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I'm literally fuming right now.

I'm literally fuming right now. I'm sitting here with only 52 minutes to go before Buffy's season finale starts, and I already know the ending, thanks to the idiots e-mailing me. Someone sent me an e-mail with the subject line "Anna", so I figured it was a safe message to read (I've been avoiding all the messages on my lists, though people there at least give you spoiler warnings). Lo and behold, the person who sent it was blabbing on about the ending and wanting more info on it. Of course, she wrote the ending in the very first line of the message, so that was the first thing I saw. I'm so freaking annoyed! I've been trying to remain as spoiler free as possible, but some people are too stupid to realize that not everyone has seen the episode yet (Hello! Pacific coast is behind by a few hours!), and they'd rather go on about what they need rather than using their brains for a fraction of a second.

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Last night was the DMB

Last night was the DMB concert. It was so amazing. Seriously. It's impossible to describe. We had amazing seats - second row in the center... right in front of the stage (one of the benefits of my having been a member of the DMB fan association since it's beginning). The set was just wonderful (you can view the setlist here if you're interested - thanks to and we even got to see Carlos Santana play three songs with the band, so that was an experience in itself. I think my favorite song of the evening was "Bartender"... I just adore that one... though "Watchtower" with Carlos was also wonderful, and "Long Black Veil" as one of the encore pieces.

Caltrain was so incredibly packed both trips... at least we had seats on the way there... on the way back to San Jose we sat on the floor for about 3/4 of the ride... my butt was so sore. And the ride is almost two hours, so that tells you how long I was sitting there for. Though I think it was probably better than driving up there... that would have been pretty insane. All in all, it was a lovely night!

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Last night sure was interesting

Last night sure was interesting in our neighboorhood... with his parents away for the weekend, the kid across the street took it upon himself to throw a party, which got way out of hand. There were about 40-50 people on his lawn yelling and screaming... and things weren't looking too good. My parents called the cops, as did one of our neighbors, and as soon as the first police car appeared, almost everyone disappeared... that was actually pretty funny to see... a huge group of people vanishing within 2 seconds. The cops stayed for a bit to make sure everyone left in their cars (umm... really not a good idea since most of them were drunk) and then they left. Maybe 30 minutes later, most of the group came back, and that's when it got really wild. They started yelling again and banging on the door across the street (the kid - I'm keeping him nameless - had smartly locked his door). Apparently they broke a window on his house, and as a few of the people were leaving in a jeep, a group ran over and started trying to break the windows on the jeep as it was starting to drive away. The cops were called again and when they showed up this time, they stayed for a while. They also had to call the paramedics because someone was hit on the head (don't know with what). It should be noted that we live in pretty nice neighborhood where nothing like this ever happens. And you're probably wondering why I know all this, aren't you? Because I'm a nosy neighbor! That's why. I see it this way: if my neighbors are going to make so much noise that I can hear them over my TV, then I'm going to watch... because it's a whole lot more interesting than SNL these days.

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Bryan and I went shopping

Bryan and I went shopping this morning to get Mom's Mother's Day present, as well as to pick up his suit for the prom. I also took him to Macy's and helped him pick out a shirt, tie, and shoes. I think it was the most fun I've had with him in a long time. Lately, we just don't get along at all. He's really sullen much of the time, but today we were able to chat freely with each other and just have a good time as brother and sister. Hopefully we'll have more times like that. We're going to see Dave Matthews Band next Friday at Pacbell Park, which should be a blast 'cause DMB always rocks and we have awesome seats. I'm looking forward to it!

I found this crappy old digital camera we got for free a while ago and I was trying to take pictures of my cats, but Midnight ran away everytime I started to aim the camera... it was like she was afraid of having her picture taken. It was too funny. Hopefully I'll be able to surprise her sometime and get a nice picture of something other than her backside. ;o)

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Jeez... I am such a

Jeez... I am such a blogger bum... so lazy. Actually, I've just been extremely busy. Blah. Too much stuff going on right now. Anyways... XG finally re-opened her sites at the new domain. It's been about a month... guess the move took us longer than we thought it would. But at least it's done. That's one less thing to worry about. And while I was off ignoring my blog, Rae and Messina redesigned their indexes. Both are extremely gorgeous! Those two are so incredibly talented... I'm in complete awe of them.

I can't believe there are only two new episodes of Buffy and Angel left... this season just flew by. And how lame is the WB? I can't believe they're being promoting Buffy's season finale as the WB series finale. The poor people who haven't heard about the move are going to think the show is ending! I know WB's bitter and all, but they could at least try to be helpful to the fans. Ah well. Guess that's too much to expect. I just hope UPN is decent to the fanbase. We'll just have to wait and see!

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