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Work was so insane today...

Work was so insane today... the kids were so incredibly noisy and annoying... probably 'cause they couldn't go outside thanks to the freezing cold wind and occassional bouts of rain. Joy. Though I love this weather. So perfect for this time of year. While I was driving home tonight the leaves were blowing all over the place. Just lovely. Hope it calms down before Friday though 'cause LW are driving to LA for the weekend. Woot! Finally get to meet the chica. Should be fun seeing Danny's play too.

I'm obsessed with "24". It's an awesome show... so well put together. Have to watch it Mondays on FX 'cause I already have two shows on Tuesday at 9pm. Yes, I watch way too much TV. I'm a freak that way. Anyways... Susan thinks I'm psycho 'cause I think Kiefer Sutherland is pretty hot. Yeah, he's way older than me, but he's still pretty hot. Too many hot guys for me.

Oooh... and before I forget...

Happy Birthday, Jon!

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La la la. It's 3:40am

La la la. It's 3:40am and I'm still awake. Grrr. Tried going to sleep but it just didn't work. I'm all restless for some reason. Hmmm. Don't know why but it's bugging my cat too 'cause she's trying to sleep. She keeps looking up at me and goes "Meeerrrroow?" Hmph. Not my fault. Anyways... what can I blab about to try and exhaust myself? Already tried making graphics but that didn't tire me out much.

Ooooh... since I'm here I should do my little rant thing 'cause this has been bugging me to no end. Just had to post my opinion on the Buffy/Spike moment in "Smashed". Some people seem to feel it was too graphic, but I have to disagree. I thought the scene was perfect and gorgeous. Definitely not too graphic... I mean, what made it graphic? The sound of a zipper? Please. Yes, the scene was incredibly passionate (and I wouldn't have had it any other way), but it wasn't overdone and I don't think it was too much for TV. I mean, we didn't even see nudity and I'm still hearing people scream for censors. People have sex. It's not always pretty and it's not always gentle. The scene was done exactly as it should have been for Spike and Buffy. It fit them perfectly and was executed beautifully. Gorgeous music, and I loved the house crumbling down as they banged against the walls.

[addition to this two days later]
Someone on the JossBtVS had a wonderful post that relates to my rant above. Read here. Very cool and very well stated. I think you need to be a list member to view though.

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Kept meaning to post earlier

Kept meaning to post earlier this week, but I'd look at the clock and it always said 3am or 4am, so I had to skeedaddle to bed instead. So now we're trying for earlier. ;o) OMG. "Once More, With Feeling" was AMAZING. Joss is a total genius. (and also an excellent songwriter!) Completely blew me away... the music was just glorious and everyone did a fabulous job. I've been playing the music non-stop. I have a feeling my family is ready to kill me. They all love the show too, but they're not quite as freakish about it as I am. Witness my obsession. Yep, I'm spending time I don't have on this 'cause I just had to. Thank goodness I'm co-running though... otherwise there'd be no way to pull it off.

Okay, have to deviate from Buffy raves for a bit to focus on X-Files rants. I cannot believe how unbelievably much tonight's episode sucked. I mean, I wasn't expecting it to be great, but the Mulder explanation was about the lamest thing ever written in that they didn't even bother explaining it! "He's gone. He's just gone... It makes sense in its own way." Sense? On what planet? How pathetic... I mean, it completely shows how uncreative the writing staff has become. They can't think of a good explanation, so they say he's just gone. Please. Completely lame. Ugh. Plus there were other huge flaws in the episode... for instance, what was up with Skinner? All of a sudden he's against finding the truth, then suddenly at the end he's helping Doggett break in to steal files. Seems like they lost all focus on his character. The whole episode was just a messy jumble of silly things that didn't fit with the show. To be positive though, a couple minor highlights of the episode: the Lone Gunmen (love those guys! and the ode to their show's finale was perfect) and Reyes pulling Mulder's pencils from "Chinga" out of the ceiling. Cary Elwes was hot, but I wasn't exactly thrilled with his character. The Lucy Lawless character seems fairly intriguing though if they handle it well. Not expecting that to happen though, since they can't handle anything else well.

Very excited about the start of Harry Potter this Friday. It got rave reviews from Ebert & Roeper, which makes me happy. I'm taking my 11 year old cousin, Eric, to see the movie on opening day. I promised him the day we heard they were making a movie that we'd go opening day. :o) And I'm living up to that promise! Should be loads of fun.

And oooh! Seeing U2 on Thursday night!! Whoo hoo! I probably have the worst seats in the place, but I don't give a crap 'cause it's U2!!!!!!! Aaaah... must not start jumping for joy... people will mistake me for Rae!

Can't wait for Thanksgiving... love the holiday season. Very happy that it's all cloudy and rainy here right now... makes it seem like winter's getting closer. Yay! Alrighty... I'm sleepy and must go back to listening to "Once More, With Feeling". Someone remind me to post here more often?

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I am so obsessed over

I am so obsessed over the upcoming musical episode of BtVS... it's really quite pathetic... I've been wearing out my tape of "All the Way" so I can rewatch the promo over and over again. Wish someone would get a nice quality mpeg of it online... that would rock. Actually, I really wish it were Tuesday so I could see the episode! Aaaah... it looks so freaking awesome. Joss is a genius. I mean it. From what the promos show of the music, it sounds absolutely gorgeous. I'm a sucker for good musicals. Right now I'm obsessing over how wonderful Amber Benson sounds. I knew the gal had a lovely voice before, but she sounds so beautiful. Can't wait to hear the full song. Argh. How am I to be expected to wait 4 whole days to see this? I'm being taunted with amazing promos and it's just making me more addicted. Am I freak? Maybe so. But a very happy one. :o)

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