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Whoo hoo! New layout. Feedback,

Whoo hoo! New layout. Feedback, please! Needed something peppy and happy... plus I love "Bridget Jones's Diary". Such a wonderful movie. The DVD rocks... awesome picture quality. Oooh... and Rae made a new layout too... 'tis quite gorgeous! Took us forever to get Herbie (the tag board) fixed up properly though... thankfully he's functioning now.

And this is completely unrelated, but I just feel the need to mention it. A certain webmaster by the name of Jennifer/jcbuffyfan copied my layout for Prince Charming a couple weeks ago. She actually went in and stole the coding for the frames. So, needless to say, I was extremely pissed. She had actually copied me a while back... she took one of the code buttons from Moments of Happiness, removed the text and slapped her site name on it. She also copied Rae's Fringe layout around the same time as well. Normally, I wouldn't air this kind of stuff on here. But this girl obviously has no consideration or respect for the work of others and she refuses to apologize for or even admit to her actions. Look at the reply she sent me after I e-mailed her about the theft of Prince Charming:

"I am a strong supporter of copyright protection. When you graduate with honours in web design you want to protect your work, as well as help others do the same. Any similarities between the two sites are gone. And the similarities were only online for a mere 24 hours. I lothe computer viruses.:-( The sites while they may have had similiar characteristics, they were not identical. Tempory crashdown layout:-Three sides-Title on top graphic-Navigation on left hand side graphic.-No border around images. Alexis Desinof Fanlisting:-Four Sides-Two seperate white frames. Top "TITLE" frame and bottom "NAVIGATION" frame.-custom border around image (that dotted type of border around the layout)"

She completely ignored the fact that her source code was mine. Like I'm supposed to believe that her layout looked just like mine and just happened to have the same exact frame sizes? Ugh. Please. She took the layout down immediatly (as did with Rae's) after I e-mailed her, but what seriously bothers me is that this seems to be a continual thing with her. She's not learning from her mistakes and trying to improve herself. So why am I posting all this? So other people know to watch out for her. She's a thief and should be regarded as such.

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I seriously have nothing of

I seriously have nothing of interest to say right now... just felt the need to blog 'cause I hate neglecting it. Planning to close some cliques soon... just have to decide which ones. Over the Rainbow will definitely be one 'cause I just don't have the time for it, and possibly Leaving Normal, though I want to see how Roswell progresses before deciding for sure. And I keep fluctuating on Moments of Happiness. Argh. I feel like I'm a B/S shipper now, but at the same time, I'll always be a B/A shipper. Plus it seems to make Rae unhappy that I'm considering closing it. We'll see what happens. Might just close Path of Thorns for good as well 'cause I'm tired of just having it sit around, but I have to talk that over with Emma. Oooh... but Rae and I are redoing BiP, which is exciting... though a bit of work for us. Ah well. It will be for the better and save us mountains of time in the long run. Which is something I need. More time. Always seems to be running out. Such is life!

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