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Today was a very weird

Today was a very weird day. First, on the way to work this afternoon, I was rear-ended on the freeway. There was a huge backup getting onto 280-N from 87-N 'cause the ramp for Race Street was closed, so I had to stop and wait... but apparently the guy behind me didn't want to wait or wasn't paying attention. He didn't hit me very hard, but it was enough of a jolt to freak me out. Then the idiot proceeded to take off down the freeway on the shoulder of the road. He got away before I was able to write his license plate down, so that sucked. Thankfully there was no real damage to my car (or me, for that matter!)... just some nicks in the paint of the fender. At least I didn't have much farther to drive after traffic started moving. That was the first time I've been hit... I don't think I can handle anything bigger than that. I'm too much of a baby. ;o)

Jeffy and I are going to the Farscape convention next weekend in Burbank and I'm scheduled on the days I was supposed to have off for it, so I tried to get out of them today, but my new supervisor, Doris, is making me work. I understand why 'cause it's the day after Labor Day so they library is going to be busy, but it still sucks. Grr. So that means Jeffy and I have to drive home Monday night after the convention ends. Joy of joys. I just love driving 6 hours at night. But there's no way I'm missing it, so I'll live. I'm extremely excited about the convention though... whoo hoo!

Speaking of Farscape, did I mention I opened the Farscape fanlisting? Probably not. Anyways, I just had to feed my Farscape obsession so I made Dream a Little Dream. Ooh... and Emma and I closed Beyond the X-Files not too long ago as well. Just too much work and neither of us has the desire and motivation to keep it going. A few days after the closing I found out that the eFanGuide owner handed it over to someone else... quite interesting... I was a little annoyed that he gave the person all our files, but oh well. The guy seems nice enough (I talked to him via e-mail) and hopefully he'll do a good job with the site.

Hmmm... new Farscape in 20 minutes! Quite exciting... don't I have thrilling Friday nights? That's what happens when you work all day and have to be at work at 9am on Saturday. :o)

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Argh. I'm in a very

Argh. I'm in a very icky mood tonight thanks to e-mail issues and idiots in Sci-Fi Channel's programming department. And after I had such a lovely weekend in Ashland, I come home to this. Blech. First off, someone sent me an e-mail that's been downloading for the last 5 hours and still isn't finished. Since I have crappy POP e-mail and a very slow modem, I have to wait for that message to download before the rest of my e-mail downloads. And, of course, it's message 3 of 173, so I have no idea what e-mails I received while on vacation. Ugh! The e-mail is probably another SirCam virus message that I'll just delete without opening ('cause duh! I don't want my comp infected!)... though if it's not, I'm going to kill the person who sent it to me.

And on top of that, I turned on Sci-Fi at 9pm to watch Now & Again, and The Outer Limits was on. So I'm going, why isn't N&A on? I do a little research and discover that Sci-Fi has decided to stop airing N&A. Who knows if it will be back. So pissed I am. Angry letters are coming forth. (Btw, if anyone else likes the show and wants to complain to Sci-Fi, go here.) That show has been treated so shabbily and it's so wonderful and completely undeserving of this crap. I feel the need to kick someone's ass, but I'm not sure who yet. Need to buy a punching bag to let my frustrations out upon.

Anyways, on a happier note, I had a great time in Ashland... the plays were wonderful (we saw "The Tempest", "The Merry Wives of Windsor", "Enter the Guardsman", and "The Merchant of Venice"). I think "Enter the Guardsman" was my favorite... very witty, very funny, and the acting and singing were just gorgeous. Loved the set for it as well. Must get tickets for next season as soon as they go on sale... six of the plays showing next year sound like ones I would love to see... plus the new theater is opening then. Lots to look forward to!

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Had a fun birthday yesterday...

Had a fun birthday yesterday... nothing too thrilling (yes, I know it was the big 21, but I was too tired from my weekend in SF to go out and party... not that I'm a big party person anyways). Had Jeffy, Karen, and Leanna over for dinner and hanging out. Even got Karen to drink some wine! (She hates wine) It was a lovely day and I enjoyed the relaxing.

SF was a blast with Susan (XG) and Sam (KC). We did so much stuff... Fisherman's Wharf / Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, trip to Alcatraz, Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Chinatown, Union Square, Golden Gate Park, Winchester Mystery House... very busy weekend! I think the best part was Chinatown... I never go to Chinatown so I have no idea where anything is there. We got off the cable cars there and realized we hadn't checked Susan's tour book for a good restaurant to eat at. So we just drifted toward what looked like the busy areas of Chinatown and found a nice looking restaurant called Grand Palace. As we were walking to our seats, we looked at the wall and saw a HUGE picture of what I assume was the restaurant owner and none other than that brilliant man (sarcasm dripping) known as our president: Mr. George W. Bush. How funny is that? But that wasn't the end of it... I think we got the worst waiter in the place... he didn't speak much English, which wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't the rudest waiter I've ever had. Couldn't believe him! He forgot our steamed rice, so as I started to remind him to bring it, he shoved his palm in my face and said "WAIT!". Then walked off. Never had that happen before... thought I had asked nicely. Apparently not. Took him forever to bring the bill and he was pretty pissy when I asked for that as well. Hope it was just a bad day for him and not his normal mood. Jeez. Anyways, that was the highlight.

Overall, I had a great time with Susan and Sam... Jeffy came to dinner with us on Sunday, so I was glad she got to meet them as well. Sam swears she's moving to SF and Susan wants to move to LA, so pretty soon they'll be California girls too. Should make for loads of fun in the future!

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Aaaaww! Rae is the sweetest!

Aaaaww! Rae is the sweetest! She made me a fan sign! Lookie here. How cool is that? And she put John & Aeryn (from "Farscape") on it! Love Rae! She is just the best. Dying to see her in person. Someday! It will happen! :o)

I'm amazed at the response I'm getting to my request for help at Much Ado and Flights of Angel. People are so giving and sweet! It's very refreshing. Haven't replied to all the people, but I certainly will soon. Right now I have lots to do 'cause Susan and KC are flying into SF on Friday morning. Very exciting! Must start packing for the stay in SF. I'm also looking forward to having the time off work. I enjoy my job, but I need a break. It's been so hectic lately. My supervisor, Lisa, is leaving in a week or two to take a new position in the library system, which means I'll have a new boss. Lisa is the best person I could have hoped for as a boss, so I'm very disappointed she's leaving, though this is a good step upwards for her. Hopefully the new L.A. will be at least half as lovely as Lisa (I met her briefly on Tuesday and she seemed nice enough). Only time will tell!

Anyways... back to watching my tape of this evening's "Now & Again". :o) Thank you for being so wonderful, Rae!

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Woot! I'm so excited!! Just

Woot! I'm so excited!! Just found out earlier today that Sci Fi channel is going to air the 22 episodes of "Now & Again" starting on Monday. And while watching "Farscape" this evening (*sniff sniff* so sad!) I saw an ad for it! Yay! Am quite overjoyed. At least one network sees that CBS made a mistake in canceling the show.

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