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Something is seriously wrong with

Something is seriously wrong with the Oscar voters when "Gladiator" wins for Best Picture... I mean, come on! I'm not saying that "Gladiator" is a bad movie... I enjoyed it. But it was mostly definitely not the the best picture of the year. Not by a long shot. I was rooting for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", or if not that, at least "Traffic". But "Gladiator"? Did people actually see the other movies? You really have to wonder. On a happier note though... Julia won! Yay for her! And she looked so gorgeous... I love her dress. How cute was it when Ben came to help her up the steps to accept the award? I'm also thrilled that Benicio Del Toro won (and he is not fugly, XG! :o), but disappointed that Kate Hudson didn't win. I think I'll be ranting about the "Gladiator" thing for a while to come though.

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Diane and I went shopping

Diane and I went shopping today... mainly for her 'cause she was in desparate need of some new clothes. I can't believe how crazy Valley Fair is now that they've expanded. I no longer know where any of the stores are, and they've put in a ton of insanely overpriced stores (we're getting a Tiffany & Co. come June... what does that tell you?), so we mainly stuck to Macy's. The only thing I bought was two new bras (Jeffy recommended the Ralph Lauren ones to me, and she's right... they are incredibly comfortable) 'cause I wasn't really looking to spend a lot of money.

I'm extremely excited about the Oscars tomorrow night... you may laugh but it's a big deal in this house... but that's enough babbling... right now I need to try to install this CD burner.

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Well, my e-mail actually started

Well, my e-mail actually started working in the early morning yesterday, but I didn't have the chance to blog about it till now. At least I got all my mail (I think it was all of it)... Infinet never called me or replied to my e-mail, so I'm rather irked about that. Hmmm... if they keep acting like that or the server keeps going down, I may have to consider moving again, though I really don't want to because it's a such a hassle. Such a bother. Oh well! So it goes.

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OMG. I am annoyed to

OMG. I am annoyed to no end. My e-mail still isn't working! But that's not what annoys me most. I've been trying to call Infinet all afternoon and all evening, but no one is answering the phones, and the answering machine doesn't even come on so I can't yell at them about the crappy service. They're not answering e-mails either because I've sent two already, but neither has received a reply. So, until further notice, only send e-mails to one of these addresses: or I've got the forms at my cliques set to go there so you can go ahead and apply (though if you tried earlier you may want to resubmit). I just hope this is fixed by tomorrow.

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Grrr... my e-mail is doing

Grrr... my e-mail is doing that non-working thing again... it's been down since last night, so if you sent me an e-mail anytime then, it's probably not going to go through. For now, I can be reached at So if you want to resend a message there, that's fine. I hate not being able to receive my e-mail! I'll post again when it's back up (Infinet is estimating two more hours).

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I know, I'm psychotic... I

I know, I'm psychotic... I started another clique, Moments of Happiness, as my devotion to the loveliness that are Buffy and Angel. I know for sure that XG won't be joining ;o), but hopefully there are others out there!

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Tonight I took my 7

Tonight I took my 7 year old cousin, Layla, to the Backstreet Boys concert... we had a really fun time... she seemed to enjoy the concert quite a bit, as did I. I thought the funniest thing was that she didn't like the screeching girls any more than I did. As soon as people started screaming, she turned to me and said, "They scream too loud!" And boy, did they ever... at least we were able to hear the music for the most part. Can you believe youth t-shirts cost $30 at that place? How insane!! Anyways, now I'm extremely tired and it's time for me to head to bed!

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