Rae and I spotted some Off Broadway booklets in a ticket office. One was entitled "Puppetry of the Penis", which Rae found hilarious, so I went in and grabbed the booklet for her (must force her to scan that). So freaking funny. Rae is insisting that she's going to see it sometime. I think the fact that the booklet mentioned Bono had seen it was an added motivation for her. ;o)

We went back to Long Island for dinner... the drive was insane because there was so much traffic, but it was fun nonetheless. Got a lovely view of Manhattan along the Triboro Bridge. The Empire State and Chrysler Buildings look gorgeous all lit up. I just love city views at night. We had dinner at an Italian place called Piccola Bussola, which Rae insisted has the best fried mozzarella. And she's right! They are soooo yummy. Dinner was delicious, and I met Rae's bro, Josh, who is hilarious and very witty. Definitely not the person to get into a debate with if you're aiming to win... 'cause you will most certainly lose. After dinner we went back to Rae's house where Rae, Karen, Beth, and I watched Rae's new DVD of "Moulin Rouge", which Karen and Beth hadn't seen yet. Adore that movie. It's so amazing and beautiful. (Btw, my DVD was shipped by Amazon last Sunday and should have been awaiting me at home, but I found out it was shipped via the Post Office rather than UPS, so it's still not here. Grrrr.) Karen and Beth loved it.

I didn't get to bed till about 2am EST Saturday night 'cause I had to pack and it took forever to stuff everything I bought into my suitcase and get it closed. Which meant I had 2.5 hours of sleep as I had to get up at 4:30am so we could leave for the airport at 5:30am. Had an 8:20am flight out of La Guardia, and I didn't get up to Northwest's check-in desk till 8am, even though we arrived there at 6:20am. They had two people working at the desk and a huge line of people. The workers were so extremely slow and I was a nervous wreck. About 40 minutes before my flight was scheduled to leave, they finally started moving people from my flight up to the front of the line. Can't believe how long it took. Aaah. So insane. At least I made it onto my flight though. Rae was so sweet too... she stayed in line with me the whole time, even though she was exhausted and had to drive back to Long Island afterwards. Love that chica. She is the best. I miss her already! :-( Have promised to go back though, especially if U2 returns to NY on tour. Karen also said she'd try to get Rae out to California via the train or drive out here (as she won't fly). Yay! Hope she does come visit, 'cause there's so much I want to show her.

Made it back home safe and sound, as you can tell. Bryan picked me up from the airport and I came home and made the annual Christmas ginger cookies with Karen (my best friend, not Rae's mom ;o). Quite fun! Was going to blog last night, but jet lag caught up with me and I went to bed early. Had a fairly uneventful day today... made fudge and spent time with mi familia. Tonight we went to the Stanford Theatre and saw the special showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" (as we do every year). Always wonderful. I love that movie and no matter how many times I see it, I always cry at the end. Yes yes, I know it's a happy ending, but it's so happy and so lovely, that it makes me cry with joy. Love love love it. Christmas is the best. And now, I must head to bed so I'll be awake for presents and breakfast (which I'm making) in the morning. Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you're all as joyful as I feel.

"Remember, no man is a failure who has friends."

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Yay! I'm in New York

Yay! I'm in New York with Rae. :o) Arrived bright and early yesterday morning, and was extremely tired, as I had been on planes the whole night and hadn't really slept ('cause how can you sleep on a plane?), so I crashed soon after arriving at Rae's (she had to crash too from being up very late the night before). We didn't do much yesterday, but it was a fun day spending time with Rae (as she is the coolest), and we saw "Ocean's Eleven" that night (so damn good... Brad Pitt is such a hottie).

Today we went in Manhattan and to the Met. Spent a few hours there just looking at as much as possible... though I'm sure we didn't get see to half of what's there. Got the cab and subway experience. Quite interesting. Got glimpses of the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square on the cab rides. We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Chat 'N Chew... the best macaroni & cheese... yum. Tomorrow is "The Daily Show" taping... Jon Stewart... yay! We're going to visit Rockefeller Center as well. Can't wait!

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Had an interesting couple of

Had an interesting couple of days (well, for me, at least)... yesterday Mom and I met Tina (aunt) for lunch at the Concord mall with the twins... they were so cute. They got to see Santa and it was funny to see how excited they were. Before we got in line all they would talk about was "When do we see Santa?" Poor Buzzy wanted every toy he saw in the Disney store too... I could tell he was tired near the end 'cause he kept crying every time he couldn't get something and usually he's a total sweetie. Took a few pics of them and posted them over here for relatives, but I thought I'd share the cuteness with everyone. Kimmie was fascinated by the display screen on my camera. Every time I took a picture of her she insisted on seeing how it came out. Too funny.

Today was my last day of work before New York. Yay! Only had to work 4 hours and the library was quite peaceful today, thankfully. I really wasn't in the mood to be busy, so it worked out well. Doris kept trying to give me advice for my trip... it was pretty funny... most of it was stuff like "don't make eye contact with people on the subway". Which Rae says isn't useful since we probably won't ride the subway much. So that cracks me up. When I got home this evening, Mom was getting ready to take Dad to his hotel in San Francisco (he has a conference until Thursday) and I could tell she didn't want to drive home alone, especially because she hates driving in the dark. She tried to get Bryan to drive up there (she even offered to pay him $20), but he refused. Nice guy, huh? So I went with her. Dad drove on the way there and I drove home 'cause I could tell Mom was exhausted. Can't stand driving in San Francisco... it was especially insane 'cause it's Saturday night and the hotel was near Union Square. But thankfully that didn't last too long and then we were on the freeway, which is fine by me 'cause I can cruise all the way home. We stopped at Stanford Theatre on the way back to get our tickets for "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve though... the woman at the box office said they'd already sold 400 tickets (and they just went on sale yesterday). Craziness. It's always packed for that show... so much fun though.

Anyways, we got home and Bryan (who claimed he was going out with his girlfriend) was there and acting really strange. First off, the cats were supposed to be locked in the garage or the house, but when we got home, Midnight came racing over to us as we got out of the car (which is parked in the driveway, not the garage), yelling her head off. Poor cat wanted to come inside... Bryan claims he put her outside 'cause he had the guys over playing music (I can't figure out why he didn't let her into the house instead). He also kicked Dawn outside... and Dawn hates to be stuck outside at night. And I know she was freaked about him having friends over (she's afraid of anyone who doesn't live here)... I called her and she came running into the house as quickly as possible... I think she was hiding behind the bushes in the backyard. Took a little bit to calm her down. See how nice my brother is to the cats? This is why they don't usually hang out with him... they prefer me or my parents. My brother is not on my mom's good list right now for this and other reasons which shall go unexplained (trust me, you don't want to know). He's just been a jerk lately... we decorated the tree last night and he wasn't even nice enough to stick around and decorate with us (first year ever). That really disappointed me 'cause Christmas is all about family for me. Sometimes it doesn't seem like Bryan appreciates that. I really wish he did.

Alrighty, must stop rambling and complaining. Need to chat more with Rae and then head to bed so I can read more of The Fellowship of the Ring. Must finish before Wednesday! Rae and I are hoping to see it this week, as well as "Ocean's Eleven" (which I already saw and adored, so I told Rae I'd definitely see it again with her). Two more days till New York! Whoo hoo!

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Can't decide what to do

Can't decide what to do with Leaving Normal. Hmmm. Neither Susan nor I have enough time to update it properly. I don't really have the motivation either. I still have 4 or 5 episodes from this season to catch up on. Joy. Just can't seem to make myself. Will probably watch the tapes sometime this month since it's all reruns (blech... no new Buffy!) 'cause Susan will kill me if I don't. ;o)

Got my digital camera yesterday. Yay! Very excited. Have been taking random silly pictures just to use it. Waste of batteries, but oh well. It's too fun not too. Most of the pictures have been of Dawn (my cat... and no, she's not named after the Buffy character... I've had her for over 8 years) who is quite photogenic. Midnight (sister of Dawn), on the other hand, runs away everytime she sees a camera. Wacky girl. Anyways, feeling the need to share some pics. Just random shots I took last night.

Dawn doing her cute thing on my bed... where she's not supposed to be sitting!The desk area of my small room.  Looking somewhat like a disaster zone.  I swear I cleaned two weeks ago.  And if you're curious, that's Psycho on TV... AMC was showing it last night
Dawn finally sitting on her bed, but trying to ignore me (she was probably going blind from the flash).A shot of the big bookshelf in my room.  Though this one doesn't have the majority of the books... mostly my knick knacks and movie collection.  And the thing with the purple blanket is Dawn's bed.

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Had an awesome time in

Had an awesome time in L.A. this weekend with Little Willow. Got to meet Danny (total sweetie, and so so so funny), and the play (Moonchildren) was wonderful... very funny, very witty. And there was a cat at the end! A real one! It just walked onto the stage and stared at the audience. So amazing. My cat would never do that. She's frightened of anyone who doesn't live in this house. Anyways... just thought that was funny. LW is a blast to hang out with too. The drive to L.A. is a long one, but it doesn't seem so long with her in the car. ;o) Looking forward to more visits with her, since she's so close by!

So I skipped "The X-Files" for the first time in my life. I didn't tape it either. Am refusing to watch it 'cause it's a piece of crap now. It's just not my show anymore. Makes me very very very sad, but I can't change it. I can't force myself to enjoy it. So, instead of dwelling on it, I'm just going to watch my DVDs. Love my X-Files DVDs. Much more fun, anyways. "Alias" is now by 9pm Sunday night show. Quite good. Love the romantic tension between Sydney and Vaughn. So yummy. And Michael Vartan... *sigh*... what a hottie! Yum yum yum. Must stop or I will bore all to tears with my ramblings about hot guys.

Blah... "The Practice" is really boring... Bobby's being a doof. Don't even know why I'm watching 'cause I don't like the show that much. Probably just 'cause it's on after "Alias" and there's nothing else on TV. Hmmm... really pathetic reason, huh? Anyways... should go update Going Through the Motions. I think I have 150+ apps waiting for me. Goody goody. Off to have some fun.

"I really want to know you
Really want to go with you
Really want to show you lord
That it won't take long, my lord"
     ~George Harrison

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