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Almost forgot! Happy Birthday, Tosca!!

Almost forgot! Happy Birthday, Tosca!!

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Spent the day with Jeffy...

Spent the day with Jeffy... since we both had the day off from work (thank goodness!). We went to see "Legally Blonde"... very cute and enjoyable movie. Reese Witherspoon was great... completely perfect for that role. Not an Oscar winner or anything, but very funny and entertaining. Had dinner at Jeffy's too... quite lovely... we had waffles with a fruit sauce and peaches... mmm... very nummy... I love breakfast for dinner.

Argh... nothing on TV right now... watched "Farscape" from 9-10pm, but now there's nothing to do... maybe I'll watch a DVD or something. Did I ever mention how incredibly hot Ben Browder is? *Sigh* So dreamy. Yes, I'm quite shallow like that. He is an excellent actor though. Jeffy and I are going to try going to the Farscape convention in Burbank at the beginning of September... we're big sci-fi nerds that way. I'll probably faint at the sight of Ben Browder in the flesh (though he's married!). That should be a funny thing to see... need to make sure Jeffy gets pictures of that.

Okie... enough blabbing... I think my blogs are just getting silly... can't ever think of anything intelligent to say these days... I'll blame it on all the time I've been spending at work. :o)

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Wow... it's the 5th anniversary

Wow... it's the 5th anniversary for "The Daily Show"! I can't believe it's been around that long... amazing. Jon Stewart is the best! Such a freaking riot. I loved Craig, but I wouldn't give up Jon for anything. :o)

I can't believe it's almost August... aaah! Where is the summer going? So crazy. Work has been keeping me busy. I'm really looking forward to my vacation in August... After Susan and KC leave, I'm going on my annual trip to Ashland for the Shakespeare festival. Yay! I'm so excited... we're seeing "The Merchant of Venice", "The Tempest", "The Merry Wives of Windsor" and "Enter the Guardsman" (our only non-Shakespeare play this year). It's just Mom and I going this year 'cause everyone else is busy or has no money. My only regret is that I have to miss the Buffy-Angel-Roswell Picnic that Susan and KC are organizing. :o( It would have been so much fun!! Ah well. I'll be having a blast in Ashland.

Okie... enough blabbing... it's too hard to keep typing while I'm trying to watch "The Daily Show". I love Jon Stewart!

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Oooh... Rae finally finished the

Oooh... Rae finally finished the U2 fanlisting! Yay! So I've joined up... but since I don't use images for fanlisting links, I feel the need to use one of her gorgeous images here:
There. Beautiful. Isn't she talented?

Infinet finally finished the move to the dedicated server... don't know if I mentioned it before, but it's too long (and I'm too lazy) to tell it now. Anyways, it should eliminate all that annoying downtime, which I hate (and I stress the word should... we'll see as time goes by). Hmm.

I've become obsessed with learning about the NASA spaceflight program. I rewatched "From the Earth to Moon" over the past couple days, and then proceeded to request something like 10 books from the library all on that subject. And I'm dying to read all of them, but I doubt I'll have time before they're due. Oh well. As long as I get through some of them. Am I a freak? Why, yes! Didn't you know?

Susan (aka XG) is coming to visit in less than three weeks! Yay! She's flying into San Francisco and I'll be showing her and KC around the town before they fly to L.A. Should be much fun. Just have to figure out how to fit everything we want to do in that small amount of time.

And best of all things, Messina is back! Whoo hoo! I've missed her so much! So, now that I'm happy, I'm going to relax for a while.

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Just had to post on

Just had to post on this 'cause it's royally pissing me off and Rae is a good friend who shouldn't be treated this way. If you want the full story, read her blog at Fringe. Some little bitch took it upon herself to tell Rae that she needed to get over her U2 obsession 'cause they suck by signing her guestbook. So my response to this twit: Rae can obsess over whatever damn band she pleases. She's entitled to her own opinion of a band and she can post whatever she wants about them on her site! It's her site and you don't have to read it if you don't like it. There's plenty of garbage on the Net for idiots like you. Rae was pissed off (as well she should be) and gave her opinion on this girl at her site. Apparently Mallory (otherwise known as the bitch) didn't like that and wrote an incredibly nasty message in her guestbook again. Not only is she a complete jerk, but she's obviously very immature as she feels the need to post stuff in Rae's guestbook. She went so far as to put some lesbian bashing in her post (though where that came from, I have no idea), which proves to me that she's obviously a very pathetic person who is prejudiced towards people who differ from her. Isn't that sad? Let's hope this girl gets a clue and learns to respect others.

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My midsummer resolution: blog more!

My midsummer resolution: blog more! I know, I am horrible. But seriously, I've been extremely busy working and I had family visiting for most of June. I'm sure you can guess what inspired me to blog today... new layout! Yup. I loved the "Labyrinth" layout, but I needed a change... I've had this "L.A. Confidential" layout sitting on my computer for a long time, just waiting to be used. Please send me feedback and let me know what you think!

So, what have I been up to recently? Nothing overly exciting... I took my young cousins Eric and Layla to see "Cats & Dogs" last Saturday. They loved it, but I didn't find it very thrilling... the humor was very childish and I just didn't think it was very funny. Ah well. It was worth seeing 'cause there was a preview for "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" before the movie. That movie looks amazing. I love the books, so I'm very excited about the movie. From the scenes they showed in the preview, it looks like they're keeping close to the book. Yay! I promised Eric that we'd go see it on opening day (he's the one who got me hooked on the books), so that should be fun. Kind of a ways to go before November 16th though... how am I supposed to wait?

Finished reading Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row yesterday... that was my first Christopher Golden book. Quite excellent. So I asked Little Willow for a recommendation of which CG book to read next (since she is the CG expert and his West Coast publicist) and she's pointed me to Body Bags, the first of the Body of Evidence books. So, now I know she's going to get me hooked on the series. Isn't she sneaky?

I'm leaving Wednesday night for the annual family camping trip... should be very fun. My dad's family has been doing these trips for years. Always a blast... Eric and Layla joined us last year for the first time (they're my cousins on my mom's side of the family) and they're coming again this year. They're such lovely kids. I try to visit them as much as possible (they live about an hour and a half away from me). Eric is 10 and Layla is 7. They also have a brother and sister who are 3-year-old twins (Ryan and Kimberly). I don't know how my aunt handles working as a nurse and caring for the 4 kids. She is amazing!

Hmm... I think I'm going to go back and watch more of "Mary Poppins" on video... I love that movie. Julie Andrews is just gorgeous!

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