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I've been neglecting my poor

I've been neglecting my poor blog! I keep meaning to write in here, but then I end up doing other stuff... I have too much stuff to remember. As you can see though, I altered the layout (a while ago)... lately I've been obsessing over everything Jim Henson created, and Labyrinth is on my favorite movies, so I felt the need to feature it here.

Can I just say how annoyed I am that Buffy is moving to UPN? I just hope Angel moves with it and UPN keeps it on Tuesday nights. 'Cause I love Tuesday nights. I live for Tuesday nights. Sitting down from 8-10pm to watch Buffy and Angel is a revered tradition in this house. Somtimes change can be good, but right now I'm just not seeing a lot of it. But I shouldn't be complaining... the people who really have the right to complain are the folks that don't get UPN. They're losing the show completely, and that is a very sad thing.

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sometimes the only sane response is insanity

While I was surfing around the Net the other night, I happened upon a Republican site that was pretty nasty towards Democrats (and being a Democrat, it was of great interest to me). It went so far as to call us evil and anti-Americans. I may not agree with Republican beliefs, but I certainly don't think of any of them as evil. There was a list of the site owner's beliefs on the page, and being the wacko that I am, I just felt the need to respond to them. So here they are. The beliefs from the Republican site are in bold:

1. The "good old days" was a time when "communist" was a derogatory term. "Yay Capitalism!"
Yeah, 'cause it was so much fun back in the "good old days" when everyone was accused of being a traitor to the country just because of their beliefs. Let's raise good old Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover from the dead so we can enjoy that fun again!

2. Infanticide on demand isn't a "right".
Infanticide certainly isn't a right and I'm completely against it. But a woman has a right to make decisions that affect her body. And the fetus (which is not an infant) is a part of her body. Without her body, it would not exist. It's dependent on her and thus a part of her.

3. White heterosexual men AREN'T evil.
Neither are homosexuals.

4. Reagan is 100 times the President Clinton will ever be.
*Cough cough* Yeah, right. Ever heard of Iran Contra? And who the heck do you think ruined our economy and left it for Clinton to fix?

5. Rachel is smarter than Al Gore. Al Gore got C's in French, Rachel gets A's in French.
And who is Rachel? Also, I don't think her French grades prove that she's smarter than Al Gore. Intelligence is not just about grades and test scores, especially not just grades in French.

6. Rosie O'Donnell is the greatest intellectual the Democratic Party will ever have
I admire Rosie and I think she's an extremely intelligent person, but I don't think she's the greatest intellectual we've ever had. It's nice that you consider her that brilliant though... I'm sure she appreciates it.

7. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."
And people kill people with guns. The sole purpose of a gun is to kill. So according to you, it's okay to condemn a woman for choosing to terminate a fetus that's a part of her body, but not okay to condemn a weapon that has killed countless people?

8. Feminazis need to shave their pits and get a man.
What if they don't want a man? And what if they like hairy pits? Men aren't forced to shave their pits. And why the "nazi" term? I don't remember any feminists committing genocide.

9. The modern Democratic party is Evil... like the fru-its of the devil.
And your proof for this argument would be what? You don't like us? Wow. Now I'm convinced!

10. Bill Clinton is the devil.
I've heard Adolf Hitler called the devil before. Do you really think he and Clinton even compare? Killing millions of people or committing adultery: which is worse? If you don't see a difference, there's something seriously wrong with you.

11. Why is the Democratic party evil? Because they say you should have the "choice" to kill your baby but no choice where to send him to school.
First off, not every Democrat is pro-choice, so that reasoning doesn't work for the whole party. Second, pro-choicers (like me) don't believe it's okay to kill a baby. We believe that a woman has the right to choose how to handle her own body. If you need more, see #2.

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